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The TomKat/Suri Conspiracy Timeline

7/12/2006 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been 86 days since the birth of Suri Cruise -- and about a split-second since the latest conspiracy theory about Hollywood's most elusive baby.

New rumors surface by the hour -- that Tom and Katie are holding out for a better magazine photo deal, that Scientology is involved in the mystery, that Suri doesn't even exist!

So what has fueled the rumors? TMZ has created a timeline that may explain why Suri is becoming a national obsession.

Take a look at these pictures. On March 25, Katie, who was eight months pregnant at the time, looked ginormous. But then, on April 5, 13 days before she gave birth, Katie seemed to shrink.

And there's more.

We have video of Katie shopping at Barney's in Beverly Hills just days before her delivery. Katie spent hours inside on a wild shopping spree, and there's buzz that one of the items she purchased was a pair of size 26 Chip and Pepper jeans (which translate to a size 2) -- a bit odd for someone who had a long way to go to regain her figure.

And, of course, there was the never-ending public appearances by TomKat. The paparazzi followed them continent by continent, as the couple was bursting with joy over their impending arrival. But everything changed on April 18, with the birth of Suri.

These are the only images we could find of Katie post-pregnancy. And, of course, zilch on Suri.

And, as TMZ first reported, there are items of curiosity on Suri's birth certificate.

So you ask, why the conspiracy theories? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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No Avatar

M T    

Luv 'Mommy' she's beautiful inside & out; Daddy luvs himself enough for the rest of the world !! There's NO shame in it, if we were to guess (assume as I do) that the baby is likely the result of her previous REAL LOVE relationship ! Maybe I'm wrong (?), but I seem to remember that Tom couldn't impregnate Mimi R. who desperately wanted children (thus the divorce) and he didn't / couldn't do Nicole either ! Hmmmmm!!
Katie, get the pat. test done and get away with YOUR baby and SELF while you still can be YOU and not forced to conform to religious beliefs contrary to your own ! Be STRONG and never lose that smile:-) !!

3013 days ago


Although she doesn't have the walk of a pregnant person, she does have that of look tired like a mother - to - be....

3013 days ago


What about that whole thing of how Tom couldn't make babies? Does anyone remember that? When he was maried before Nicole, they divorced so he wouldn't hold her back from having children. Then he and Nicole got married and adopted because he couldn't make babies and Nicole was fine with that. Now this girl who is practically a baby herself suposedly gets pregnant with Tom's baby- something is up either he lied then or lied now or maybe he is an alien!! Who cares really its HOLLYWOOD.

3012 days ago


Maybe they adopted and the pregnancy was a hoax????

3012 days ago


And I thought Michael Jackson is weird.....

3012 days ago


Tom and Katie are both media hungry idiots!

3012 days ago

Naomi Carl    

It's so sad that people who are supposedly so bright and smart have to stoop so low. The pics of this girl shouts scam for the whole world to see and hear.. The so called cult they belong to is the first turnoff and MONEY brings the word EVIL at the top of the long list of scams. Hollywood needs to wake up and for once turn us on to HONESTY and DIGNITY because this country needs to start looking up instead of down. Tom and Katie are the examples of evil , scams and downright DISGUSt. How sick it is to use their statis for a movie. Why can't they use their star power for something good that they will truly be remembered with respect???? As for the baby,,,, there is none.

3012 days ago


Look at all of the free publicity that Tom and Katie are getting by not publicizing Suri.
I don't know if I even believe that she exists, but I think it's funny how we all even give a damn. Crazy us.
There are much more important things in the world than this baby (whether or not she exists), like our troops fighting overseas, like the economy, like our personal lives..........

3011 days ago


Maybe the scientology freaks have some ritual that says you can't bring the baby out into the sun & fresh air without being silent for 90days & walking backwards everywhere you go? Than & only than can you ask for ridiculous amounts of money for a picture of the little freak.


3011 days ago


OMG... Im so sick of people talking about this.... MOVE ON! If I was famous, I wouldnt want the entire world to know anything about such private and Intimate details of my life. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! Its time the world consumes their thoughts and feelings on something else. Like global warming, or the war, or thoughts on letting the "bowl" in Louisianna fill up instead of spending 60 billion dollars on fixing it. That money could go towards science, find cures, help starving countries. With global warming, storms, hurricanes, floods, and all sorts of natural disasters are only going to get worse. Lets focus this attention on to things we should be worrying about instead of what their baby looks like. Its their decision... Respect it.

3011 days ago


Look at the picture of her taking a walk she has the baby hips, they are huge compared to before pics

3011 days ago


I agree that some of this sounds odd.I think that maybe they just dont want their baby to be seen at all.For whatever reason it could be anything,Maybe because of Tom's strong wierd beliefs.I feel that Katie seems like a person who would want people to see her baby.But possibly Tom is holding her back,and she's not standing up to him and what she truly feels.I honestly dont think this relationship will last.

3011 days ago


when i had my son and he dropped my stomach didnt change at all. and did anyone else notice how happy kate was before and during pregnancy and now all her post pregnancy pictures she looks dark and depressed.

3011 days ago


Hellooooo a pregnant woman's belly DROPS in the end of the last month (and thus may look smaller/differently shapped in different tops).

3011 days ago


I think people care to much about thing such as this that do not concern them!! As long as the baby is okay?? That's all that matters:)

3011 days ago
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