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Gibson Eats His Words

7/31/2006 4:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In yet another ironic twist in the Mel Gibson DUI saga, an interview with the actor in 2004 shows Gibson slamming reports of anti-semitism and opening up about his past issues with alcohol abuse.

In the sit-down with Diane Sawyer for "Primetime" Gibson laughs off rumors of anti-semitism saying, "for me it goes against the tenets of my faith to be racist in any point."

The Aussie was also grilled about his issues with alcoholism, which Gibson swore were in the past -- "Sometimes I used to drive inebriated, this is at the height of careless stupidity and when you think of that kind of insanity, I look back at that now and go what was I thinking."


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Movie News- several-hollywood-friends-back-mel - AOL News :

Jodie Foster and Dean Devlin: please give me whatever you are smoking! I need to get high after hearing your drivel. Give me a break. Just because you "like" someone doesn't mean they are not an anti-Semite.

Jodie, you are was not the alcohol that made him do was his HEART.

Dean, Mel hangs out with lots of Jews. He has to. The industry and LA has lots of Jewish people. Hopefully, a lot of them will have the good sense to stay clear of him now.

Several years ago, my cousin, who is not Jewish and a lawyer, was at a Guy/poker party that Mel attended. Again, he was drunk and spewing anti-Semitic remarks, specifically directed toward those in the entertainment industry. There was stunned silence that time, and a "friend" awkwardly got him to leave and gave him a ride.

The man is anti-Semitic. I don't care if it's because his Dad is a nut case. Mel still harbors a pathological hatred of Jews. Ed Asner, Barbra Striesand, and StevenSpielberg....where are you now?

I don't hear your supporting Israel or speaking out against MEL GIBSON.

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2968 days ago

Bruce Sucher    

Gibson has been an anti-semite for years! Stop treating this dog has human. right up there next to Hizbellah!

2974 days ago

Delight Coburn    

Mel is human but this is pretty unforgivable..........

2974 days ago


As tired as I am getting of this story, there is still one thing that continues to bother me.

What Mel is quoted as saying, per TMZ, is that he said "F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

I cannot see anywhere where this could be interpreted as the type of anti-Semitism that most seem to perceive in the comments. He at no point says anything about violence towards Jews, he doesn't say he wants to harm Jews, he doesn't say that Judaism should be banned. He says nothing about killing them, nothing.

There is a type of fanaticism that is growing in the world that is dangerous, and which Jews are not immune to either. Some are now going after Gibson for his statements, calling them a hate crime. Does it mean that this road we are taking will reach the point that if any Jew is criticized for something, he can pursue you for a hate crime?

They “are responsible for all the wars in the world” he says......well, let me tell you, pop over to your neighbor, talk to your friends, or look at the Bush foreign policies and tell me that none of these has blamed Arabs and Muslims and Islam in general or in part for all the wars and problems today....making no distinction between creed or nations as a whole, versus the terrorist organizations.

Many non-Catholics go around saying in the TMZ comments that all Catholics are drunks and all priests are child molesters, call Jesus some girly dude. These are all pretty insulting things to say.

Is there a term for that? Isn’t that going too far? Is it anti-Catholicism? Is that a hate crime? According to those defining anti-Semitism here, it is.

Mel apologizes and is contrite about his actions, but this apology is not readily accepted, and there are calls for him to be banned from Hollywood, shunned, and vilified.

The Jewish State of Israel issues an apology with one hand, calling the killings in Cana regretful, and a mistake, but takes it away with the other hand saying the victims were responsible for their own fate.

As this type of apology from a world leader is acceptable?

It starting to look a lot like the TMZ and some Gibson critics are getting pretty cocky and open in their anti-Catholic remarks. Obviously there is a double standard in the US.

Criticize a Jew, and you are an anti-Semite. Criticize a Christian or Catholic, and you are cute and funny. And morally justified.

2974 days ago


sad. alcoholism is the worst disease ever.

2974 days ago


Mel done speaketh da truth.

2974 days ago


I absolutely agree with Dee. No further comments needed

2974 days ago


The only bad part of this entire story is how ferociously Harvey Levin goes after it. He makes it out like its the story of the century. Get over it dude, keep YOUR hurt feelings cuz of this to yourself. The guy was a little buzzed & pissed off...who the hell hasnt said some bad crap they regret the next day??? You?? I dont think so.

2974 days ago

Paris who?    

Dee- I couldn't have said it better.

2974 days ago


Hey Mel STOP drinking, Stop beating your wife,
STOP molesting and abusing your kids,
and Stop blaming your father. Just a guess.

2974 days ago

diputs hsub    

I am not Jewish. As far as my view toward Israel ... see

But I think the people defending Mr. Gibson and say that "he was under influence and that he must not have meant it" are simply ... not bright.

For those peope I hope they consider this hypothetical situation. Your best friend, in a drunken stupor, confessed that "he slept with your wife and your mother, ... or something outrageous ". The next morning he appologize to you. You will immediately hug him and say "you were drunk, what you said was not true, I forgive you" ... Yeah! Right!

The issue is serious and whether the appology is sincere or just a career-saving script by his lawyers/agents must be considered.

On another note ...

What is sad is that many seems to accept the fact that it is ok for our police to act as protector of the rich and privilleged. It happens. It is wrong. To say that that is fact of life diminishes its negative impact on society. While many law enforcement officers risk their lives doing their job (with some perks, i.e. authority), it is undeniable that they have sometimes been instruments of the oppressing class (see pictures about the 1960's Civil Right movement, and other civil disobediences, ...).

Here is simply another sad example of a society bent on rich-worshipping. But it "ok". "That is just the way things are". I wonder if people all took that same attitude in the 60's, where would our country be today!!!

Let's call it WRONG when it is. Do not sound so helpless against injustice.

I am a little mad that very little outraged has been directed at the police department policy of brown-nosing the upper class.

If you are a minority and if you ever get pulled over, you will "know" how near the "to protect and to serve" motto goes.

2974 days ago


I think Dee's comments are absurd. Yes, saying "f---ing jews & jews are responsible for all the wars" is absolute Anti-Semitisim & a racist statement. Fact. Period. If he said "f---ing catholics & catholics are responsible for all the wars" that too would be a biggoted irrational attack on a group of people. It's just wrong and goes to show who he truly is. People need to quit trying to defend him and justifying or over simplifing his statements. They are very clear, offensive and thoughts of a raging lunatic. The alcohol just took away his filter and let the world see him for who he really is. If he didn't make these comments then he needs to say so. This isn't the kind of thing you say "no comment" too or make a blanket apology and blame your actions on alcohol.

2974 days ago


The word is "tenet" not "tenant"

2974 days ago


Although, I respect and admire Mel Gibbson as an actor and family man, I can not seem to forgive him for him driving drunk. There is no exuse in that. He could have killed or injured an innocent person. If he still has demons when it comes to his acholism, then he should seek help and not be behind the wheel. As for his remarks those where just uncalled for. I am not of the Jewish faith, I am of the Orthodox Christian faith and I practice what I have been taught. But thats just me.
And that is I respect others and their backgrounds, no matter what is going on in the world. After all we all part of the human race.

As I said before, I respect Mr. Gibbson and I hope he gets the help he needs to beat his drinking. Until then, Mr Gibbson, please stay off the streets!

2974 days ago


If Mel said that all the wars in the world were caused by the zulus or that pink circumsized elephants were hovering over the Malibu beach or that vegans never had sex you could blame it on booze. Instead all of his remarks were not based on halucinations but on rationale thought. Was this merely a coincidence?

2974 days ago
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