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Tori's Online Yard Sale

7/28/2006 6:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tor SpellingTori Spelling has given her fans a chance to own some of her clothing.

The "NoTORIous" star has decided to streamline her closet by enlisting the help of Sharon Yost, whose company specializes in estate sells. The sale includes Juicy Couture and Prada items (no Jaclyn Smith sweaters here).

The big question is why Tori is selling her clothes. Is she buying a whole new wardrobe? Or have reports about Tori getting a very small percentage of her late father's estate true?

Either way it's a great way to get a deal on celebrity memorabilia.


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Am I the only one who thinks this clothing sale is an attempt to manipulate her mother? I don't think it has anything to do with charity, finding more closet space, or needing the money. By the time eBay and the auctioneer take their cuts, Tori is going to be left with pocket change. It's not worth it unless the real reason is that she wants to draw attention to herself.

3002 days ago


I think Tori is so beautiful and I know that she cant be nearly is diggy as Jessica Simpson or as tacky as Britney Spears. I hope she is able to get what her father would have wanted her to have and I hope that the law iand courts are on her side if the issue is taken to court about Tori's mother, having Aaron Speling change his will when he was in a virtual dam coma. Evil, greedy ass women need to get dam jobs and stop this b.s.-atleast the girl tries to work for her $$$$$$ since she was a teenager still in school.

3002 days ago

BJ Lamb    

Don't bother to bid on Tori Spelling's Ebay auctions! If the bid doesn't go high enough (no reserve) she'll refund your money and not send the item. Saying oh so sorry, we made a mistake! This gown was supposed to be a reserve auction! BOO HISS!

2987 days ago


She thinks that she is Donna still Off of 90210... No body but no body wants to wear Tori spellings old clothes. Her clothes are undesireable i think because she's so damn UGLY. She needs to dissapear and come back when she's cute.

2986 days ago

BJ Lamb    

What I won was not an ugly old piece of clothing! Tori has some really nice designer outfits in with all the rest of the ordinary items. Among the nicer items were an Yves St. Laurent and a Prada dress. Tori's Estate Sales agent has contacted me to make things right about the auction item I won from them. Hope so.

2984 days ago


Tori really got burned by her mom, and you know Aaron is rolling, but she still keeps her head high. She is an animal rights activist and I applaud her for her efforts. I was a HUGE 90210 fan and still watch on soapnet. Tori has been an actress her whole life, Love Boat, Fantasy Island and Hotel. Who cares if they were her dads shows, I would have done it too!! She CAN act and she seems like a fun and energetic person. I loved "Maybe Baby" She is not ugly either! I sat at a table next to her a few years ago at Ago in LA and she is so tiny and cute. She doesn't flaunt her $$ like some other daughters who come from $$ do.... Tori you have my support!! keep your head up:)

2984 days ago

the wise old owl    

OH YEAH. SHE REALLY NEEDS THE MONEY. I hope she is donating the proceeds to some charity. Other wise she is absolutely FINISHED.

3009 days ago

Las Vegas Dave    

Now please tell me, why would anyone give a damn about Spellings clothes? This is a so called 'star' who wouldn't have had so much as an audition, if her dad was not so promanent. She has so, so, looks, no discernable acting talent, and now she is going to auction off her clothes. Give me a break.

3009 days ago


Hope it's bargain basement prices because that girl's taste in clothes suck.

3009 days ago

Lance K.    

I wouldn't buy that tacky girls stuff. She is so shameless at her publicity attempts.

3009 days ago


T is sooo damn fine. I know a lot of pervs will be buying that up.

3009 days ago


Who in the heck would wear her leftover B O rags???...Is she is snortin' whatever $$ she gets out of the rummage sale? She believes everything she thinks...

Well, for damn sure nobody ever accused her of haveing any class..other than third.

3009 days ago


Maybe we should give the girl a break. She can't be that bad. I think there are some people who would be very interested in her clothes. I'm not one of them, though.

3009 days ago


my question also: who would buy this cheap whore's used up, smelly, tacky clothes??? she is crap...the only Spelling who did anything worthwhile was the father.

3009 days ago


Don't be so mean. The prices are actually very reasonable.

3009 days ago
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