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Fans Not "Crazy in Love" With Beyoncé

7/20/2006 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce KnowlesDisgruntled fans of Beyoncé have started a petition to get the musical diva to reshoot the video for her new song "Deja Vu."

The plea to her label Columbia Records, tries to make the case that the video "is an underwhelming representation of the talent and quality of previous music video projects of Ms. Knowles." "Bug-a-Boo" anyone?

The petition outlines seven comical points of contention and claims the editing "causes one to get dizzy and disoriented", calls the dancing "erratic, confusing and alarming" and the fashion "unbelievable and ridiculous." Beyoncé's outfits unbelievable and ridiculous? No way!!

Regarding her scenes with real life boyfriend Jay-Z, the petition believes the sexual themes between the duo are "alarming and show unacceptable interactions between the two."

Hopefully Beyoncé's fans will like the rest of her latest music and can 'check on it' when her new album "B'day" drops on September 5.


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The video Deja-Vu was just poorly done!! Beyonce has a lot of talent but this was not shown in this video. If she doesn't come back with a great song, video she unfortunately will lose a lot of fans. Because good looks could only take you so far. It takes a smart person to stay in the lime light and then you die out like a flame. Any ways unfortunately lately music videos depict sex all the times, and thats not what music is all about. Beyonce should take advice from Missy Elliott the Guru of A++music videos. Her videos are awesome!!!!!

2954 days ago


I love Beyonce, and I love the way she sings,dresses and dances...very talented. I didnt like that video that much and the song is ok, but that doesnt make me less of a fan. Noone is going to like everything an artist puts out regardless of what it sounds like, because everyone taste is different. I dont think the people that dont like it are haters, but I do think the ones going on and on about her not having talent and cligging to Jay z are.

2954 days ago


2954 days ago


Ms. Knowles has no talent so who gives a toss?

2954 days ago


I think she is very talented and seems to be very dedicated to her work. For those of you who don't like it then don't watch it. Quit complaining didn't your mother ever teach you that if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all.

2953 days ago


So sick of this girl. Everything is always over done with her. She can't dance or act to me. She has a voice, but it aint the best. And I aint scared to say she over rated. She is so predictable with everything she do. She need to let it rest.

2953 days ago


Why the hell somebody got to be hating on this chick, cause you aint all up in her sh#t like alot of you????? If I don't care for her and that's that. It aint got NOTHING to do with who she is, what she look like and what she do. She's a human just like everybody else and she aint no BETTER than nobody else. Yall need to take some of that emphasis off of her and put it into yourselves. Yall sweating this chick like she god or somebody,she take her draws off one leg at a a time just like you. Yall sickening, she talented but she aint what ya making her out to be.

2953 days ago


This is not one of my favorite songs or video. I think her dancing is off an the song makes no sense.

2953 days ago


I don't get all the controversy surrounding this video. If you ask me, about 60% of the videos out there today have nothing to do with portraying a storyline parallel to the theme of the song. HA! If only artists out there were that thoughtful...Instead of criticizing Beyonce for humping Jay-z's leg for about 5.5 sec. why don't you take a look at all the rap videos out there that glorify scantilly clad women doin' the booty clap, or dancing in a thong and pasties. The fact is, those videos have done far more damage to women's empowerment than Beyonce could have ever done in one lame song/video.

Personally, I thought the cinemetography was odd, but the quick frames, crazy pacing, and vibrant colors kept you way more interested than the song ever could.

As my one last plea, I just have to ask: Can everyone please stop taking crap like this so seriously? So Beyonce wanted to make a video wearing "fabulous fashion", and performing some frenetic dance moves. So what? She's an artist, and that's how she's choosing to express herself. Deal with it. Or change the channel. That's what I do.

2953 days ago


well i think beyonce is a stuck up ass bitch and she should learn how to thank her fans who made her ass rather than her ugly ass boyfriend not haten i think b's cute but she let the media make her forget who she was before fame.change the attiude b ya heard!!!

2953 days ago


Here the general public goes again hating UNNECESSARILY on Beyonce', damn the girl can't have one bad song, a bad video, can't wear a damn mink stole, that she worked her azz off to get without some peon trying to tell her how and when to wear it , , can't grow up and fall in love, can't dare to try to be different to try to appeal to new audiences or make an attempt to change the ways videos are shot.... She's like only given up much of her life to live for the moment to entertain most of u ungrateful bastards... Give the girl a break...Im a big fan of hers and even yes, I agree it is a sucky azz video...LOL... But come on yall look at the total package, her committment to her craft, her hours of choreography, acting classes, touring solo and with a group, her controlling JOE JACKSON azz father, forced to sport those hideous azz costumes her momma designs...Hasnt she sacrificed enough for the public... She's in love and happy and proved herself already... Let the girl be....It aint that serious... If the people who started the petition think they can do better, why dont they put in work like Ol' girl did and get the damned thing done...

2953 days ago


i love beyonce but to everybody who said that thats african dancing. maybe it is where she visited in africa or whatever but i'm african and we dont kick up dirt. we wear shoes and dance regular. but hey. in some places that could be the new thing.

2952 days ago


I believe that Beyonce is very talented , she has a wonderful voice and I enjoy her music... I think people should get off her back , she is the artist and it's HER MUSIC, she can express herself however she pleases , if you were a real fan then you would support her even if it is "too different" for your taste , or liking. You can't just ditch her because SHE wanted to try something different......

2952 days ago


I think Beyonce is a very talented person. She puts all her hard work into everything she does. Half of the people that are giving her these hating comments about her are probably not on point themselves. They need to stop hating on her for real because she's making millions and ya making dollars.

2952 days ago


Wow, the girl went and did something creative and some of you got your panties in a knot. WHY?. Dammmmnnn, my daughter (who is grown) and my grand daughter and I jump up evertime we see the video (and "No" we do not all live together, my daughter is happily married to her childs father) and try and keep up (it's a work out--try it)....modern day Africa--what's so wrong with that....she's doing her thang, and when you can come with yours and make us pay attention then have something to say. Otherwise...stop hating. The power of all of this chatter relates to more sales, so I congradulate her on having so many people taking their time to critique her your damn thang girl..Do it...and take no negative energy in....just do your damn thang and we're all gonna watch and listen. Some people never have anything positive to say...I guess that's a reflection of the life they are living....

2952 days ago
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