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Paris Rips Off Ritts

7/13/2006 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton owes an enormous debt of gratitude to Herb Ritts, even though she might not know Herb Ritts from a Ritz cracker.

The Hilton video canon -- thus far comprising two versions of "Stars Are Blind" -- borrows heavily from the work of the famed photographer-director, who died in 2002. The most recent version, in which she poses for a photog and ties herself to a wheel, has echoes of the Ritts-directed Janet Jackson video "Love Will Never Do (Without You)," while the original "Stars Are Blind," with its moody depiction of Paris on a beach, writhing in the arms of a sleek-skinned hunk and preening in the sand, is nearly a shot-by-shot rip-off of Britney Spears' "Don't Let Me Be The Last to Know" as well as Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game."

Indeed, the extensive back catalog of Paris' director, Chris Applebaum, whose credits include vids for Fountains of Wayne's "Stacy's Mom" and Rihanna's SOS, doesn't betray a particular Ritts fixation. But the super-stylized visual approach means that the music on offer doesn't distract too much from Paris' more salient assets.


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yawn. i didnt even read it. no one has interest in her anymore. we are over her. please move on, TMZ.

2991 days ago


I thought i was the only one who noticed the wicked game coincidence...

good to know im not imagining things :-)

2991 days ago


This made me think of a very funny video I saw about the battle over the minimum wage.

2991 days ago


ewww, all I can say is Milli Vanilli as if she knows who they are and the other is she's fugly and I don't care how much money she has. That's not jealousy babe it's fact - money can buy lot's, but, she's just stupid and that voice, can you say rip off = do over remix or however they have to do it.... They also should've air brushed her nose!

2991 days ago


Why is it always the girls who throw em vicious comments on here. Are you b*tches on the rag? Sure Paris is kinda cheap acting but hey at least she makes her own money. And no matter how ugly you guys think she is, she STILL gets the boys. Jealous much? I bet you are all nasty pigs who sit at home and sizzle the bacon strips alone cause no one wants your disgusting, sloppy, strech mark stricken bodies. At least Paris has a decent body and money. What do you nags have? Ice cream and your fingers? Maybe a few cats? Have fun with that!

2991 days ago



2991 days ago


Selling sex to boys is pretty damn easy. And easier if you've got some daddy's money to advertise

2991 days ago

Diana Baker    

Could we go on to more interesting people with talent that are doing something interesting with their talent? Paris is old news even if there are comments made about her. I think all we really want to do is be heard here and make you understnd that we do not care for her and never have. Only Paris cares for Paris.

2990 days ago


Does anybody else think she sounds like a Gwen Steffani ripoff? Just shows you what they can do in a recording studio. But no matter what they do with her voice she will still always be Paris Hilton, NASTY, NASTY, NASTY. Yuk!

2990 days ago


Paris is a sweetheart if that is what she wants to do for fun. So let it be. A women who is comfortable with her body is always underattack by men or jealous women. Go fix your own lives and check yourself out first.

2987 days ago


oy vey!

2987 days ago


Is she ever going to go away?

2987 days ago


I find it ironic that almost everybody who has commented in here (with the possible exception of person #11) has had at least one spelling or grammatical mistake, or just generally has sucky typing skills. Maybe you should spend your time learning how to be literate, accurate, and intelligent in your comments, instead of reading Paris Hiltion articles and then saying how much she sucks.

2987 days ago

pandora lee    

Wow. Ok, so it seems that everyone HATES Paris.... but didnt we already anyway? Jeezuz I wish I could make her kind of money walking around downtown with my snatch hanging out....oh but wait, self respect ing women dont do that, do they? Yeah,GUY. She makes her own money, but she has NO self repsect either. She may be hot and rich and never officaially single, but at the end of the she's still just another no-talent barbie doll who rode her daddy's money into stardom.

2987 days ago


*gasp* who cares about that slut we dont even need to read it we already know it's probuly something stupid or just another one of her slutie videos! who agrees? (probuly everone) and the only reason she's a "celeb" is because her family is rich! i mean if her family wasnt we wouldnt even know who she is! she's not a singer, not a dancer, not a actor!! come on!! paris the only reason why your famous is because you'll do anything to be someone! YOUR ONLY FAMOUS BECAUSE YOU'LL WALK INTO A BAR NAKED!!! ok moment sorry but who does agree with me?

2987 days ago
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