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"South Park" Cruises to the Emmys

7/6/2006 4:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thursday's Emmy nominations issued Tom Cruise a big slap in the face and simultaneously re-ignited the Cruise vs. "South Park" grudge match.

"South Park'"s infamous "Trapped in the Closet" episode - which mocked Tom Cruise and Scientology - received praise from the Television Academy via a nod for Outstanding Animated Program.

Ironically, when the episode originally aired in November 2005 the credits listed each contributor's name as 'John Smith' or 'Jane Smith' - an evident reference to the possibility of being sued.

"Trapped in the Closet" eventually led Isaac Hayes - who is a Scientologist - to leave his role as the voice of Chef over what he called the show's "intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs." Further controversy ensued when Comedy Central planned to re-air the episode in March 2006 but replaced it at the last minute with another episode.

Rumors circulated that Tom Cruise was behind the cancellation. Cruise denied any involvement and Comedy Central insisted the episode was changed as a tribute to Hayes who had just announced his departure.

While you may have a better chance of spotting baby Suri than seeing Tom at the Emmys, all eyes will be on "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker should the program win on August 27.


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A friend in the know confirmed for me last week that Isaac Hayes has been unable to speak for himself and unable to continue on South Park because of his health. The statement condemning the show was entirely from the Scientology compound and not from Mr. Hayes. Remember, he participated willingly in the making of the show and did not object to the material at that time. He left for health reasons, not in protest.

2995 days ago


I love it! I was waLKINing down Hollywood Blvd the other night and some scientologists tried to get me to come inside their building.

My brother said " We want to see tom cruise!!!"

3028 days ago


Holy Xenu Batman!! This is Brilliant!!!!!

3028 days ago


god damn I hate Tom Cruise.

3028 days ago


God!...that south park episode was halarious! isaak hayes is a hypocrite and tom cruise is a self-centered egomaniac....oh, yea...and he still needs to come out of that closet.....RUN KATIE, RUN!!!!

3028 days ago


Lord Xenu, please let this win... Having them onstage for an acceptance speech for this episode would make up for the "Blame Canada" Oscar-snub...

3028 days ago


Hooray for the people!!! I hope the Emmy's stick it up Tom Cruises ASS!!! Since I personally have had experience with $cientology, I would LOVE to see their CORRUPT Empire collapse!!!

3028 days ago

Paul Horner    

The South Park episode nominated for an Emmy:

3028 days ago


Marklar (beep) Marklar. Marklar, Marklar, Marklar. Beep.

3028 days ago


Tom Cruise can jump out a window, so tiresome and thank goodness he shut up on his annoying mega-noise on scientology. When other actors from this sect speak up (e.g. whats-her-name Mrs. Travolta, etc), your baffled as to what caused them to be embedded in these secrets, lies, scams and conspiracies? It's like watching people outta the you remember the Boo & Peep characters from that cult that were going glide into the universe along with the approaching comet?

3028 days ago


Tom, you FREAK!!......You ARE a cartoon!!

3028 days ago


What has Tom ever done to any of you. You read articles written by someone and you believe what you read. I can't wait till the day Tom Cruise is back on top...and believe me he will. Life is funny how we ourselves put these hollywood "people" on the pedestal. God help them when they say or do something that we don't agree with. I still see Tom Cruise as I saw him years ago. I saw him on Oprah, and I have read the stories about his religion, and I don't believe he does not let Kate or Suri out of the house, I believe that is her choice. We are all hypocrites.

3028 days ago

rus gib    

South park is the most inteligent show on T.V., next to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart! "in respect for Issac Hayes leaving"?Did you see the last show , where Chef gets into sex with kids, and Dies!, after joining a wild cult? Come on Issac....we love Chef!

3028 days ago


Go Matt & Trey!

3028 days ago

Karen Kaufman    

I feel so sorry for Katie's parents. She wanted so much to be a big star that she was willing to marry a gay man and make believe that she's madly in love. I get the creepy crawlies every time I see him acting like she's the big love of his life. She's so stupid that she doesn't realize that she got him when his career was slipping into the toilet. Now she will be just a national joke along with Tom and Michael Jackson.

3028 days ago
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