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"Other Woman" in Brinkley Split Speaks

7/18/2006 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The teenage girl who came between Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband, Peter Cook, is talking about about their steamy relationship and how it became sexual.

Diana Bianchi, now 19, told WNYW, the FOX affiliate in New York, that she met the 47-year-old Cook in May 2005 when Bianchi, then 17, was working at a toy store in the Hamptons. Bianchi says Cook offered her a job at his architecture firm. Within a month, she says, things turned sexual.

"He'd make advances verbally towards me first," Bianchi told WNYW's Rosanna Scotto. "It just escalated into something I didn't expect ... I never expected that he would take it to a different level."

Bianchi knew that Cook was married, but says that Cook never made her any promises. "He didn't say he was going to leave her. He just basically left it at he wished things were different. He wished that he was younger or he had met me at a different time ... I never asked him to leave her for me."

At one point during the interview, Bianchi's attorney stepped in, saying that Cook "preyed on her vulnerability, her naïveté, her age, her immaturity."

Bianchi says Cook would leave money for her, even providing a down payment on her car.

Brinkley and Cook have been married for a decade. Bianchi could be a key witness in the couple's divorce case, with a reported $60 million on the line. Bianchi's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, says his client has "got a great sexual harassment claim" against Cook.

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Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

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He's a predator. He can't handle a real woman, so preys on younger girls. He needs to grow up. Hopefully this young gal has learned something from this. Christie can do better! I feel sorry for the kids. Yvonne

2995 days ago

T Fox    

It seems obvious that this young girl tricked this rich guy with her young tail and now she wants the $$$. I don't buy her playing so dumb. This tramp needs to be sent to jail for knowingly tempting a married man. Now her pathetic scum lawyers are extorting money from him to keep the story quiet. She's a loser!

2995 days ago


Like many of you already wrote: the thought of this young lady and her greedy attorney trying to turn this into a sexual harrassment case is disgusting! She was old enough to know better, and she voluntarily had sex with him and accepted his gifts and money. I hope our judicial system will not let this be treated as such. Although I feel sorry for Christie and her children, wasn't it she who betrayed Billy Joel when they were married - if not by a sexual affair, at least a 'platonic' one. Also, perhaps she needs to look more closely at herself to make some changes. This was her fourth marriage, no?

2995 days ago


It's really sad to see someone that seems to have a great family stray into the claws of an evil person. You have to be evil to take yourself into a situation like that. They are both to blame, he for being old and stupid and her for being young and stupid.

2995 days ago

Stephanie Wilson    

This is in response to several of the comments made on here about Diana being a homewrecker. I think that is the only childish statement I have heard on here. In order for a home to be happy both parties need to love each other and be happy with what they have if that is not the case then the homewrecking took place long before Diana every came around. Apparently the home was already wrecked because Peter looked elsewhere to find whatever it was he was lacking in the marriage he was in The comments that she was a homewrecker is about the only naive area of this entire mess. I do blame both of them it was not right for either of them to do what they did but the name calling about her being after the money and no good and a ho is ridiculous. I do believe she was after the money but hell she is 18. A lot of people arent raised with morals they have to learn them through life lessons and hopefully this one will help her be that much closer. 18 is the legal age for someone to be an adult because the lawmakers say so but that doesnt mean that everyone who is 18 thinks or acts like an adult.
Dont get me wrong I blame both of them I think they are both wrong but there are always three sides to a story hers, his and the truth and I am sure we havent heard the truth. I hope their children arent old enough to read because as bad as I feel for Christie I feel worse for their kids. Not only did the mom and dad split up but the kids have to read in tabloids and online about how their dad is a no good sleezebucket who is awful and deserves everything he gets. Good or bad they probably dont judge him that way and get hurt when other people do.

2995 days ago

linda anthony    

It's all so much bull. Obviously Cook likes young girls, but also likes to 'appear' normal with a normal-looking family. For people like Brinkley, as long as someone treats her well that's all she probably cares about, and doesn't see much else, and obviously she didn't. But then again, she could have looked the other way for whatever reason, money or children. Who knows? Who cares? Bianchi is typical of a prostitute. So are lawyers. Despite her claims, Bianchi knew what she was doing. And, I don't believe a man should be striped of all his hard earned money in either case. Take care of the family and certainly the children. But he owes nothing to Bianchi and nothing extra to Brinkley. Betrayal hurts alot and hurts everyone involved, except the lawyers.

2995 days ago

Tera Hotard    

I just hope Chrisie does not FOR ONE SECOND entertain thoughts of what she could have done differently...... or for ONE SECOND, think that girl could compare to her on any level. His amoral behavior and SELFISHNESS has nothing to do with any imperfection on her part. He's just TRASH. And will his daughter EVER feel secure in a relationship, as an adult? (no, is the unequivocal answer)

His daughter is the one he REALLY F**** ed over, ...... for an 18 year old girl. I can't even articulate how despicable I think he is.

2995 days ago


Let's just say he did not invent the concept of leaving his wife for a younger girl!
This has been going on since the begining of time!
He was not the first and he won't be the last.

2995 days ago


He may have been more sophisticated than her, but ALL she needed to know was that he was married, which she did, which makes him off limits!. She has behaved like a sleazy little tramp and embarassed her family. She comes out of this looking no better than a prostitute, because she had sex with him so she could continue to enjoy the nice things he heaped on her. For her to even consider calling this sexual harassment is an insult to any woman who has truly suffered sexual harassment. That he should be ashamed goes without saying, but so should she. I am not buying her little victim role for one minute!

2995 days ago


What was he thinking ---NO he was not thinking. Now his children will remember how there father gave them up for a low life B-----. Serves him right--- getting suied. All you stupid men out there don't you think that a woman cheatin with you now will be cheating on you as soon as she gets a better offer. Wake up. If you have a problem be man enough to speak up. You were in love with her and wanted only her but somehow you doughted your man hood and had to use another woman to prove you are still desired. Sick ---all of us women can be just as sexie as the next. If you need a Lolita all you need to do is ask- your wife to play the game.

2995 days ago


I personally blame both of them. And both Bianchi and Cook has to pay for the cosequences. Just like the saying says: The consequences in your life is your own doing. Serves them right. They're both old enough to distinguish right from wrong. They're not kids. And I am totally against adultery. It is wrong and should'nt be tolerated! People who do this. May lightning strike them and suffer the consequences. I have no sympathy whatsoever! Some men and women change their partner so often it's just like changing their underwear. So sad.

2995 days ago


It goes to show that karma works. Christie fooled around on Billy Joel to get him. They're all pigs-or bipolar(including Billy).I don't think the teen should get a sexual harassment settlement-that's just a lawyer looking for money. At 19, she should have known better. She's anything but naive. There's gonna be a lot of hurt feelings and they all deserve it.

2995 days ago


I blame the man for cheating. I also blame the young woman for knowingly being with another woman's husband. Even at the young age of 18, I knew it was wrong to flirt with married men. I used to go out to clubs and would be hit on by married men, and I would walk away and completely ignore the jerks. My self-esteem would never allow me to be second best to a man -- and my morals would not allow me to contribute to the destruction of a marriage and family unit. If ALL women thought like this, then there would be no women for the men to cheat with. All women should be loyal to each other, no matter if they know each other or not... and leave each others' husbands alone.

2995 days ago


she cheated on Billy Joel
not so fun with shoe on other foot HMMMM

2995 days ago


I believe that both Cook and Bianchi are responsible. Bianchi is going to file a law suit but ,I feel that once she had sex with him it let the sexual harrassment case go out the door. If he had raped her that would of been different. She knew what she was doing and it wasn't something he made her do so, the little witch don't deserve any money however, Christie deserves half if not more of what Cook has. She needs to burn him good.

2995 days ago
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