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Singers Channel Their Inner Jekyll & Hyde

7/26/2006 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While it's expected for rappers to have musical alter-egos - think Marshall Mathers/Eminem or Sean Combs/Puffy/Puff Daddy/P.Diddy/Diddy - lately even pop powerhouses like Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera have created liberating personas to give them that extra attitude and stage presence.
Christina Aguilera and Beyonce

Ever since going solo, Beyoncé says she's channeled a diva she calls Sasha and reveals "For the first time, I wasn't afraid. I wasn't limited." During her years with Destiny's Child, Beyoncé "didn't think it was appropriate to let Sasha out." While it was Sasha who performed with Prince at the 2004 Grammys, Beyonce claims to have been "horrified" after watching how domineering Sasha was during their duet. No word on how the divo himself, aka the artist currently known as Prince, felt about his pairing with Miss Sasha.Beyonce w/ Prince at the 2004 Grammys

Mary J. Blige

Mary J.Blige, the queen of hip-hop soul, goes so far as to credit her alter-ego, Brook-Lyn, in her latest song "Enough Cryin'". Mary created rapper Brook-Lyn to give her lyrical freedom "I had to separate the two because Mary is nice, you know, intelligent. Brook-Lyn is crazy, ignorant and she don't care." Note to Blige: them are fightin' words!
Mary J. Blige
Christina Aguilera

Mousketeer gone "Dirrty" Christina Aguilera morphed into her scantily clad doppleganger Xtina on her last album. For her upcoming CD "Back to Basics", Aguilera has created yet another character. This time her latest incarnation resembles an old Hollywood siren and goes by the name of Baby Jane. Christina says "I am Miss Baby Jane. I'm not going to tell you why I have that nickname....It's still me, but me at this place in my life." Whatever you say Chrissy.
Christina Aguilera
Garth Brooks

Regardless of what you may think of Sasha or Baby Jane's antics, nothing compares to Garth Brooks' sad attempt at, well, we're not quite sure what he was attempting. Brooks not only created an alter-ego with a full back story, but also released an album entitled "The Life of Chris Gaines", a TV special and appeared on "SNL" under the failed alias of Chris Gaines. The 1999 debacle saw the country crooner transform into a leather clad, goateed alt-rocker with a shag haircut. Luckily, Garth's bout with temporary insanity came and went and Chris Gaines was never heard from again.

Garth Brooks and Chris Gaines

No Avatar


Hmmm...I wonder what kind of drugs she's on?

3000 days ago


sometimes ppl change into somebody else jus so they wont be shy but sometimes they cud take it to far

2993 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

It's official....all these celebs with "inner beings" are whacked out trippin' on acid....They HAVE to be...

3008 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Great, ANOTHER crazy celebrity.

3008 days ago


wow you really could make a killing in hollywood dealing/manipulating with all these crazed souls

3008 days ago

george vieto    

They haven't been reruns of Marine Boy on the Boomerang network again.

3008 days ago

george vieto    

Just have Gotham City needs. More members of the Batman family.

3008 days ago


Christina has an amazing voice though.

3008 days ago


It's one thing to laught and giggle about these kinds of things in interviews. But another to look back at the preformance and be horrified about your 'split-personality'. That's just crazy... maybe Sasha was in the Deja Vu video too.

3008 days ago


does anyone remember Madonna's "Dita"? i guess if you make a mistake, blame it on your evil twin.

3008 days ago

Your worst nightmare.    

Hey, you gotta admit, everyone can have their own alter-ego at times. Mine is Topaz. She's much more confident than I am.

3008 days ago


Seemed more believable when Ann Heche did it. I guess it's all about the deniability factor. How convenient to have someone else to blame. Maybe with both personalities making big money one of them can buy some sensibility.

3008 days ago


Hey! In defense (sorta) of Garth was for a movie that
never saw the light of day. Things just kind of went a lil' not
according to plan.

The others are just a lil' odd. PLUS - Xtina AKA Baby Jane is looking like she's attempting to steal some of Gwen Stefani's thunder with those looks.

3008 days ago


i think Christina thinks she is many people including a resurection of the great Marylin Monroe..this girl needs to find the real her who ever that is

3008 days ago


Garth Brooks though he was becoming Chris Gaines but he ended up looking like Ben Stiller!!!!

3008 days ago
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