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Britney and K-Fed Do Vegas

7/31/2006 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline hit up Sin City this weekend. K-Fed was in town to shoot the video for new song, "Lose Control."

The video was shot at hot spot Pure in Caesar's Palace. Federline strolled through the club Saturday night minus his famous bride, but flanked by his homies.

Britney was at Tao nightclub and restaurant that night, with her William Morris agent, Jason Trawick. Britney is due with the couple's second child in October.

Spears wasn't K-Fed's only supporter -- Federline had some musical backup from mixing wizard DJ AM, who joined Kevin on stage for the filming of the video.

K-Fed announced the time, date and location of the shoot on his MySpace page to encourage his fans to attend the filming of the music video.


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Britney looked nice as she always does but Kevin looked ugly as he always does...When will this boy get no matter how much he cleans up he will still look ugly?

The thing I think that happened with Britney is she was alone for so long after Justin and tired of feeling so lonely that she picked up the first guy that swung her way and sadly that was Kevin's trashy ass.

For those who do not know Kevin and Shar were about to declare bankruptcy because they were going broke so it makes you think WTF were they brining another kid into this world? Also Kevin never told Britney he had kids or about Shar and Shar and her found out about each other threw a damn magazine.

When Kevin was on tour with Britney he was making calls to Shar claiming he was doing some model thing now WTF her ass would believe that because of how ugly he is I do not know but she did and the reason he even got to meet Britney was because Shar had finally had it with his lazy ass and told him to get a job or get out so he went on a job hunt and ended up bumping into Britney at a club and from their they hit it off.

Another thing you may not know. Kevin met Britney when she was 18 and he had absolutely no interest in her and at the time he was SINGLE but yet did not like her but however a few years later when he's flat ass broke going on two kids now he's interested in her.

I honestly think they will not last. I think Britney is just keeping him because of how many people have been saying they are going to end up apart before they were even married and she is afraid people will think of her as a joke if she dumps him and not to mention how much money she will loose. She has a pre nuptial and the funny thing is she did not even want one but then dum bass Madonna put her two cents in and Britney ended up doing one where Kevin gets all this money..She should of none better to listen to Madonna and made one that said he gets absolutely nothing..

Them two can say they are happy all they want but the fact is Britney is not happy but you know Kevin is swimming in her money and Britney is even paying his got damn child support.
I honestly thing them to are going to split and I think Kevin is full of himself if he thinks he is going to make it as a rapper I mean come on how many white rapers have their been and only Eminem has made it and that's because he is cute and he is funny where Kevin is ugly and everyone has already labeled him as a trashy ass goldigger.

2971 days ago

U Know Who    

K-Fed and DJAM a partnership made in Z-lister heaven.

I'm sorry but BOTH K-Fed and DJAM would still both be washing cars. If it wasn;t for their famous hook ups, they both are still talentless hacks.

DJ-AM should say goodnight as he sucks, maybe K-fed can hook him up a vacuuming job at "The Wash"?

Unfortunately the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 other better DJ's and actual musicians. Will never get the spotlight these two talentless hacks do.


2975 days ago


K-fag has fans?

2975 days ago


I like Brittany, but when did her forehead get so big?

2975 days ago

Puh der Baer    

That's funny, 'cuz I encouraged people on MY MySpace page to go and throw s#*t at him.

2975 days ago

Bill P    

K-Fed ? Music video ? Who in their right mind would want to support that clown? Not for nothing but I've heard better music coming from a clogged storm drain after a 3 year droght ! What was on your mind Britney ?

2975 days ago


damn her forehead IS big

2975 days ago

just sayin'    

He took out a full page ad in the local free weekly, as well. Wonder if it worked?

2975 days ago


It is so funny to see that K-fag guy because he thinks that he is soooo cool. He is such a loser and he just mooches off of his wife. Does he really think that his albulm will do well? Even if he had talent (which he doesnt) it still wouldnt do good. He has NO fan base. He made fun of Justin but Justin is a million time better looking, actually has fans, talent, and his own money.

2975 days ago

the wise old owl    

He is going to need all the help he can get. I don't know of one person who will go out and buy his C.D. But you never know. Look at Paris Hilton. I didn't think anyone would support her music either and they are out there buying it. I guess if you have connections any talentless piece of shit can cut an album. HELL , with the right mixing , back up and the work of genius producer. ANYONE CAN BE MADE TO SOUND DECENT. WHAT A JOKE !!! He better keep holding on to her coat tails. HE IS GOING TO NEED THEM.

2975 days ago


K-fed is noithing but a huge douch bag. He insults the talents of real rappers. He wouldn't even be in the spotlight if he hadn't married his meal ticket. His fans? How many like all 3 of them? This idiot is a pathetic joke.

2975 days ago


The white version of Bobby and Whitney.

2975 days ago


I see where K-Fed released info to his fans on his MySpace page so hey'd go to his video shoot. You mean this clown has fans!?!?! Who in the world would say "I am a K-Fed fan."? WHAT A BAFOON!!!!

2975 days ago


I have to agree, Brit please drop him before you end up like Jacko broke and living at home because he his probley using your money to support his other children by another woman...... Get rid of him before you fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on family you need to talk to her......................Laura

2975 days ago

Patti Hunsinger    

Federline looks like a pimp, I believe he has done nothing but bring Britney down.

2975 days ago
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