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Paris Ain't Perfect -- But Cut Her a Break

7/20/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey Levin, Elliot Mintz, and Paris HiltonParis Hilton has flaws -- lots of them. She has spoken ill of others, she is too deep into vanity for my taste, she arguably parties way too much, she's a really bad driver, and on and on. But does that mean she deserves to die?

I'm stunned by how many people react to Paris the way they react to Al Qaeda. By the way, TMZ has probably done it's share to make her life miserable. We put the Brandon Davis video out to the world, and the car crash, and the other car crash, and the dancing, and the PDA's, and... you get the point. But really? Comment #100? Calling her a "stupid, ugly slut." You can do better than that.

And # 76, calling her a "dumpster for semen." True, she made a sex tape. But honestly, so what? I can tell you this, Rick Soloman bought a $3.5 million house off that tape, but there's never been evidence that she got any money or had anything to do with releasing it. So she made a tape with some guy she was with, does that make her a whore?

I think there's lot of fair criticism in the Paris Hilton department. And she brings a lot of it on herself by creating the Paris marketing machine which, by the way, has been incredibly successful. But with success come lumps, and she deserves to take those lumps. But isn't there a difference between Paris Hilton and the shoe bomber? Just because they have shoes in common doesn't make them one.


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2980 days ago


Make sure Paris's DUI gets as much bad press as Mel's!!! The chicks had enough breaks from her name, she best not get yet another. And to try to use the excuse she hadn't eatten all day, PLEASE like she ever does!!

2967 days ago


agreed, she does put her self in the situation. It seems to me Harvey is trying to be all goody goody with the "hot" blonds in Hollywood, just like with Pam Andersen. Seems to be someone is losing his touch.

When a worthless, useless, nobody makes themselves into hot shit, like she really matters more than everyone else and should get treated special because her grandparents worked their asses off and she reaps all the benefits doesnt mean she is anything more than the stupid, dirty, sutter slut white piece of trash that she really is. All she can claim is to making money off of being stupid. How could ANYONE be proud off that?

3016 days ago


The reason why she is such "hot shit" is because all the envious ordinary people, that supposedly hate her, can't get enough of Miss Hilton. You know who you are, let's not deny it!

3016 days ago


Paris is just plain nasty-anyway you look at it- we all know a girl like her-full of herself( come on- she called herself an icon like Marilyn Monroe-gimme a break!!!!) she thinks everyone wants her(which no guy that I have ever come in contact with would touch her w/ a ten foot pole), and she thinks money and fame is something that we should all envy her for. I do not envy her in the slightest, I will take my life over hers any day, any time. Paris is just NASTY!!!!

3016 days ago


Of course we can't get enough of Miss Hilton. It reminds us that you don't have to be rich to have class and that you don't have to be poor to be trashy. Her sister carries class while Paris acts like trash.

3016 days ago


i think shes hot :(

3016 days ago


I'm amazed you all care so much. I've met much worse people in pubs and hotel lobbies; or customers at various stores. Seriously. You all need to let her do what she wants.

So what if she can? Let her. She will, whether you want to or not. I don't see all of you going off on porn stars, 'cause trust me, I think we all know they make more sex videos in a month than she ever did.

Does she annoy you? So does the angry, annoying woman yelling at the cashier in front of you at a Wal-Mart. She's a bad driver? Ha. So is my cousin, not to mention my boss who ran into a parked car the other day.

Do I like her? No. Not at all. Do I dislike her? I'd be lying if I said I've never raised my eyebrows at her at any point, but no, I don't truly dislike her. I know the feeling, and it's very unpleasant, true hatredness. People need to think before they speak; society these days uses words and phrases like "slut", "drop dead", and "white trash" too lightly. While you all may be inclined to believe so, this is a person you're speaking about. Wow, if this much energy was spent on things that really matter...

Of course then you'd say, "Well, why are you wasting your time writing this, huh?" I saw this headline and I had to put my 2-cents in, yes, like the rest of you. But at least you could be logical about half of what you're saying, ya know? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but be realistic, be reasonable. This is not a terrorist, or the Unibomber, a rapist or a serial killer. Stop talking of her as if she is.

People saying she's the "scum of the universe" and stuff. Listen. I've met, in my line of work and various encounters over my life, the real scum of the universe. Saying something like that about Paris Hilton is just, frankly, ignorant. I've met worse. You should too, and then maybe you people will see how ridiculous it is to barrage her with the hatred you do.

Oh, one last thing. Angry about her being a celebrity icon, and a blonde one at that? People with microphones falling all over themselves to talk to her and people like you and I have given her that status. People are still interested, and the world knows who she is, so...yeah. Guess what? She's a celebrity icon, and yes, a blonde one at that.

3016 days ago


I choose to beleve that she has a good heart and is a good person. Throw rocks if you have never done anything wrong. Geez! You people sound so hateful and mean spirited. Must be sour grapes on your part. Leave her alone.

3016 days ago

Dee Dee Dee    

Harvey Levin knows he gets hits on his site if he puts anything Paris up. By the way, I hear that TMZ paparazzi Josh Levine and Harvey Levin are related. Has anyone else heard this?

3016 days ago


I agree that Paris has her faults, what person doesn't? I went through my growing up/wild years in my twenties before I settled down to get married and have kids. College parties, bars etc. It was a learning experience and I don't think I would trade it for the world if I had to go back in time to do it over again. I wouldn't have learned those lessons if it werent for those "ugh, why did I do that" moments. lol She's young and I think Paris has a few more years of growing up to do before she realizes what is is she truly wants in life. I don't envy the magnifying glass she is under at all. I do admire her for taking those lumps and keeping her head up despite what negative things are said about her and especially through her bad caught on camera moments. Not everyone wishes ill of Paris. I just wish on her wisdom.

3016 days ago


I don't like or dislike Paris. She is not for me to judge, but God's. I truly feel sorry for her because she does not really like herself very much and has an inferiority complex.98.9% of people who act llike her, talk like her, etc, have that complex. I know, I was one of them. My change came when I gave my life to God, and found that He loves me as I am, so why shiould't I? Then I found tht I did not need to act and talk as if I were the greatest thing on earth...just for attention. Nicky is the complete oposite of Paris, and needs to help her get a better view of herself.

3016 days ago


trust me when i say im not saying that i love her but i dont hate her. i think her image has been shot because of mistakes she has made, but she is only in her early 20's. almost everybody makes stupid choices or things they will regret when they are young. that doesnt maker her a horrible or rotten person, it makes her normal. i dont know her personaly and neither do any of you so how can u say such hurtful things? again im not saying everyone should look up to her but give her a break. it seams like everyone hates her because she is rich and has the world at her fingertips. no one likes it because they cant have what she has! if i had 100 million sitting in my bank account waiting 4 me i would be showing it off and having everything she has as well. she has made poor choices as well as good ones by being able to make money just being herself. i think everyone is being to harsh on someone they dont even know. she is someone u see on tv and that everyone loves to gossip about because they are jealous. i read those magazines and i listen but i dont sit here and say she deserves to die!! what the hell is wrong with u people for wishing that upon someone?? has paris hurt u personaly? has she said anything or caused you any pain?? i didnt think so! GET A LIFE. Paris incase you see this: dont listen to this! it probably is hard being in the spolight 24/7 but enjoy your fortune and fame, because im sure there is a billion girls who would love to be in your shoes.

3016 days ago


I dont think that paris hilton is any worse than the majority of young women out there today... i too am a young woman and know how girls are... the only reason why people are scruitinizing her is because of her wealth and public appearance. there are far more girls out there who are much more of sluts than her.. and i dont necisarly think she is one.. who are we to judge how many people she has slept with or had encounters with.. you dont know her personally and all you see is what the media puts out there.. they wouldnt paint a pretty picture of her and make her look like an angel because people arent interested in that.. they are only interested in what they can bag on and be envious of... and thats all it is.. people say nasty things when they are jealous...and im sure most of you are pretty jealous of her wealth and before you go saying cruel things as to how she is sluty or how she should die.. why dont you look at most of the other women you know or yourself and see how many people you have slept with... really one video that was out of her reach is not that bad... im sure there are a handfull of other regular women who have made videos too.. and does that make them a slut??? i dont think so...

3016 days ago


you are all haters she a sweet kid! Born into wealth who cares!!!!!!!! She a cutie,she is a normal 20 something gal ya all know you aint no virgin! Paris If you read this dont let jealous folks upset you just pity the fools!

3016 days ago
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