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Check Mate For Sheriff's in Gibson Case

7/29/2006 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Let me borrow a line from Mel Gibson's play book -- The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is f****d."

The Department has been caught in a huge lie that they now can't undo. My sources say the Sheriff's officials are scrambling at this very moment, trying to figure out what to do and the Sheriff himself, Lee Baca, has been involved from the outset (I'll explain more about this on Monday).

Here's the problem. The deputy who arrested Mel Gibson wrote an eight page report detailing Gibson's rants and aggressive conduct, but officials ordered the arresting deputy to sanitize his report, eliminating the four pages TMZ has posted on the web site. The sanitized report was signed and became the party line that the arrest occurred "without incident." That is a blatant lie -- a lie the Sheriff's department never thought would be exposed.

When I first called a Sheriff's spokesman to comment on the story we were about to publish, he told me I was "wrong" and the story was "erroneous." When he said that, I had plenty of information but I was not in physical possession of the four phantom pages.

When I finally got the documents and called the spokesman back, his response changed. He said when the case is presented to the D.A. it will have all the information about the case. Do you see how that begs the question? Of course, now it will have all the information because we exposed the Sheriff and Mel Gibson.

This was a cover up and there's no way of getting around it. The Sheriff said it happened "without incident" and that's just a blatant lie. Now there's an official, signed report that does not have the information TMZ has published, so something's rotten in Denmark.

As far as I know, the arresting deputy has not even re-written the information in this new "supplemental report" that for some reason was supposed to be locked in the watch commander's safe.

The Sheriff didn't get this sloppy overnight. Clearly many celebrities must have gone where Mel Gibson did on Friday. We have more information that we will publish on Monday, but The L.A. County Sheriff's Department must be investigated.

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Johny Cash Jr.    

I want to hear the tapes

3008 days ago


This is just a negative spin campaign against Gibson, just look at the images that are used on this site of the guy. C'mon!!! he's just saying what many are thinking but too full of crap to say out loud. So what?

3008 days ago

Ed lucas    

So now you are happy? Is your mission in life to degrade celebrities every chance you get. Do you think they are not human? Are you human? What exactly do you gain by smearing person's name, whther they are right or wrong? How would you feel if some did that to you? Idiots!!!

3008 days ago



3008 days ago


Ed, shut up please. He is doing his JOB by posting news about celebrities. If you are unhappy reading this, I suggest you not even bother visiting this site. Also, I hardly see what he is doing wrong, he's bringing those (THAT DESERVE IT) to justice. And what does he get by doing this? Praise and a paycheck. :)

Now go crawl back under a rock.

3008 days ago


It's just the owner of Malibu's campaign to get even with them. He did, after all, promise to "f*** them up."

3008 days ago


I don't think anyone is happy about smearing names, but for an influential actor in both Hollywood and church communities screaming about how the Jews are responsible for everything, well come on. And then for an officer of the law to help cover this up in the hopes that he would protect such a terror, seriously. If someone smeared my name after something like this, I would say, So Be It. It would be my fault and I would take responsibility for it. Mel should be man enough to do the same.

3008 days ago


I am truly disappointed if what is being written here about Mel Gibson is true. The anti-semitic accusations are especially disturbing. If Mel Gibson has given his life to Christ then he should know that the Lord Jesus Christ still loves the Jews although their eyes, generally speaking, have not been opened as of yet. He should read romans chapter 11. I will pray for him. The passion of the Christ really spoke to many and showed how Christ suffered. He suffered for all of us and Mel as well. None of us are without sin including Mel Gibson, but he needs to humble himself before God if these accusations are true.If he is born again, then he should be on his knees in repentance before God.

3008 days ago

Da Boss    

One thing I hope people will understand or at least consider. Let's not allow a Jewish controled media turn the remarks a drunk dumb fool in to something it's not.

Lot's of people are angry at the Jews and not because we are bigot's. Over 1,000 innocent people have been killed by the Jews in the last week.

If not for the occuapation of Palestine by the Jews we would not have had the World Trade Center disaster, and perhaps we would have never found ourselves in Iraq.

Tensions in the middle east are a direct result of the "choosen ones" occupation of Palestine. Mercy what did the Brittish expect when they carved up the most holy ground in the world and forced "oil & water" to mix????

A lot of Americans are dying because we support Isreal, and that makes me angry.

3008 days ago

Arthur Fisher    

Congratulations on first-class investigative journalism! Your speed and courage are praiseworthy. This is not a petty story about an aging actor getting drunk. This is a very important story about the crude anti-semitism of the producer/director of the world's most widely-seen film about Jesus! Bad guys come to bad ends. The police should be ashamed of themselves for trying to help this pig to hide his shame. And other media likewise, that have whitewashed the story. Thank you for printing the truth.

3008 days ago


Dave - despite your apparent difficulty with spelling and punctuation, I can't believe you're that stupid. This isn't about the war in Iraq. This is about a wacko hypocrite, who made an anti-Semitic propaganda piece (by implicating Jews in the death of Jesus). It is made all the more interesting that he goes both meglomaniacal and anti-Semitic while awaiting the clink.

This is priceless comedy. I only wish comeuppance like this happened more often, and in such neat little packages. Where's your Messiah now, Mel?

3008 days ago


If that is his JOB, he needs to get a new job where he'll be able to sleep at night. Virtually all of the media is bullsh**. We honestly would never know what's accurate and what's not (they are probably doctoring the "newest" report too). We let overselves get brainwashed by the "media" without ever figuring out how to think for ourselves.

3008 days ago


The British didn't carve up the Holy Land. They created Jordan out of Trans-Jordan to have a place to give the Hashimite Dynasty after the Saudi's ran them out of Mecca. The British tried to turn the Palestinian Mandate over to the Palestinians, but were beaten militarily by the Zionists. When the Mandidate expired, Israel declared its independance, and the U. S. instantly recognized it.

Why? We felt then, and do now, that having a "friendly Western" nation in the middle of the chaotic Middle East was to our advantage. Just like we have constantly courted Turkey because it owns the door to Russia's under belly and Greece because it controls the sea access to that door. We are on excellent terms with Oman and the United Arab Emirates, because they partially control the Straits of Hormuz. Iran concerns us because it controls the other side of those straits.

None of this has anything to do with Jew, Arab, Christian, Moslem, whatever, and everything to do with world's strongest nation positioning itself to control strategic world positions. All great nations have always done it, and all great nations always will. It's how great nations stay great nations.

The process is messy from time to time, but far better it be messy in someone elses country than our own. Does that sound cold? It is, and you and I enjoy the benefits of it every day of our lives.

3008 days ago


Is it just me, or does it bother anyone else that this information is getting out?
If your wife or father were pulled over for a DUI because they were looped would you want their behavior( which would be embarrising no doubt) made public? Even those Cops shows try to conceal the identity of the drunk, drugged up morons on that show. I dont know but it seems like a lot of people want to punish Celebs arrogant behavior with a great big. SEE YOUR NOT PERFECT!!!!
Its not their fault that they are the most over paid, over praised people on earth.
Many of them would admit that freely, but bottom line they are human like me and you , and they have problems too. This story will go away when he enters "Re-Hab" And for goodness sakes lets not give any more light to this JEWS ,PALESTINE, HIZBOLLAH Mess. It just encourages the thugs.

3008 days ago


Until last week I would have been outraged by Gibson's Jewish comments. However, I now agree with his characterization of the Jews after seeing Israel attack civilians and engage in Terrorism against the innocent Lebanese people, UN officials, the Red Cross, women, and children. He was speaking the truth, but I don't expect the Jewish-controlled media to play that spin. Its funny that when Muslims attack it is called Terrorism, but when its an Ally of the US it is called the "war on Terror." It is ALL TERRORISM. Way To Go Mel Gibson! Tell it like it is! - An Angry White American

3008 days ago
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