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The TomKat/Suri Conspiracy Timeline

7/12/2006 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been 86 days since the birth of Suri Cruise -- and about a split-second since the latest conspiracy theory about Hollywood's most elusive baby.

New rumors surface by the hour -- that Tom and Katie are holding out for a better magazine photo deal, that Scientology is involved in the mystery, that Suri doesn't even exist!

So what has fueled the rumors? TMZ has created a timeline that may explain why Suri is becoming a national obsession.

Take a look at these pictures. On March 25, Katie, who was eight months pregnant at the time, looked ginormous. But then, on April 5, 13 days before she gave birth, Katie seemed to shrink.

And there's more.

We have video of Katie shopping at Barney's in Beverly Hills just days before her delivery. Katie spent hours inside on a wild shopping spree, and there's buzz that one of the items she purchased was a pair of size 26 Chip and Pepper jeans (which translate to a size 2) -- a bit odd for someone who had a long way to go to regain her figure.

And, of course, there was the never-ending public appearances by TomKat. The paparazzi followed them continent by continent, as the couple was bursting with joy over their impending arrival. But everything changed on April 18, with the birth of Suri.

These are the only images we could find of Katie post-pregnancy. And, of course, zilch on Suri.

And, as TMZ first reported, there are items of curiosity on Suri's birth certificate.

So you ask, why the conspiracy theories? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Katie always seemed to be a silent non-person. Her dopey smile and passive participation in this relationship made me annoyed from the beginning. Maybe there was a birth problem of some sort with all of the talk of a "silent birth"...too bad that Ron Hubbard can't pass a large object through a small body opening so that he can be silent while it happens. All babies have to be foot and finger printed, and I think that those prints become a part of public record as a new human joins the race.

2956 days ago


I for one think Tom, had finally done something right, instead of acting like an idiot, like he has been doing for years. It's a funny thing, about Mr. Cruise, he is always talking about how he has studied all this stuff about psychiatry, and I read that he barely graduated high school and that he was a functioning illiterate, and could barely read, and I have never heard anything about him finishing his education or getting any other education. So, unless he received other training or has someone else read for him, I doubt Mr. Cruise know either very little or nothing about psychiatry. If Mr. Cruise wants to go a research most branches of medicine, he will find just as many things to frighten and unset him him about them, as he says he has found for psychiatry.

All branches of medicine, have been learned by practice and resolutes. Research and testing and yes even guesses and misses. That it how things have been learned and how all medicine has gotten too where it is today. Mr. Cruise has no right throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

2956 days ago


This link is just more hilarious proof that this baby may not be real....I take that back...its a real baby....just not Tom and Katie's:

2905 days ago


How about a picture of a Ron Hubbard/ Katie Holmes baby?

2905 days ago


For those of you that comment about not caring.. ba ha ha ha!! If you didn't care, you wouldn't comment! As far as the baby bump dropping.. uh, not THAT drastically! (I've had 4 kids). And no one said Katie was missing .. she's been seen out in public... it's the "baby" that's missing. Either she was never pregnant in the first place or they are hiding the fact she gave birth long before she claimed she was due (cough cough chris klein's baby cough cough).

2956 days ago


I think people just need to mind their own business. These two may be public image by choice but their refusal to show the public their child is entirely up to them. Put yourselves in their shoes and walk a bit. How would you feel if everyone doubts your child's existence? GROW UP!!! This is how the damn media makes money and has the power that they do. YOU give them that power. People are soooooo gullible. So what if Tom and Kate are scientologists. Why don't you question the many crazy Christians/Catholics that are out there fondling little boys and girls? Why don't you question Bush's decision to start a useless war? Why don't you speculate on those things that are facts? MAYBE if you handled your own business instead of poking into other's business, we'd all be living in a world of abundance and peace instead of war and envy......Think on that......MF...

2905 days ago

Aaron Free    

Very weird stuff. Perhaps Tom has Suri booked in for some scientology lessons.
Either way, the bahaviour is very kooky. He was all over us before birth, now nothing. Was it born deformed? Was it born at all? Was it in fact Toms baby???
Stay tuned because the scientology spin doctors are just starting to warm the turntables on this little number.

2956 days ago


What ever happen to Tom? When has he been last seen?

ACTUALLY, Tom was spotted on July 15 at a chicago film festival gala

2956 days ago


When the pregnancy is near due, the baby drops into position to be born. It will change the big high bump to a low, less pronounced one. Before making ridiculous comments, it would be an idea to check facts...but that doesn't sell does it!

2905 days ago


I cant stop laughing at this theory.......
Whilst I am not a huge fan of any super star, let alone ones that are overly religious, I still maintain that it is 'their' personal choice about living and what they share with the public, and yes, perhaps Scientology can be 'blamed' partially to Tom's obvious obsession with the privacy of Suri, but hold on........havent we all (me included) just upped the anti on Scientology itself by 'mentioning' it..........! probably, but what is not real probable to me is that Katie was not pregnant and any fool knows a picture a month prior is nothing more or less than water loss or just a pic from a different angle, slight as it may be, its a camera guys........

Personally, I dont know how anyone can doubt the photo of baby Suri, she is exactly like her parents to look at, both of them, and a great little baby at that.

Good for Katie preparing herself with a size 2........ all us women buy a smaller piece of clothing to look at while we are on a diet....its encouraging, and if Katie at her age did not have the energy to shop for hours just before delivery i would be worried frankly....most of m;y friends have had a HUGE spurt of energy just before baby arrives, many up cleaning ceilings, doing out drawers in the middle of the night, etc, but I have no doubt that if we all had the money that the cruise's do it would be a shopping trip for hours instead of house cleaning.

2905 days ago


To those who say "who cares?" why are you reading this? Cause it probably is a slow news day and ur tired of all the other depressing news and decided to come here and criticize everyone for taking a moment out of their lives to gossip about the stars. Personally there's only so much of reality that I can take in one day, watch CNN in the morning, catch up and then go to work and move on with the rest of my day.
I really don't know what to think about this situation, but I kinda remembered hearing that Tom was unable to have childrena looong time ago. Again it was only tabloid garbage so maybe that was wrong. But makes you wonder. And BTW, in the march 25th pic, Katie looks like she's having a boy, I know it's an old wives tale, but I've never seen a point in a belly like that, that hasn't resulted in a boy.

2956 days ago


The video of her in the shoe stor is weird. Look how HUGE her stomach is. I have had 3 kids and even an 8 lb baby and my stomach was NOT that big. Having 1 baby, and your stomach gets that big? No way!! Plus, she was walking too fast to have such a HUGE belly!! All fake!!!

2955 days ago


The video of her in the shoe stor is weird. Look how HUGE her stomach is. I have had 3 kids and even an 8 lb baby and my stomach was NOT that big. Having 1 baby, and your stomach gets that big? No way!! Plus, she was walking too fast to have such a HUGE belly!! All fake!!!

2955 days ago


I think they are doing the correct thing in HIDING baby Suri. I don't believe either of them would make up a story just for more publicity. I read all of the opinions and I think what people tend to forget is they have cameras in their face 24/7. I believe Katie was walking around the shoe store like she was pregnant. You wouldn't want to "waddle" when any picture can be posted with some ridiculous accusation. Suri is going to have her entire life taped and shown to the public so, why not allow her to be a child during her most important years?! GO TOM AND KATIE!!

2955 days ago


Why is she wearing sweaters in Colorado in July? Does that seem weird or are these old pictures???

2955 days ago
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