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"Other Woman" in Brinkley Split Speaks

7/18/2006 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The teenage girl who came between Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband, Peter Cook, is talking about about their steamy relationship and how it became sexual.

Diana Bianchi, now 19, told WNYW, the FOX affiliate in New York, that she met the 47-year-old Cook in May 2005 when Bianchi, then 17, was working at a toy store in the Hamptons. Bianchi says Cook offered her a job at his architecture firm. Within a month, she says, things turned sexual.

"He'd make advances verbally towards me first," Bianchi told WNYW's Rosanna Scotto. "It just escalated into something I didn't expect ... I never expected that he would take it to a different level."

Bianchi knew that Cook was married, but says that Cook never made her any promises. "He didn't say he was going to leave her. He just basically left it at he wished things were different. He wished that he was younger or he had met me at a different time ... I never asked him to leave her for me."

At one point during the interview, Bianchi's attorney stepped in, saying that Cook "preyed on her vulnerability, her naïveté, her age, her immaturity."

Bianchi says Cook would leave money for her, even providing a down payment on her car.

Brinkley and Cook have been married for a decade. Bianchi could be a key witness in the couple's divorce case, with a reported $60 million on the line. Bianchi's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, says his client has "got a great sexual harassment claim" against Cook.

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Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

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No Avatar


Christy Brinkly deserves everything she gets! She cheated on Billy Joel.
Paybacks a b**** ain't it Christy?

2963 days ago


They are both guilty and knew better but neither knew the daddy was going to tell it ! Now if daddy knew then mommy knew too right ? So if she didn't know better and the parents thought it innocent what changed from the age of 17-19. Christie knew something but this way he goes down harder..labled a pedophile,she gets full custody w/support , if there was a prenup it is gone and he will give her what ever she asks for because the divorce will happen before the sexual harrassment case(Thanks to the Fox interview and the pending arrest of COOK).

2963 days ago

Lynn Taylor    

I feel bad for the kids and for Christie. But he will reap what he has sowed and maybe next time he'll keep his zipper zipped and use the brain in his head.
I hope this 19yrold gets nothing,she deserves nothing and Christie and her kids deserve it all, and the only way Peter Cook will learn is if he loses everything.
God forgives you but here on earth we do not!

2963 days ago


Another "Celebrity" marraige gone down the tubes. Gee what a shocker! These people should stay single. Then again, somebody has to make the "celebrity" lawyers rich.

2963 days ago

monty ray    

typical male......u play u pay hahahaha go girl get all u can get with ur fine self !

2963 days ago


I feel sorry for Christy,,,4 failed marriages,,,that has to hurt. She still has her beautiful family to be thankful for. I think she may jump into relationships too fast.
She is still a beautiful woman and has so much going for her. As for her husband, she will be better off without him. And, the teenager knew exactly, what she was doing, helping to breakup a family........

2963 days ago


Her lawyer is already claiming she's a "victim"- meanwhilw she's just a big slut, and she's just as guilty as he is. When a person is 18 years old, they know the difference between right and wrong and so did she. He's a slime , but she knew he was married and had kids- why are people giving her a pass or worse,saying she was victimized- what a load of crap!

2963 days ago


I usually take the woman's side but his mistress is acting like she's a saint. She's a grown woman. She is not taking responsibility for anything she did. It makes me sick. She should not have been accepting all those presents if she was truly being harassed. I think she had it easy for too long and now she doesn't want to get a real job. She could have quit and gotten another job. I hope she doesn't get a penny. Shame on her. She should think of what she is doing to those children.

2963 days ago


i hope the piece of a-- was worth $60 mil

2963 days ago

Nancy Boroski    

Cook is a slease ball. Seems like he is out to get a young girl, but still wants his wifes money. Keep to yourself and leave the young girls alone.

2963 days ago


It's a shame these men choose to think with thier crotch instead of thier brains. Just another classic example of how the male ego f***s everything up. Some people have it all and yet feel they need more. What a shame for Christy and his children especially, I'm sure she'll have no problem finding another man! Peter Cook is a discrace. Diana is no better. Shame on her too. I am a firm believer that what goes arounds comes around, so here it goes getting momentum. Everyone loses here, which is the sad part. Nothing hurts more than being betrayed and suffering that broken heart.

2963 days ago


As much as women (even those reading this) say they would never do this, the fact is they're lying. Diana did what many of us would have did. She personally did not know christie so she didn't care. Cook offered her gifts and she took them. nothing wrong on her part. If anything it is completly his fault. Even if she had refused to take part in an affair with him he would've just found someone else to do it with. Diana is a very beautiful girl. He took advantage of her. She knew the consequences but at the same time she was getting something out of this relationship.Stuff like this happens all the time people are just blowing it out of proportion. As for Cooks wife (or ex) the best thing for her to do is just to let it go. It wasn't meant to be. And as for cook, hopefully he learned his lesson.

2963 days ago


Beware girls!!! If this can happen to Christie Brinkley- it can surely happen to us! God- doesn't this just prove all men are dogs. This guy had it all, beautiful wife, great job, healthy- cute kids, the perfect life. And he had to go ruin it- I would never trust a man who did that to his family. If he will break the most important commitment in his life then you can bet he would screw you in business and everything else. His reputation is GONE! And that little WHORE- she was looking for a job alright- the oldest one in the world for a woman- prostitution. She knew he was married- navie bull-*. She saw the goldmine and she was digging for it. I hope there is nothing left over from Christie's settlement and then he has nothing but his own loneliness. And another thing what goes around always comes around so hopfully little Miss Homewreaker will find someone she truly cares about and he will do the same thing to her- cause it will happen there are NO GOOD MEN LEFT! Who needs or wants a man like that - what happened to the days when people really loved and cared for each other till death and even after- those are the things that make life mean something. All the money and success in the world won't buy that- just look at this sad story!

2963 days ago

G Money    

I can't believe everyone is overlooking how Christie is a gold digger. Check her previous marriages. How many women have been married four times. We thought J-Lo was bad.
When they are broke, she leaves them. This time she got caught. Maybe Cook figured out all she wanted was for him to maintain her lifestyle. I wouldn't be surprised if it was not a setup for her to move on to greener pastures.
What men never admit is that after a few times it gets old. Men are not wired to stay with one women sexually. Why women think one man should be tied to them sexually for life escapes me. Smart women forgive the indiscretions and hold on to the credit cards.
A photo-op babe like Brinkley is not interested in anything else by herself and her kids. We need to hear his side of the story. She could have been playing sexual politics with him. It will come out in the divorce.

2963 days ago


Iam blaming on him because he knew he was married,and the girl is a goldigger
and smartass hypocrite to be young and also she need to respect herself from a old guy like him ,that could be her dad and besides that, she is collecting money from him by being a call girl herself.

2963 days ago
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