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Paris Ain't Perfect -- But Cut Her a Break

7/20/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey Levin, Elliot Mintz, and Paris HiltonParis Hilton has flaws -- lots of them. She has spoken ill of others, she is too deep into vanity for my taste, she arguably parties way too much, she's a really bad driver, and on and on. But does that mean she deserves to die?

I'm stunned by how many people react to Paris the way they react to Al Qaeda. By the way, TMZ has probably done it's share to make her life miserable. We put the Brandon Davis video out to the world, and the car crash, and the other car crash, and the dancing, and the PDA's, and... you get the point. But really? Comment #100? Calling her a "stupid, ugly slut." You can do better than that.

And # 76, calling her a "dumpster for semen." True, she made a sex tape. But honestly, so what? I can tell you this, Rick Soloman bought a $3.5 million house off that tape, but there's never been evidence that she got any money or had anything to do with releasing it. So she made a tape with some guy she was with, does that make her a whore?

I think there's lot of fair criticism in the Paris Hilton department. And she brings a lot of it on herself by creating the Paris marketing machine which, by the way, has been incredibly successful. But with success come lumps, and she deserves to take those lumps. But isn't there a difference between Paris Hilton and the shoe bomber? Just because they have shoes in common doesn't make them one.


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Paris YOU ROCK, don't listen to the people who say such mean things... Life is like that, people who don't know you can't hate you, they can hate what you have and the life you get to lead but thats all... Don't worry about them, life is toooo short to cry over people who are mean spirited. Paris is goregeous which people hate, she is rich which people hate, chill out people and get some lives... PEACE ... PARIS YOU ARE SOOOO HOT:)

3018 days ago


why are all of you so hard on paris. yes she likes to go out and have fun but who doesn't. her whole life is in the spotlight and im sure its pretty hard to keep the rumors away. just because she is famous and some unlunky things have happened to her does not mean she is a bad person. you are horrible for tearing her appart like that she does have feelings you know. she is just trying to live her life. if people were saying these things about you guys im sure you would be upset to. everyone makes mistakes in life but you cant jude them only by their mistakes.

3018 days ago


Oh for pete's sake. This girl blames Rick Solomon for ruining her life.
Did he put her in the burger ad? Does he write the endless vapid comments spewing out of her mouth?
She compared herself to Princess Di and Marilyn Monroe! For what? WHAT has this girl accomplished?
Hey Paris, YOU'RE the one who can't get enough camera time.
Guess what... everyone has had enough of your camera time.
You've made your own public face. Maybe you should take a look at yourself for the reasons why you're universally loathed and stop blaming the media or everyone else for that matter.
Don't claim that "no one knows the real me" when you do everything in your power to make sure the whole world is watching you at all times.
We know you. We all know you. All too well.
There is a laundry list of reasons why you're not liked. And not one of them is jelousy.
But one of the top reasons IS that you THINK the world actually wants to be like you.
I don't care what kind of car you drive, or how much money you have, or how much your little corner of the party is "goin' off". You're a trashy, dumb, selfish girl.
There's plenty of those in the world. You're a dime a dozen.
Expensive stuff all around you doesn't give you class.
You can paint a turd yellow, but that doesn't make it a Twinkie.
It's just another fake blonde that tastes like shit.

3018 days ago


paris is not a normal person!!!..... she is a slut!! a piece of trash!!! sure it was cruel what her ex- did selling the sex tape,but why did she agree to do it in the first place she should've known better sex tapes are disgusting with any person not just a star. sure some of the things we say like "drop dead or commit suicide" are indeed very harsh but if she doesn't like like them maybe she should try and change instead of being so disgraceful!! i stand by many of the comments posted....."DEAD ON!"

3018 days ago


Wow.... stop posting all this s***. You all make fun of her but she can't make fun of you because she doesn't even know who you are. And YOU think you know her but you don't. You know what the media portrays her to be. She may have brought some of it on herself, but i guarantee that most times it wasn't near as bad as it seemed. The same thing happened to Terrell Owens on the Eagles if you read his book.

3018 days ago


and oh yeah... you are like one of the most beautiful women on the planet... so i wouldnt really care what they said if i were you

3018 days ago


whats there to be jealous of KPDUH she's a she has no boobs no ass and a hokk nose how wants that for a body!

3018 days ago


I just read the rest of the comments on here.
You defenders are rediculous children who know less about the real world than the worlds richest high school dropout does.
I'm not jelous of a trust fund kid.
I'm jelous of people who make a difference in this world with absolutely no resources whatsoever.
I envy celebrities and the filthy rich who use their wealth to further humanity.
I want to be like the person who does good for strangers with no expectation of reward or recognition.
You would think that the Hilton family would teach their little hood ornament about benevolence and philanthropy.
Then again, words like that have too many syllables for Paris. And her mother is too busy figuring out how to piggyback her next reality show on her daughters' coattails and her patriarch's legacy.

3018 days ago


Can't anyone say anything nice about Paris? Since no one else will... I will... Paris, you seem like a very sweet, very genuine person, and you look amazing in your new video!!!! You should not let these close-minded, quick to judge, envious people get you down.

3018 days ago


Seriously, don't let them bring you down. Just like my girl says..."They ain't paying my bills." Ha.

3018 days ago


Paris is guilty of becoming a celebrity simply by having a lot of money. If she wasn't rich she would not have gotten this far. I can't wait until the day I no longer hear of Paris Hilton. It was the latest interview that pushed me over the edge. The one where she compares herself to Marilyn Monroe and Princess Di. She needs a huge dose of reality.

3018 days ago

Not impressed in the OC    

Hey Harvey, How much did you get from the Hilton's to write this article? If Miss Hilton does not like the negativity then maybe she should lay low and not go so out of her way for public attention. ......

3018 days ago


Man...u ppl really are cruel...she cant help it she was born rich....yea its unfair....but what is making mean comments about her going to do??...and the sex tape....sooo many couples make sex tapes....she was just doing what every other couple does....and it just happened to go online....granted i dont think shes very pretty...but i could mever be as cruel as u going to get shit for this but w/e....there.....thats my two cents

3018 days ago


I didn't need to see this sluts sex tape to know that Paris Hilton is a disgrace to the United States of America as well as the female gender. I can't stand seeing that rich bitch whine about being criticized when she herself criticizes others on her shitty go-nowhere TV show. Her random snotty comments, middle-school personality, and rock-bottom IQ are some of the few things that make me lose hope for all those girls in LA I suppose it is the recuperating home for all of Americas damaged goods. There is no bigger waste of space in the world other than Hilton.

3018 days ago

Skylar Backstrom    

Man I'ma give u the truth if you doin ho activitty with ho tendencies common sense tells me that Paris is a slut hands down. She brought it on upon herself it's her actions and the way she chooses to display herself thats causing all this negative feedback from millions of people. So Paris if u readin this u need to get it together and keep ya legs closed as many STD's going on in this world! Hopefully you won't contract HIV/AIDS or anything else if u stop doing what u doing. Real Talk

3018 days ago
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