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Lindsay Parties On -- Ignores Studio "Advice"

7/31/2006 2:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan: Click to watchAfter a scathing letter from the studio head of her latest movie, detailing her lack of professionalism, one would think the starlet would stop, or at least slow, her partying ways. Lindsay proved everyone wrong though by heading to Vegas this weekend and hitting up Hollywood hot spot Hyde last night, continuing her streak of late nights.

Lindsay was spotted in the club's parking lot, hugging and talking with friends. She later drove away in her black Mercedes with an unidentified male in the passenger seat.

Lohan and current flame Harry Morton were in Vegas on Saturday for the final Beacher's Madhouse event at the Hard Rock. Morton was executive producuer of the show which was housed the casino his father once owned.

James G. Robinson, the CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, in a letter to Lohan that was leaked to the press, called her "...discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional" and went on to say that her actions are those of a spoiled child which has caused her co-workers to feel alienated and "has endangered the quality of this picture."

Lindsay's mother, Dina, has since come to her daughter's aid, saying the letter was "too much" and that Lindsay is "a wonderful child."

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bill w    

truthfully, Lindsey is no different than any of us. If she wants to go out and party, so be it. What's it any business of anybody else's if she does. I say live and let live, just leave her the hell alone, along with everyone else. how would you like a perminent camera attach to your a**?

2980 days ago


Yes, I agree that Lindsay is being irresponsible, especially with other people's time and money. I also think she's a little old to have her mother bail her out.

But here's something I just wanted to point out. Lindsay is only 20 years old and most 20 year olds are in college. Do you remember what you were doing in college? That's what I thought. I'm home from school for the summer and Lindsay isn't doing anything I myself am not going. The only difference is that my late nights are published all over magazines and the internet. I do think that she needs to be more serious about her career, and if that means going to work with a killer hangover you have to suck it up and deal with it. But I think people are being a little harsh.

And if they think her behavior is so out of the ordinary they should take a good hard look at what their own 20 year old kids are doing.

2980 days ago


I gotta say, the media has gotten out of hand. So she wants to party, big friggin deal, that's what I did at her age. The problems with the paparazzi is getting old. Obviously where there's a demand to know what celebrities do, it will continue. Personally I say... get a life people and leave them alone.

2980 days ago

bill w    

I think there should be stricter laws concerning the paparazzi, when it comes to endangering the public to get a pic or a scoop, they are going too far. celebs are people too, leave them the hell alone. sure some are out there eating it up, but they don't need to be hounded 24/7

2980 days ago


leave lindsay alone, just let her be we are not in her life so we do not know what could be wrong

2980 days ago


I'm not even sure why LL is so interesting to the media anyway! She isn't a good actress and appears to only get her press just by being "out and about" partying like Paris Hilton! This isn't what I want to hear or see. If they can't contribute to the entertainment field by having an actual "job" (acting, singing) then don't cover them! Some of the younger people get pree solely by doing crazy things. Time to reel the press car back in and just cover the truly worthy people.

2977 days ago


I actually worked with Lindsay on the set of Mean Girls and I can tell you right now... she is the most obnoxious/princessy/spoiled/laziest girl on the planet... I'm not surprised at all that she recieved a complaint letter.

2968 days ago


i wrote a tune BALLADE FOR LINDSAY to give her a lift after those STUPID, IMMATURE COMMENTS by that SPOILED BRAT BRANDON DAVIS who MUST BE A MORON !!!

you can hear this piece at

wen in santa monica

2966 days ago




2961 days ago


the problem is not that she parties, the problem is that she does not show up for work. you can't do a scene with lidsney is she isn;t there. you don't get a refund because you didn't use the equipment. she is an idiot, she does not have the marketing muscle to act the way she does. the moment she become more of a liablity than a assest her ass is done. Richard pryor was one of the biggest addicts ever, but he never ever was late or missed a shoot, which is way he always had a job. hollywood producers will tolerate alot of things, but costing them money is not one of them, and soon enough miss lohan is will learn this lesson.

2945 days ago


Hey, if I have to be at work on Monday morning after a whole weekend of partying I can’t just call in sick. Ill get fired. Maybe Lindsay needs to be fired from a job before she understands that you just can’t skip work. Stupid little girl. Grow up or learn to come to work with a hangover like the rest of the world.

2984 days ago

Sam Doe    

Not only that -- but BRITNEY HAS JUST FIRED HER POOL BOY for talking to her husband too much!

2984 days ago


Party on Ms. Lohan. However your career is not guaranteed. I have two words for you Ms. Lohan: Tara Reid. Need I say more?

Sober up little girl and act like the adult you claim to be.

2984 days ago

Reality Check    

She's crazy! And she isn't a "wonderful child." She is twenty years old. Even Tara Reid says you are supposed to wait until the movie has wrapped before you start partying. Maybe she could give Lohan some advice?

2984 days ago


Maybe Lindsay's mother needs to wake up. She appears more interested in her daughter's fame than her emotional needs. What a mother - Lindsay has been out of control for years. Pretty sad if you ask me. Pretty soon she will be a has been with no money and no more fame.

2984 days ago
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