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The TomKat/Suri Conspiracy Timeline

7/12/2006 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been 86 days since the birth of Suri Cruise -- and about a split-second since the latest conspiracy theory about Hollywood's most elusive baby.

New rumors surface by the hour -- that Tom and Katie are holding out for a better magazine photo deal, that Scientology is involved in the mystery, that Suri doesn't even exist!

So what has fueled the rumors? TMZ has created a timeline that may explain why Suri is becoming a national obsession.

Take a look at these pictures. On March 25, Katie, who was eight months pregnant at the time, looked ginormous. But then, on April 5, 13 days before she gave birth, Katie seemed to shrink.

And there's more.

We have video of Katie shopping at Barney's in Beverly Hills just days before her delivery. Katie spent hours inside on a wild shopping spree, and there's buzz that one of the items she purchased was a pair of size 26 Chip and Pepper jeans (which translate to a size 2) -- a bit odd for someone who had a long way to go to regain her figure.

And, of course, there was the never-ending public appearances by TomKat. The paparazzi followed them continent by continent, as the couple was bursting with joy over their impending arrival. But everything changed on April 18, with the birth of Suri.

These are the only images we could find of Katie post-pregnancy. And, of course, zilch on Suri.

And, as TMZ first reported, there are items of curiosity on Suri's birth certificate.

So you ask, why the conspiracy theories? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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No Avatar


I think it's silly to think that there's no baby. It's their baby and if they don't want their baby to be exploited because of their fame, then so be it.

2907 days ago


Did anyone read the Vanity Fair article as stating Suri "crawling" over the quilt Katie had made on the bed....hmmm...4-5 motnh olds don't crawl...usually 7-9 months...Conspiracy? Maybe.....

2851 days ago


As an actor being paid huge amounts of money for his profession, one would think he owed it to his fans to "show us the money" or at least the baby...I want my monies worth.

2907 days ago


I am not a fan of any of them, but i follow along...personally, i think Katie is going thru post partum blues and Tom is ashamed of her...she hasnt smiled in any pics and seems so sad..Barney's? you bet, nothing like a bit of retail therapy...i feel so sad for her...but my opinion about Suri being kept from the public is that is is a privacy thing...when so many horrible things are said about "them" that are vile and mean, who would want to subject their kid to that any sooner than is inevitable or necessary...we may never see the child til she enters kindergarten and some TMZ paparazzi freak jumps the fence to get a shot of her with yogurt on the face...and BTW, I think the pictures of Brooke Shields and her two gorgeous daughters beat the hell out of thecover pics of Angelina and Brad on People...I thought the cover pic of Brooke and her babies was absolutely flawless...and a fantastic, calm shot...I wonder how much she got paid for it...I feel bad for angelina..she never smiles with brad, as seems so on guard...unlike her PDA with BillY bob...I think she is way too guarded, cuz obviously Brad loves her and those kids more than selfish Billy Bob could love anyting but himself...

2906 days ago


As for the shoe shoppping and size 2 pants...i just have a comment to make...I used to take care of a child...every one thought the child was wasnt...whenever the child wasnt with me, everyone said,.where is your son....did you folks ever think that maybe this whole shopping trip just wasnt what it appears to be...that maybe, just maybe, she was buying shoes and pants for someone else?? Just because her feet are swollen doesnt mean she wears a fat suit...come on people...get real, the woman was pregnant, she had a baby and Tom is the father...hate to burst your bubble but your conspiracy theory stinks...all of it...the side by side pics were probably not even dated right, i bet the huger of the two was jsut before she gave birth...and TMZ is just fuckign with you all....there, now we can all get back to our pathetic, lives envying others who have the mystery and fame we all want...and are jealous and powerless to get...sad but true..the baby exists and they are classy to keep from hateful people like yourselves...finally, Tom has done something right!!! Who will ever praise him for that??...ok ok , i know no one here....

2906 days ago


There is no requirement to waddle when you're close to giving birth. In fact, I deliberately didn't waddle, because it would do harm to my back. As for the March 25th and April 5th pics.....she IS leaning back in the first and wearing a stretchy top, while walking completely upright and wearing something that doesn't cling so much in the second. Until there are photos of that child for the public to scrutinize, no one will be happy. Poor baby.

2906 days ago


Ummmmm, do we forget that Tom's adopted children with Nicole Kidman were not seen in public for quite some time, and to this day are rarely seen in public.
Maybe as celebrity parents they're trying to prevent the exploitation of their children
One day they're shopping at a supermarket, the next day their childs face is blown up on the cover of some trashy gossip magazine, and some sleazy photographer has just made a free million off of them
thats bullshit if you ask me, and i think they have every right to keep their baby from the world

2906 days ago


i believe suri does exist, but she was adopted. Katies tummy was never consistent. Her boobs didn't even get bigger..tom cruise is a freak and had brainwashed katie...her parents must be proud...

2906 days ago


I've about had enough of the crap trying to make Tom Cruise look bad. First of do you know that pic on the right was actually taken on April 5th? because they said so. You can tell my her face and the rest of her body that she did gain wait so my logical thinking is yes she was pregnant and yes she has a baby. And when they are ready, they will show Suri to the world.........

2906 days ago


Is it possible that maybe a problem developed and the baby was stillborn? That would be something Tomkat would not want to let out to the public with all the negativity surrounding them. mmmm.....

2905 days ago


First of all, like TMZ said, this is just an attempt to steal Brad and Angelinas thunder. Tom wants big bucks for his baby picture and he needs to face the fact that he won't get it because he is not as hot as Brad and Angelina. I think this whole thing needs to stop and then we will get something. Second of all. There has to be a baby because why else would Katie be marrying Tom, unless that is all a joke too. But before the baby there were rumors about spliting because of the controversy with Tom and wanting custody of the baby. She wants to marry so that she has a chance to get some money and win the baby. Love... no way!

2905 days ago


Poster 1 I was thinking the exact same thing! LOL!

2905 days ago


It looks like in the first picture, her arm isn't in the sleeve, like she has her arms crossed over her belly under her shirt. (maybe she was cold or supporting her belly) In the second picture her arms are out, and you can see the actual shape of her belly. But ofcourse that discounts your conspiracy theory, doesn't it. Opps.

2905 days ago


I have thought from Day 1 that there was something strange about Cruise. He has also brainwashed a naive Katie Holmes to join his stupid cult. I don't understand the method to his madness but I do know he has become a laughingstock. He is the biggest joke out there and Katie has allowed herself to become one too.

2904 days ago





2904 days ago
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