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McConaughey's Car on eBay

7/19/2006 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew McConaughey / CorvetteIf you're in the market for a 1971 Corvette convertible you might want to check out Matthew McConaughey's eBay listing.

Matthew McConaughey has put his '71 Vette on the auction block for a good cause. Matthew found the car at a car show back in 1998. At the show's end he was the proud owner of the mediterranean blue muscle car that Matthew says is " ... for me it's the quintessential, bare bones, badass American sports car."

Matthew will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle to Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network's Hurricane Katrina and Rita recovery efforts. "I am fortunate enough to have everything I need, and the sale of it will help so many" McConaughey writes on the auction site.


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What is this world coming to? Now we question the reasons someone would do something for charity? And who cares how many people it hundred, two hundred.....if it helped one person, thats good enough!!! Let the man sell his car with zero profit to help others and leave it at that. Its a selfless act on his part, and that alone is a reason to praise him. Celebrity or not, he is a class act!!

3010 days ago


Good people can't spell worth a damn! It's fricken funny ..hahaha, you bunch of idiots!! lmfao hahahahahaha

3009 days ago

lola johnson    

I think his donation is wonderful and sorely needed. Do any of you naysayers realize how bad that area is still after all this time? It would be great if even two people were helped. As far as tax deductions go, I don't think, with his income level, it's a factor. As the song goes why don't you people try to, "Always look on the bright side of life."

Please be kind when you edit my post.

3009 days ago


i'm not suprised about matthew doing things like this for a good cause.. He is a great charming man. Honey if i can afford to buy your car i would.

hugs & kisses..... listening to " america" from simon& garfunkel and to the wind.. by cat stevens..
linda.. from 1988 from venice beach

3009 days ago

James Parsons    

I attended a dinner / private party with Matthew during the filming of "We Are Marshall" movie in Huntington, WV in April. He's a nice guy and all the girls flip over him. All you guys who write negative things about him should be so lucky. We talked about his Dad, family life, etc. before his movie career. He was in Australia a year and held 7 jobs during that time. Washing dishes, cleaning chicken coops, etc. Spoiled big time movie star? You should be so lucky. More power to you, Matthew. I'm the guy fro West Virginia with the "strong abs." Only he and I know what this means. Keep making those adventure movies.
Jim "Papa" Parsons

3008 days ago


dear james

i also met matthew many years briefly, way before he became an actor in CA while he was visting. He was 4 years younger than I but very wise and intelligent. i found him fastinating and was attracted to him very much and at the same time he was attracted to me too when we met. He was such a charming guy. What we talked about between us is is also private. Unfortunately, we went on two different directions quickly on my part. I went back east and he went on his journey. I lost the number he gave me where i could of reached him when he was in CA briefly back in 1988. I also thought about him for many years. i never let him know deep down inside that i really did dig him. Back then i was young and shy. but anyway i will always cherish that moment i met him. i will always think of him now and then back when i met him before he became this big public image.

Linda from PA (always smiling)

3008 days ago

James Parsons    

Hey Linda, Nice story. Hey, I don't know where you are in Pa but Matthew will be coming back to Huntington, West Virginia in October for the premier of the "We Are Marshall" Warner Bros movie. May be just a short drive for you. Might be an idea for you to drop by and say hello to him. That is, if you aren't tied up with someone. I forget the premier date but can get it for you.
James (me, too)

3007 days ago


Dear James,

i cant beleive i'm actually communicating in public about this. As far as going to the premier uninvited just to say hello to matthew. That I will not do.. The premier is business and you must be invited, his movie making has nothing to do with me. and besides i havent seen matthew for such a long time since 1988. I look the same but older :) I'm sure what ever movie he makes it will be very good.

it would be a nice thought of seeing matthew again. :) he will always remain in my heart and memories

I'm glad you got to meet matthew in person too.

linda from PA

3006 days ago


Dear James

I also want to say that when you do go to the premier, i hope you will have a good time there :) i'm sure you will. :) October is a nice be on the east coast. Thats when the leaves from the trees start to change colors. matthew will love it. Thats one of the things i love about the east coast when the leaves change colors..Its so beautiful. I know where i live in pa its breath taking.

maybe one day i will meet or see matthew again. :)

Linda .. from PA ( always smiling )

3006 days ago


Sounds like there's a few people jealous of lil ole Matt. He's doing something good, give him a break, and so what if he's getting a tax break. That makes him bad? Don't hate him cause he's rich and gorgeous. At least he's contributing!!!!

3006 days ago
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