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The TomKat/Suri Conspiracy Timeline

7/12/2006 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been 86 days since the birth of Suri Cruise -- and about a split-second since the latest conspiracy theory about Hollywood's most elusive baby.

New rumors surface by the hour -- that Tom and Katie are holding out for a better magazine photo deal, that Scientology is involved in the mystery, that Suri doesn't even exist!

So what has fueled the rumors? TMZ has created a timeline that may explain why Suri is becoming a national obsession.

Take a look at these pictures. On March 25, Katie, who was eight months pregnant at the time, looked ginormous. But then, on April 5, 13 days before she gave birth, Katie seemed to shrink.

And there's more.

We have video of Katie shopping at Barney's in Beverly Hills just days before her delivery. Katie spent hours inside on a wild shopping spree, and there's buzz that one of the items she purchased was a pair of size 26 Chip and Pepper jeans (which translate to a size 2) -- a bit odd for someone who had a long way to go to regain her figure.

And, of course, there was the never-ending public appearances by TomKat. The paparazzi followed them continent by continent, as the couple was bursting with joy over their impending arrival. But everything changed on April 18, with the birth of Suri.

These are the only images we could find of Katie post-pregnancy. And, of course, zilch on Suri.

And, as TMZ first reported, there are items of curiosity on Suri's birth certificate.

So you ask, why the conspiracy theories? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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No Avatar

I Agree........    

I left out a few things in my last comment that I want to add. I think Suri is a darling baby. I feel that Tom and Katie brought all of this gossip on themselves. I can't imagine someone especially a Mother not wanting to show off her new baby. All everyone wanted to see is 1 picture!!!! That would have stopped all the rumors. I can't believe that the Grandparents didn't get any pictures and show them to people. This whole thing has just been to much of a mystery. I use to like Tom Cruise but anymore he is just obnoxious (sp?) I think Katie will be sorry she ever hooked up with him. I think he's very controlling. Just my opinion : -)

2909 days ago


I love how we're all captivated by some freakish baby and this baby's freakish parents when the world is in such a state of affairs.

Nonetheless. I love you people. Freakin' baby.

Suri....I hate that name.

2961 days ago


Some say that with what's been going on in Iran, North Korea, and now Israel, we're headed towards the next world war.

I say...who needs nukes when you've got Suri to create widespread chaos and mayhem?

2961 days ago


who cares? Suri cant possibly be as beautiful as my granddaughter anyway!!!!

2961 days ago


Actually, if you look at the two side by side pictures, not only is she extremely smaller and you can tell by the location of her breast to her stomach as to distance of expansion, BUT, if you look at her in the April photo and the "shape" of her so called pregnant stomach, it is deformed. As if she stole something from a store and stuffed it underneath her blouse! By no means is it the perfectly ROUND stomach of a pregnant woman and IF she HAD dropped by then, the weight would only have shifted lower and there is no way she would have those jeans on that she does!

What I am wondering, though, is that Tom is such a complete loser these days and waste of ignorant space! He would do anything for media attention because he IS nothing. So either the entire pregnancy was faked or she really WAS pregnant and the child was born pre-mature and died or was still born and they are too "proud" to admit it because a great deal of people would actually be happy about that. He has made such an ass of himself that many would welcome the loss of the child. Not on Katie's part, but on his. Yet, somewhat on her's because she has allowed herself to get drawn into it and it has ruined her entire career because of hooking up with him.

Either way...those pictures do not show someone who is pregnant in April! All you have to do is actually LOOK at them and see where the blouse folds and you can see there is not a pregnant belly but rather something just shoved under it, like she was caught off guard. You can buy the belly's anywhere. They have them to teach teens about being pregnant and you just strap them on, so it wouldn't surprise me any at all. What a pathetic couple.

2960 days ago


Don't know if anyone's already posted this - but why is it that Katie's actually the same size as or even smaller than Tom on some pics, especially from the time when she was preggers??

2960 days ago


I read years ago before Mimi that Tom was unable to have kids no kids with Mimi no kids with Nicole adopted then the gay rumors not great for his image then bam! here comes Katie pregnant out of the blue ????? yeah right nice publicity stunt Tom! You and Katie both give me the creeps now . Katie is just as bad as Tom!

2960 days ago

susan dunn    

Of course Tom is keeping the baby hidden! He has to be in control of everything and everybody! The longer the baby is not seen the longer ole Tommy feels he is controlling the world. Or just maybe the baby has his nose! Either way we will see the baby when and only when tom is ready.................and u can bet it will be a major production..................

2959 days ago


Why does other peoples personal lives (celebrities) interest the public so much that we have to post our most stupidest thoughts? How about this, TomKat made plans to have the baby delivered by c section on a date they both agreed upon and decided to keep that decision private because the media and the public seem to think that they have every right to intrude upon something that is supposed to private and cherished......all of you, get a life.

2959 days ago


Comment above, #2119, refers to "our most stupidest thoughts". What is THE "stupidest" is thinking that "stupidest" is even a viable word!!! Puh-lease.........!
One thought: The fake "baby bump" Katie was sporting for her Barney's shoe-shopping trip must have been light weight. A pregnant woman, that far along, and with a belly that large, ALWAYS throws her shoulders back to compensate. She is strolling along, straight shouldered- and by the way- NO ankle swelling (what pregger woman buys shoes at that point?) whatsoever.
Clearly a hoax. Just as clearly as Tom is a certifiably crazy (gay) control freak.

2959 days ago

ava brookshire    

Her legs look like pregnant legs in the video.

2959 days ago

tom frey    

Hey, all of that money makes you weird, paranoid, ego driven, and all of a sudden you are in your own Scientology world looking out on the real world. When he's tired of her, he will give her and the kid a zillion dollars to go their own way. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe they will fall into the 5% of Hollywood that has a marriage that lasts over 2 yrs. Just calling them as I see them.

2959 days ago


I do not believe the pictures up above are that the same woman... Look very close... The pics. being pregnant, (side by side ones) not the same woman... Maybe Im wrong, but I dont think so... What do you ppls. think???

2958 days ago


What makes me curious is the preggo pics. I wonder if they lied about the due date and had the baby earlier and she faked the last month of her pregnancy. Maybe that's why they don't want anyone to see the baby because it's really obvious. The whole situation is just weird.. What bothers me the most really is that they seem to go out alot without the baby. That upsets me about celebrities. You had the baby, why not take care of it too, instead of handing them over to a nanny?

2958 days ago


look she has stretch marks

I think she got pregnant by her ex fiance. got with tom... tom and her covered it up by saying she and tom got pregnant.. had the baby earlier than what it was supposed to be about 3 months... because he got preg by chris... so she wore padding for the last three months. And we havn't seen the baby because the baby is older than what she should be.

2958 days ago
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