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BULLETIN: Gibson: "I'm Not an Anti-Semite"

8/1/2006 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonLOS ANGELES (AP) -- Mel Gibson says there's "no excuse" and there should be "no tolerance" for "anyone who thinks or expresses any kind of anti-Semitic remark." In a statement, Gibson says, "I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words that I said to a law enforcement officer the night I was arrested on a D-U-I charge."

Gibson goes on to say, "I am not an anti-Semite. I am not a bigot. Hatred of any kind goes against my faith." He asks to meet with leaders of the Jewish community for what he calls a "one-on-one discussion" to find "the appropriate path for healing."

Click to read the Gibson's entire statement


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He is not a bad guy..."L'erreur est humaine"...

2941 days ago


Since Redemption is a key requirement of both Judaism and Catholicism (Christianity), I think we can all find it in our hearts to forgive Mr. Gibson. I think these types of comments resonate with different people more than others, because of a shared history. I also think that too much scrutiny of stars like Mr. Gibson is occurring. Yes, they are stars. Yes, they are public figures. And, yes, they are people, too. Just for a minute, put yourselves in their shoes and then ask yourself if you would want to be forgiven if something bad you said was broadcast to the public?

2941 days ago


Why the ONE SIDED reporting? Harvey needs to get a life and stay out Mel's. Why keep this BS going? Sheesh, you would think the man killed someone.

Back off...... I'm sure you're NO saint.

2941 days ago


Classic overkill because it is about Jews. Can you believe the ridiculous media reaction for a comment about a single group? You can be SURE if he made the comment about Irish, Italians or Iraquis it would BLOW OVER in no time. Jews? Oh boy, let the hypocrisy hit the fan. It also obviously shows Jews run much of Hollywood and the media as has long be proven. Even pointing out that fact can get you the dreaded label. You know the routine. I will always support Gibson. His movie, Passion, decried by anti-Christians as anti-Semitic was anything but to say the least. That is the last thing you walk out with after seeing that film.
Meanwhile, Jewish- run Hollywood pushes all sorts of filth constantly. Movies with anti-Christian themes are COMMON, cursing, illicit sex, anti-police, anti morals, criminal rappes are COMMON from Hollywood but "big, bad" Mel is the problem. Spare us. Should these Jewish executives be labeled "anti-Christian" for such garbage put out?
If you are white and Christian you are NEVER supposed to say anything about blacks and Jews. The other way around is not only common but promoted. It is all a lie. Hollywood is a cesspool of lies and covering-up. Jews run Hollywood like an iron fist. And anyone who breaks the Stalinist-like chokehold with comments like Gibson's is treated like Hitler. But if you are a drug abuser, wife-beater, common criminal, rapper thug, gay, etc, all is just dandy. What a lie. Support Mel Gibson.

2941 days ago

Pink Sherbert    

Anyone who has ever had too much to drink has said and done things that are totally out of character and to anyone who says no...never happend to me, then you're a liar!

The real issue here is ...........Why Mel is only now getting arrested on his 3rd stop for DUI? Who the hell cares about what he said...why is he only now getting arrested and seeking treatment? Where in the hell is his wife....or rest of the family? Obviously they have known that he needed treatment before now.

Lastly, if anyone here really thinks Mel's career is "over"...hahahaha! You're too funny!

2941 days ago



2941 days ago

Natalie Rosen    

Mel Gibson comes from an anti-Semitic father and is, in fact,
OBVIOUSLY an anti-Semite himself ! The Passion was nothing more than
a sado-mashchistic attempt which very clearly used that particular
part of the New Testament that has been the rationale used for
centuries to perpetrate harrassment and killing of Jews. It is alive
and well to this very day. The purpose of Gibson's film was to show
the most horrific disgusting torture and murder of a man claimed God
by some and indict the Jews for it. Face reality it's not the
alcohol talking. It's Mel Gibson himself! End of story. I will
NEVER see his movies EVER.

2941 days ago

Debra Arterburn    

God gave us Jesus:) yes, a Jew!
God hates Sin, Plan and simple!
God loves Mankind!
Jesus paid the price for you!
Plan and simple!
He loves everyone, Just hates the sin!
Remember, when you think the world hates you!
Remember, what our Lord Jesus said, If the world
hated me first, It will hate you because you
are not of the world--
Plan and simple!
Jesus loves you!!
Plan and simple!


2941 days ago


The only thing that disappoints me is Mel kissing their asses now.

2941 days ago


While I am disappointed to hear about this I believe to be perfectly fair the following should be considered:

I would like to know exactly what he said.
I would also like to know under what circumstance he said it. (Drunk yes, but circumstances still shed light on what was said and reveals character).
I would like to know why he said it.

All of this information will probably never be provided, however unless further light is shined on this situation I am a bit disappointed but will also attempt to reserve some judgment. I think this is only fair since this is Hollywood, and no bit of news happens without a bit of spin.

2941 days ago

R Crook    

Mel Gibson is an Anti-Semetic asshole, period, plain and simple.
He spoke his real thoughts, and now we know that he has no character or principles either.
As a Roman Catholic, I am deeply offended that he attempted to hide behind his
RC faith. Gibson should be excommunicated from the RC Church, pronto tonto!
Gibson does not speak for the RC Church or Catholics in general.
He can go and heal with the rest of Hollywood's wackie set.

2941 days ago


When your drunk you say things that you mean, but didn't mean to say.

2941 days ago

Pink Sherbert    

Wanted to add one more thing...........

Ephesians 1:7

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace

2941 days ago


Mel Gibson is a person with a very limited brain capacity.
Time for him to leave and not to ever return. Enough is enough.
He used so many people to get waht he wants. Now it's time that he gets what he desrves. JAIL TIME!!!

2941 days ago


Apology accepted, Mel! Though I think some Jews need to get some thicker skin. Not everyone is going to like you and it's rather infantile for some Jews to go nuts just because someone says something bad about them. If I had a hissy fit every time someone said something bad about me I would probably just have to kill myself. Good grief. Get over it people!!!!

2941 days ago
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