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Other Woman in Brinkley Caper Sings

7/20/2006 5:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comBefore she allegedly began an affair with Christie Brinkley's now estranged husband Peter Cook, 19 year-old Diana Bianchi had aspirations of becoming a singer.

TMZ has unearthed some video footage of Bianchi from two years ago performing "Open Arms" at an amateur night competition in the Hamptons.

In the video she says, "I'm a singer/pianist and I don't really have a CD coming out right now but I've been working around usually just places like these trying to promote myself and get people to know me." Well, it seems everyone knows her now, especially after her explosive interview this week with WNYW, the FOX affiliate in New York.

Samantha Cole, yet another singer, has also come forward with similar claims of Cook's infidelity.

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No Avatar


A little pitchy, Diana Dear. But I hear Paris Hilton has some GREAT producers who can make you sound better!

Not sure who directed this girl to go public with her story but if she is hoping to get a record deal out of this, well, you saw what happened with Amy Fisher....(the infidelity aspect, not the whole shooting in the face thing)

3016 days ago


Most not be a lot of 40+ men posting because if there were we'd say 'get it on!'. Of course, I am not 'married with children' so any 18 year old that wants a go gets a go. But then, I don't have my own company and the last 18 years old I got was a car.....

3016 days ago


Alright, I heard the video, and why is it that all these new singers sound like Christina Aguilera. Doesn't anyone have an original sound? It's all American Idol crap. The sound is honestly annoying. Confuses the hell out of me.

3016 days ago


What a dumb man. Married to a supermodel and he balls a potato face. Total douche.

3016 days ago


Although this man was very stupid.......sounds like a real set up to me.Why would her father (A Policeman) wait till Christy was at a graduation to cause a scene?
he wanted attention for his "Pure little daughter".She may be young-but Innocent-I think NOT!
Anyone who thinks any kind of a future will come out of hurting someone and breaking up a family--is really Stupid. I will repeat....She is having her 15 min of fame-she better enjoy her goofy face on TV-This is as good as it will be for that little whore. Oh-How did she explain all the money and the car to her -Oh so concerned parents?

3016 days ago


While, I don't know who Diana Bianchi is or what happen in her past but her singing is fine, even though its not my taste.

3016 days ago


She's very pitchy and she annoys the hell out of me. It seems like it's all a joke to her watching those interviews of her.

3016 days ago


This is a case of blackmail gone bad. The little bitch and her stepdad prolly tried to hit Pete up for a shitload of money, and he told them to f*ck off. So they dropped the bomb on Christie. PATHETIC.

3015 days ago


She is an amatuer but has potential with about 5 years of voice coaching. I hear she is going to pose for Playboy. What a screwed up society we live in, being rewarded for being infamous.

3015 days ago


This girl is nothing but bad news and Peter was an idiot - they both deserve each other! I do hope Christie and the kids remain strong and get over the jerk - no way she should consider taking him back!

3015 days ago


Diane is a legal adult, she is responsible for her own actions. She is not a victim, Christie and her children are. I hope Christie can have the class of Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston. The guys end up looking like the fools that they are in the end, you don't have to join them!!! God bless!!!

3015 days ago


She is not even attractive and doesn't seem to be the brighest either!

3015 days ago


I hope she sucks dick better than she can sing!

3015 days ago


Christie is 52. I am NOT condoning at all what younger Peter Cook did, however the fact that she has had FOUR marriages speaks volumes too. (The Richard Taubmann marriage lasted 11 MONTHS???) She is no Donna Reed either obviously. Since these men obviously have no love or respect left for their wives/children, these women need to simply move on. (Men in these circles and even much richer (Trump) want youth and variety...look at Trump, who had NO respect for Ivana and 3 YOUNG kids he tossed out of their home!!!! Did the same to Marla and her child). Move on.

3013 days ago


How will Christie Brinkley ever go back to her beloved Hamptons? It seems like it was the dream home and on sale now?! The women, and cruel people and so-called friends gossip and talk, and eat this up, behind the back, people are catty and cruel in Hollywood, and NY, society celeb circles, let's face it!! who can she trust. nobody.

3013 days ago
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