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Model Wife

7/24/2006 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

tiger_elin-1Tiger Woods claimed his third victory at the British Open this weekend, his first big win without his father and mentor Earl Woods by his side. Earl passed away in May after a long battle with cancer.

It was an emotionally draining day for Woods. Luckily for Tiger, his stunningly beautiful wife Elin Nordegren was by his side to provide comfort. Just who is this gorgeous link in the Woods chain? She once worked as a nanny for golfer Jesper Parnevik's kids, but now is working on making a name for herself as a model.


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Well I agree with the poster above 'rare' when he/she states that America has racism, and that black people have been prejudiced against by Whites through-out its history.
But I absolutely disagree about his evaluation for the charms of Elin Nordegren (Tiger Wood's blonde, white woman). The fact of the matter is that white women, especially the blonde, blue-eyed Nordic type are very appealing and attractive. And they are attractive to all races.
This is not a racist comment. Just something I feel is true. It doesn't mean black women don't have their appeal either.
Just that people in general would love a white woman with the appeal of Elin by their side, for better or worse!
And sorry "Rare", Elin is a beautiful blonde white woman. You must be one of the vocal few who don't think so.

2998 days ago


Tiger Woods is one of the most talents athletes of all time. He not only has the physical talent, he has the mental toughness to be able to play under pressure. He always credits his mother and father for bringing him up with good values and love. He sets a great example to young people and young golfers of all races. All in all he is someone to be admired and his values seems to be good ones.

He has also never made his private life public. He has always kept his private life very low key, which couldn't be easy. If these two young people have found each other and fallen in love it's strictly their business. She could be beautiful or average or downright ugly as long as she's beautiful in his eyes. From the little we see of them in public, they seem to be very devoted and she was very supportive after the British Open when he broke down. That was not faked, it was real and emotional. Bravo to Elin and Tiger and may they have a long (and private) life with many beautiful children. The racist comments on this website are indeed a sad commentary on the hateful people who make them.

2993 days ago

Lone Wolf    

I perceive the negative comments about Tiger's and his georgous wife to be nothing but jealousy coming out. Yes, he is filthy rich, but he does a lot of good with his money and contrary to popular opinion he has worked very hard for it.

2986 days ago

Mrs. Alvarez    

I cant get over all the angry women who comment on Mrs. Woods! You are all very entertaining! You're just "hating" because she is beautiful and very rich! Its irrelevant to whether she is rich because of who she married! You know what kills if it was a black woman who married a famous white golfer. Nine times out of ten it wouldnt be an issue! Charlotte Im sorry dear but you have alot of issues! Racial issues! Black skin isn't the ONLY beautiful skin! God forbid your black race is corrupted by a mixture! You need to talk to your black men about dating white women. Thats where you need to focus your anger at! Yes you do have anger inside you! Im happy for Tiger and Elin! Have a good day!

2985 days ago


She is STUNNING! A true natural beauty. Good for Tiger! I can't wait to see what their children look like...

3020 days ago


She's very pretty, but her hair looks like straw. She should let some natural color come in.

3020 days ago

the wise old owl    

WOW ! She is really pretty. Looks like TIger got the whole package here. She supports him, she's beautiful and motiavated. I don't think she will have any problems getting work as a modal. It's nice to see a couple in love without any DRAMA going. You never hear bad publicty about this couple ever. VERY NICE

3020 days ago


There is nothing stunningly beautiful, gorgeous, or STUNNING about Mrs. Woods. She's just another blond, Nordic woman. Tiger's "luck" is that he has money -- lots of it. I'm surprised that the best he could do is get a Nanny!

3020 days ago

charlotte walker    

America please.......why does every white woman with "blonde" hair and blue eyes has to be beautiful....tiger woods wife is not beautiful...she isn't ugly but please....stop it with the "white" women beautiful crap. Let all those so-called beautiful women leave the house without the 50 pounds of foundation and ton of maybelline eyeliner and mascara, and trust me, they would look like tammy faye baker.......and to whoever said they will have dark beautiful babies....I guarantee you, as long as that money is dark green, she will push out those dark babies...and I truly believe black people have the most natural beauty there is, so lets hope to god them babies do come out with that dark skin.

3020 days ago


I agree with #4.....she is nothing special as far as looks, just another blonde bimbo. She's not stunning at fact, she's quite funny looking. What's with the overbite?

3020 days ago


Plus, she looks rather old.

3020 days ago


Lots of jealous ladies here. I wonder if they are black women? Hmmmm?

Mrs. Woods is indeed stunning! Their babies won't be dark at all - slightly tanned, maybe, but no darker than Tiger and he is NOT dark.

3020 days ago

charlotte walker    

Jealous would imply I want what another person me......God has allowed me to be completely involved with the life I chose to lead...nothing famous....glamorous.....or wealthy wise....but definitely full and as rich as any persons can be. I am a woman of native African descent....and I agree with who said the overbite looks a bit.......Goofy...lmbo...(Lord forgive me), but I did notice it too....and trust me me...when I say ....I have no ill-will towards white women...I'm not jealous of them....nor would I want to be one....but I think people ignore the fact that white women who are not famous....marry black men who are...and then America glorifies the white woman.....when all she is doing is securing a monetary future with a black man...who does not want to recognize who he is himself...and as long as America can keep confusion on what beautiful really successful men.....will continue to secure monetary futures for non-black women....the only difference between a white female and a black a black female, most likely won't beat around the bush about what they want, and what is satisfying to them.....and a white woman waits until the financial situation accommodates their satisfaction, and then they split.....lmbo...and we don't look good trying to be blonde....and I dont care who doesnt like it.....BLACK WOMEN...STOP THE INSANITY....being blonde doesn't cut it for us......oh...and Paris Hilton looks like a mouse.

3020 days ago


Hey to each his own opinion. Personally, I think she's gorgeous, and I think Tiger's hot too. But I don't really care if she's gorgeous - if they're happy with each other, who cares? That's all that matters.

And his win at the British Open .... was OUTSTANDING!

3020 days ago


Oh please, stop hating so much. I am a BLACK WOMAN (happily engaged) and all of you women saying nasty thins about Elin are probably SINGLE. Elin is really pretty. You cannot judge someone simply based on the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. Just because she was a nanny before does not mean that she is unintelligent or inferior. You don't know her so how can you judge her. You would be the first one crying RACISM if someone judged YOU based on your skin color.

Please people understand that not ALL black women are lonely and delusional.

I am happy for Tiger and hope that Elin helps him with the healing process.

3020 days ago
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