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Bloom and Bosworth Dine, Leave Dog in Car

7/17/2006 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando and Kate to be hitched?Orlando Bloom had a great weekend, with his "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie making another 62 million at the box office, but that doesn't mean his dog can come into the restaurant.

Bloom and Kate Bosworth were spotted going out for a late afternoon lunch (they had scallops) and - just like the rest of us - Orlando had to leave his beautiful black dog in the car.

We all know how dangerous a hot car can be for an animal- the risk of death is quite real. But Orlando took care of his best friend, making sure the window was cracked and getting up twice during the meal, possibly to go check on the pooch.

When he and Kate came out of the restaurant, the car had been moved to a shady spot. It is unclear if Orlando requested this or if the valet took the initiative. Either way, Orlando gave the guy what looks like a substantial tip.

And Orlando's right - it's worth a few bucks to ensure your pet's safety.


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Chris Towles    

Don't be stupid!

The dog wasn't left in the car. The valet drove him to the dog groomer and he had a bath while they had lunch. When they were done he paged the valet and he brought the dog back.

Do you see any video of that dog left alone sitting in that car? NO. Because he wasn't. Don't you know that tyhe paprazzi only tell lies?

2988 days ago


When I read the headline, I was like SHIT, I'm a major animal lover & always admired Bloom as being one too. They should have stayed home if the dog has separation anxiety. However, looking at the video, it's pretty obvious the dog wasn't even panting when he opened the door and also you can tell he is asking the valet to move the car to the shade. Still, I don't see how the pup wouldn't have "separation anxiety" when left in a car as well as at home.

He DOES take his pet everywhere though. He had him w/him everywhere here in Louisville when he was filming Elizabethtown. It was super hot then & there were pictures of he & Bosworth w/their dogs at the River Overlook getting them water out of the hoses and wetting them down. I think they do care.

2988 days ago


I agree with the comment it really isn't our business but...since they are celebrities it is inevitable for an opinion here and there. I also agree with everyone that you shouldn't leave your pet in the car. Doing such a thing is a no-no! Some cities have drastic animal cruelty laws that prohibit this behavior and you could get a large fine. I only have 2 concerns: "Don't they have Doggy Daycares in California?" -So they can chill and enjoy their lunch. & "Since Orlando and Kate both adopted dogs from the same shelter, does this mean her pooch is in the trunk?"-Let's hope not! Maybe she left her dog at home and for whatever reason Orlando didn't want to leave his dog with hers? After this incident, I won't be surprised if Orlando and Kate make a statement.

2988 days ago


hmmm, could be all of you are right.

Or he did think erronously, they did have an outdoor eatery. OR the dog acted up and needed to be put in the car.

Eh, not my life....and it's not going to do a blessed thing to me either way

2988 days ago


I think they are both idiots for doing this....complete idiots. Just goes to show that money and fame/power does NOT equal intelligence.

2988 days ago

MaryAnn Bova    

I have worked in the veterinary medicine field for 7 years. Every summer we have several dogs brought into our hospital for emergency heat stroke. This isn't anything to take lightly. If a pet suffering from heat stroke isn't immediately cooled down, given intravenous fluids and medications; at worst their intestines die and the animal's brain literally fries in their skull and they have to be euthanized. Never, ever take your pets with you (dog, cat, whatever) if you'll have to leave them unattended in a locked car. In some states the police will actually break a cars windows to get to a suffering pet. If you think I'm overreacting try this then. Park your car in a sunny spot on a hot day and roll down the windows a few inches and see how long it takes for it to become unbearable to remain in the car. Remember you can unlock the door and get out. Your pet can't. This isn't meant to condemn anyone's behavior....its to help save the life of our beautiful, furry friends.

2988 days ago


You know, if most of you people would worry about the important things in this the posibility we may be heading literally into WW3 instead of a dog...sheesh. I like animals as well as the next guy but I'm sure not going to judge someone over something a rag sheet printed. No one really knows the situation.

2988 days ago


I can see leaving your dog in the car while you get some lunch at say 7-11 you're in there for what 5 mins max but a whole sit down lunch that's insane.

With all the money they have haven't they every heard of "Doggy Day Care" I mean even the middle class dog owners are doing it.

As for the weather I live in NJ and today the thermometer in my car said 101 and that's in friggen Jersey...LA is a hellova lot hotter.

2988 days ago


Dogs have seperation anxiety because they are pack animals. They are used to groups, packs. If their alpha leaves them (the "owner") they can and will destroy things and hurt themselves. They dont need training however, it is their alpha who needs the training.
NEVER leave a dog in a car even with the windows cracked. Even at temps as low as 70 degrees, a closed car can heat up quickly and cause brain damage to the living creature inside. Hey! Maybe thats what happened to Bloomie. Katie left him in the car and BAM, Drain Bamage. Just a thought.

2988 days ago


While I certainly don't recommend leaving a dog in a hot car for a long length of time, I also don't think that these two deserve the bashing that they're getting here. The car was probably cool from being air conditioned, the car was parked in the shade, and the windows were cracked. For all we know, there was a bowl of water in the backseat too. It says that Orlando checked on the dog, and that the valet was keeping an eye on the dog. So who's to say that the dog was being mistreated?

For all of those people saying that it's cruel to leave the dog there, go to the Bronx, look in the alleys, and see what people are doing to their dogs there. These people tie their dogs up and leave them outside in three feet of snow without food or water for weeks. Worry about these dogs, not a dog that Orlando Bloom owns.. that dog is probably treated better than a lot of people in this country.

And honestly. For those saying "would you leave a baby in a car?" Here's a newsflash: a large dog like that one is NOT the same as a baby, no matter how you try to misconstrue that. Dogs are able to stay in the heat or cold much longer that humans, or babies for that matter. Leaving a dog in a car is not the same as leaving a baby.

Like I said, I am definitely not saying that it was a great idea. I wouldn't leave my dog in my car, and I happen to think that it would have been better had Orlando just returned home to drop the dog off. But do I think that it's worth the fuss that you all are causing? No way.

Think about the situation before you judge.

2988 days ago


Personally, I'd have left Kate in the car and dined with the dog. Leave her Orlando... yesterday.

2988 days ago


There's absolutely NO exuse for leaving an innocent dog or any animal in a hot car- shade or not. You put on a fur coat and sit in that car! I'' bet you won't last 2min. there has to be a better solution than the one you took!

2988 days ago


If the poor pooch didn't belong to a celebrity, nothing would have made the news. We need to give these people some privacy.

BUT. It was a stupid act, leaving the dog in the car. Looked to me like there was more than a crack in the window, maybe enough for the dog to get out and get run over. There isn't any way for them to win on this one.

2988 days ago


They could afford a pet sitter to come in and hang out with the dog while they are going out to eat. It is sick to lock an animal in a hot car just to go have lunch. If they couldn't make arrangements to have someone take care of the dog, they should have called ahead and ordered lunch to go.
Another thing that makes my furious is seeing dogs put into the bed of a pickup to ride. What do those idiot owners think...that dogs have suction cups on the bottoms of the paws to help them hang on? So many animals are hurt and killed this way!

2988 days ago


At least they left the window open. Still, it's too hot for any living thing to stay in a closed car for any length of time. I'm glad he was moved to the shade, but 100+ degrees is still HOT in the shade. I think he did a good thing by checking on the pooch and giving the valet a good tip! Personally, I would have gone to a Sonic so we could all eat in the car!!

2988 days ago
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