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BULLETIN: Gibson: "I'm Not an Anti-Semite"

8/1/2006 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonLOS ANGELES (AP) -- Mel Gibson says there's "no excuse" and there should be "no tolerance" for "anyone who thinks or expresses any kind of anti-Semitic remark." In a statement, Gibson says, "I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words that I said to a law enforcement officer the night I was arrested on a D-U-I charge."

Gibson goes on to say, "I am not an anti-Semite. I am not a bigot. Hatred of any kind goes against my faith." He asks to meet with leaders of the Jewish community for what he calls a "one-on-one discussion" to find "the appropriate path for healing."

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Outtanames Dude    

Gibson is obviously belligerant when he's drunk. For those who are that way, there is no telling what outrageous and out of control things they are likely to say or do. Certainly that is not news to anyone here.

That it is a fairly common symptom of alcoholism does not excuse the behavior or remove responsiblity for the consequences. Nor do the behavior and attitudes when drunk necessarily reflect the behavior and attitudes when sober.

There are two possibilities: he hates jews or he doesn't. Personally I could care less either way, and I suspect most other people could care less too. If he does, he's certainly not the only one who feels that way. If he doesn't, it wouldn't be the first time an otherwise non-bigoted person let loose some prejudicial slurs in a moment of anger, frustration, fear, taunting or bragging. Nor is he the only one when drunk who latches on to some top of mind current event and uses it to hurl insults in all directions.

Gibson does appear to be apologetic and willing and able to take responsibility for his actions. What is difficult to determine is his sincerity since a) he portrays roles of cocky, insincere characters very convincingly and b) it is hard to tell when a good actor is acting and when he isn't.

Only Gibson knows for sure and apparently he is somewhat tormented by internal demons.

On balance, if one were to compare the severity of his remarks with the severity of his alcoholism, I think one would have to say that the remarks are probably the lesser of his problems.

2952 days ago


So what if he hates Jews, I'm sure he's not the only one. I just think he was refering his comments to DARREN SHERMAN, a fine example of the people....

2952 days ago

The Taxman    

Ok Mel, you win.
We'll call it "Melibu"
Meet me at Nat n AL's for the ceremony

2952 days ago


Some of his "best friends" are Jews too, right? The industry and the public need to see him for what he is.. a big Jew hater..

2952 days ago


uh...the bbclosangeles article about Mel being arrested on terrorism charges is a hoax. Amusing, but not real. The site has a disclaimer:
Yes, it was a hoax.

Have a good day.
Hello ladies and gentleman. If you reached this page you probably clicked on "about" or "info."
We are the Bullshit Broadcasting Confederation. We are simply a prank site and mean no harm.
If the BBC or Mel Gibson want the article removed it is at their discretion. All they need to do is e-mail us here.
Thank you for showing how easy it is to truly hoax the general public. This is why people need to check their sources.

2952 days ago


don't get me wrong, because I don't think Mel was justified driving with intoxicated. I do think his behavoir is worth punishment (no free pass for celebrity)
However he as do all of us have the right to freedom of speach!! If he truly believes "Jews" get us into wars then why isn't he allowed to say it ???

2952 days ago

d martinez    

Mel is expressing a view of the current world events in which Isreal is now killing hundreds of inocent men, women and children (wonder where they learned that from). Unlike Nazi Germany, we are allowed to decephier, think and have opinions in this country. From what I gather, no definative remarks were made against the Jewish population directly, such as "I hate Jews", or the like, simply, they are responsible for the impending war, which clearly, they are.

2952 days ago

vanessa santana    

Everyone just seriously needs to chill out about this and move on. People forget that celebrities are human beings. They are not role models or politicians, or at least they shouldnt be. They are entertainers.
So please leave Mel Gibson alone already so that he can go make movies and give me something to do on a Friday night.

2952 days ago

Sam Levine    

Now you are sorry Mel after you blurted out your true feelings, you are and always have been anti semetic. That how you were raised and that is what you have become. How Sad for a great actor who I used to enjoy. I will never ever see another Gibson fils again and I will pass this to evryone I can

2952 days ago


Dear Mel,

Karma's a Bitch! Ya shoulda stuck to Braveheart and Diet Cokes.


The American Public

2952 days ago


Let those who are without sin cast the first stone. No one is perfect and I guarantee you that the majority of people who have made a commend/post regarding Mel Gibson has made a racial slur in one form or another. Get real people. No one is perfect. Neither are you people who are making negative comments about him. YOU ARE NOT PERFECT BY ANY MEANS. Clean up your life become perfect and then you have every right to get on here and make judgements towards him.

2952 days ago

Rich Klein    

Alan Nierob, Mr. Gibson's spokesperson, wrote a masterful statement aimed at saving Mr. Gibson's career and reputation.

We'd all like to believe that Mr. Gibson doesn't really hate Jews-- or women or gays -- but sadly, his repeated attacks on Jews and others means he is not "Braveheart" but "Coldheart."

Now he wants to meet with Jewish leaders? He refused their diplomatic attempts to meet with him before releasing "Passion of the Christ".

We all know what alcoholism does to people and their loved ones. But, as many experts have said, it is also truth serum. Saying he is not an anti-Semite is a stretch when so much of what he has done in recent years is to bait Jews. Bigotry, like alcoholism,is a disease. But bigotry hurts so many more people.

2952 days ago


I was taught compassion and tolerance for those who need it most..and sometimes we need to be saved from ourselves. Mel is an alcoholic and says hurtful and stupid things when he's drunk...ever see the show "Cops". Drunken people say and do stupid things constantly. Who knows what's in Mel's heart or head? He made mistakes...who hasn't? He showed his ignorance. Don't condone his behavior, but don't crucify him for it. He who hasn't said or done something stupid or hurtful cast the first stone...No one walks on water. What would the King of the Jews do?

2952 days ago


Alcoholism, like anti-semitism, is against Mel's faith. But he admits he's an alcoholic. So the question is not what his faith teaches, the question is what kind of man he is. Put his anti-semitic comments together with his evasive talk about the Holocaust and The Passion, and we have our answer. If he weren't so involved with Jewish executives in Hollywood for his success, he wouldn't even bother apologizing.

2952 days ago

Candy Carlton    

I think that for anyone to call themselves a Christian and not be able to forgive is the real saddness in our society. For someone to clearly make a mistake whether a celebrity such as Mel Gibson or not and to not be allowed to be forgiven shows how many of us feel we are better than God himself. I for one have always been a supporter of Mel Gibson and I feel that if he has an alchohol problem then that needs to be addressed not because he is a celebrity, but because he is a human being with a problem. Don't be so quick to judge others we are all human and make mistakes, not all of us are in the limelight and have to have our life and the lives of our families out in full focus ( bad or good ). If we do not start being out there to help each other in times of crisis we are in for bigger problems in this world than hurtful comments made in a drunken rage.

2952 days ago
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