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Princess Di, the CIA and Deadly Neckties

7/14/2006 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Lane, the godfather of the Kennedy Assassination conspiracy theories, has been hired by billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed to investigate the 1997 deaths of his son Dodi Fayed and Diana, Princess of Wales. Lane says the elder Fayed has already offered him a device that will protect him in case the CIA tries to do him in.

Composite of Dodi Al Fayed, Princess Diana and the site of their car crash
Lane tells TMZ there are "several things" already in his preliminary analysis of the fatal crash on a Paris motorway that suggests the "official" version of events may be bogus.

Lane, 79, who wrote the 1966 bestseller "Rush to Judgment," which famously questioned the Warren Commission's lone-gunman theory in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, says he was flown to London last month and met Al Fayed in his office at Harrods department store, which Al Fayed owns.

Al Fayed wept while talking about his dead son. He then gave Lane an extremely rare bottle of single malt scotch and two neckties.

According to Lane, when he asked Al Fayed about the ties, the mogul replied that they were clip-ons, explaining, "When the CIA tries to strangle you for getting the truth about this, the tie will pop right off."

Mohammed al FayedLane added that Al Fayed has given him carte blanche access to all of his documents and information concerning the deaths, but hasn't been paid "one penny" beyond his travel expenses, even buying his own "American" frankfurter in the food halls at Harrods before their meeting. He plans to release a report to Al Fayed "when it's finished," and he also says he'll write a book.

As for the evidence Lane has seen, he said he's not rushing to judgment, and declined to provide specifics until he does further research, but added that "there are a lot of serious questions raised" by the incident and its aftermath

Lane suggests that there are certain parallels between the JFK assassination and the deaths of Diana and Dodi, particularly at the highest political levels. "They're both of a [degree] of importance that changes what history might have been, and in both cases the governments involved were never forthcoming with the truth." Lane points out that Lord John Stevens, the former New Scotland Yard chief who is leading the official investigation in the deaths, called Operation Paget, was appointed by the royal family themselves, who some have theorized had a role in the deaths because they were concerned that Diana might be having a child with her then-lover Fayed, a Muslim.

New Scotland Yard told TMZ that it would not comment on Lane's investigation, and said that officials there would not cooperate with him.

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the wise old owl    

I FEEL SORRY FOR FAYED. This loss of of a child is the most painful thing one can go through in life. If you pass away without ever having to endure something like that it's a BLESSING. However, I think it's time to let go. There is no way in HELL he can go one on one with the CIA. What good is it going to do anyway? It is not going to bring either one of them back. Even if the accident was planned it wasn't exactly a fool prrof way to calculate a murder. It worked in this case if that's the way they planned it, BUT it certainly couldn't have been predicted. I hope he can find peace. I don't think that chasing a conspiracy theory is going to help his state of mind.

2992 days ago


It was a long time ago, but hadn't the driver been seen drinking at the hotel bar before getting behind the wheel? Driving drunk, even under ideal circumstances, increases the risk of driver error. Driving drunk at high speeds through a tunnel while being chased by mopeds increases the risk. Also, there was one survivor of the crash, the one passenger wearing a seat belt.

Regular people who forget their seat belts are killed by drunk drivers all the time. But when a celebrity is killed in the same way its a conspiracy?

2992 days ago


i feel very sorry for them

2992 days ago


it has nothing to do with the cia. it is a british matter. mi5 mi6 sercret service etc. nothing at all to do with america

2992 days ago


Oh for the love of.....people, idiots of the world and random insane conspiracy theorists. DIANA DIED TRAGICALLY IN AN ACCIDENT!!!!!! There was no conspiracy, unless you count the one the paparazzi were in to get her photograph. THAT'S what caused the accident. I swear, sometimes I just want to throttle these kinds of people. Give it a rest.

2992 days ago


I tip my hat to Al Fayed for his persistance in justice. I support him fully in his endeavors. I too feel that there are too many unexplainable issues involved. I can never conceive the thought of losing my daughter or son for they are my world. I pray for Al Fayed to have the strength to see this thru. God Bless.

2992 days ago

richard adams    

hey the dad will eventually die,the people who know the truth will either die or disappear and the truth will come out in about 20-30 yrs.the same way it happened with president kennedy. [ think about it ]

2992 days ago


Yeah, and *totally* know the *truth* about Kennedy, now don't we?? What with all those theories still running around and unprovable.

Give it a rest people. There was no conspiracy. Just rabid paparazzi chasing her through the streets of Paris because WE demanded to know the most miniscule details of her life. Think about THAT.

2992 days ago


It was a horrible accident as Diana's car was being pursued by the papaparazzi. It would be good to find out who was on the moped or cycle and in the cars chasing her car. Love to prosecute them or the very least have everyone know their names. Strange isn't authorities could find the pursuer. No conspiracy theory here. No murder. Poor Diana died much like the way she was forced to live....trying to run and rid herself of the papaparazzi whom she complained about vehemently a few weeks before the accident.

2992 days ago


This is absolutely THE most repulsive, horrific thing that could have been done.
The press seems to forget that Princess Di left TWO children. It doesn't matter how old they are now, they are still her children, and this still hurts to the very core.
It's hard enough to lose a parent, let alone have it constantly be in the public eye.
Geez...why doesn't the press that pulled this disgusting garbage grind glass in the Royal Prince's hands as well?

princess Di was a human being, who represented and did a lot of good in this world. Why can't the press let her rest in peace already?

2992 days ago


They had her killed and the truth will come into the light sooner than you all think.

2992 days ago

Alan Sparrow    

1) At the Ritz Hotel, the car they had planned to drive in would NOT start.
2) The direct , short route to Dodi's flat, NOT involving the Pont d'Alma tunnel, was NOT available due to a truck blocking it.
·3)The electric power inside the tunnel was NOT on; the accident ocurred in total darkness.
4)Every single CCTV camera was NOT turned inwards to the road, but outwards.
5) All the police short-wave radio was NOT operating immediately afer the crash.
6) A British woman, Brenda Wells, and her husband could NOT enter a lateral entrance to the tunnel just minutes before the crash due to a motorbike obstruction.
7) Trevor Reece-Jones, the body-guard survivor, categoriclly stated the driver, Henri Paul was NOT drunk.
8) Doctors admit the mysterious 20% carbon monoxide found in Henri Paul's blood would mean he could NOT even stand, let alone drive a car.
9)It has been scientifically proven the brakes of the Mercedes were NOT used.
10) The Mercedes csr, as strong as a tank, was NOT released to Mercedes experts for inspection.
... And all THAT is just for starters!

2992 days ago


It has already been established at the coroner's office that the alcohol test purportedly given to Lady Di's driver after his death showed evidence of carbon monoxide in large enough quantitiies to kill. Finally, after all these years, a cornorer's assistant disclosed that they used the test of an alcoholic who killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning rather than the actual driver's post mortem test. No one else in the death car had any signs of carbon monoxide in their system, which leads me to believe this was, indeed, a conspiracy and murder.

In the end, all Princess Diana wanted was love, but the Crown even denied her that. I hope her sons find it in their hearts to tell the truth one day.

2992 days ago

john buck    

Vampy, you are not a very deep thinker. Is that why you keep asking us to think for you? The "official version" of events is quite convenient. We were told the night of the wreck for hours that she was in "grave condition." We got the "official" story later and found out that she had been dead hours before they announced it. Like Air Force One being an hour and a half late with President Kennedy's body. If you think we know the story on Kennedy, you are new to America. If you think we know the story on Diana, you are new to the news.

2992 days ago

Carol Dan    

Re: Conspiracy theory because Diana had a "Muslim" lover....Wasn't it Charles who had his mistress on the side during his entire marriage to Diana?
So did Charles want Diana to only be with a "Christian" man like himself.

2992 days ago
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