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BULLETIN: Gibson: "I'm Not an Anti-Semite"

8/1/2006 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel GibsonLOS ANGELES (AP) -- Mel Gibson says there's "no excuse" and there should be "no tolerance" for "anyone who thinks or expresses any kind of anti-Semitic remark." In a statement, Gibson says, "I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words that I said to a law enforcement officer the night I was arrested on a D-U-I charge."

Gibson goes on to say, "I am not an anti-Semite. I am not a bigot. Hatred of any kind goes against my faith." He asks to meet with leaders of the Jewish community for what he calls a "one-on-one discussion" to find "the appropriate path for healing."

Click to read the Gibson's entire statement


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P. Moore    

Isn't it a shame that SOMEONE finaly has the balls to stand up in the United States and say something about jews and their warmongering ways. Here we sit on our collective asses, while Israel totally DESTROYS a neignboring country .................. over what? Over the fact that some radicals saw fit to kidnap TWO jew soldiers!!!

I remind you, fellow AMERICANS, they're doing all this destruction and killing all of those children and adults, with AMERICAN-MADE tanks, planes, helecoptors and other weapons and technology...............not to mention YOUR tax dollars .........and you're too stupid and too much of a coward to call your senators and represerntatives, to get them to put an end to this crap!!

Maybe instead of being mad at Mr. Mel Gibson, you should be angry at that idiot YOU put into office in Washington, or maybe his cohort Cona-lesbian Rice. Whaddya think???

Think about it you morons - Israel, Iran, iraq, Syria, Afganistan and the rest of the Middle east have been in turmoil for DECADES, all because they don't want their neighbors to practice another RELIGION!!!!!!!!

GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK - WILL YA'?? They ONLY person who was on the right track to prevent all this was killed 5 decades ago - his name was Adolph Hitler!!!!! Whats' further amazing is that the SAME country who is feeding this war, is the SAME one that put Hitler out of business................AN YOU LIVE IN IT!!!!

This country is going to hell in a handbasket and all YOU do-nothing jew sympathizers can see fit to do, is sit there in front of a computer and bitch about Mel Gibson bashing the JEWS???? Po-o-o-r babies, aren't they - those Jews? Well, I think it's about time SOMEONE blew their asses off the face of the Earth. Maybe THEN there would be Peace On Earth, because it sure as hell hasn't been here, with them here!

3003 days ago


I don't believe his statement of apology for one minute! He probably read a prepared statement his handlers wrote for him. The man is a hateful person who should leave the public stage and retire to under some rock and live out his days as the drunken fool he has exposed himself to be. the world would be better off without people like Mel Gibson.

3003 days ago


Amen Nerak!

At first I was sorely disappointed in a man I knew to be one of my favorite movie stars, and a great Catholic. Passion of the Christ was NOT an anti-semitic movie, let it be said, but it's clear now that in words and actions Mel's father has had an effect on his thought process regarding what is right and wrong to say about Jews.

I'm willing to give him a second chance and forgive him here, he's provided me with way too many happy hours and brightened way too many of my days for me to shut him out. I think the Jewish community should allow for the same, and take into the fold someone who I'm sure is deeply sorry for the idiotic comments he has made.

3003 days ago


is driving while under the influence of alcohol and being an anti-semite at the same time a hate crime?

3003 days ago


One other thing to add to my previous comment-if you think this is the end of Mel Gibson in Hollywood you are completely out of your mind. How many people have totally screwed up and been able to recover? Not only recover but make a pile of dough from the mistake. Let's see,how about that lying scum bag of a former president "I never had sex with THAT women" Bill Clinton? Where was the outporing of outrage from the liberals then? We were to believe that Bill Clinton was just a man, a mere human being who is not perfect. Tell me why that same consideration cannot be extended to a man, a mere human being,
named Mel Gibson? And by the way, he at least has the excuse of addiction to explain away is vile behavior. Tell me exactly what was Bill Clinton's excuse? Oh yeah-adultery addiction-I forgot.

3003 days ago


Gregory Chavez- He's a great man? A Good Catholic huh?
Did you see the photos of him having a grand old time with those two girls before the arrest? Do you think he wasn't stepping out on his wife which is not condoned in either the Jewish or Catholic religion or did you think those young ladies were holding Mel up and helping him to his car?

Don't be foolish. As for the Jews killing Jesus-read some history books, and stop listening to Mel Gibson.

3003 days ago


Those questioning the authenticity of the mugshot bring up good points (no # board or height chart, although The Smoking Gun seems to have LOTS of mug shots that don't include these elements -- Nick Nolte's comes to mind...).

In Touch Weekly is supposedly publishing pictures in their next issue that were taken at Moonshadow's restaurant in Malibu with some patrons he supposedly partied with several hours before his DUI. If the picture up on their website with his arms draped around two women and holding a wine bottle is one of those supposed pictures, he is wearing a different colored shirt (solid blue) than the one in the mugshot (pattern).

Why would he change shirts for his mugshot?????? That would be the REAL cover-up.

3003 days ago


Mel Gibson is scum. He should join the taliban and go crawl under a rock with his repulsive father and never come out. He looks like a terrrorist and smells like one too.

3003 days ago

anita clay    

He without sin, cast the first stone. Mel has never said he was a saint. He has never denied he had problems. Just because he made the Passion of the Christ, he is now being held up to a higher standard than us. That is wrong. The movie was a great message, no matter if he made it to make money or to spread the message of Jesus Christ.
How dare people say that we should now shun him and not watch any of his movies. If we should shun any one it should be Ron Howard and Tom Hanks for making a movie suggesting that Jesus Christ was a normal man and not the Son of God. How dare Barbara Walters say she would no longer watch any of Mel Gibson's movies. Boycott Ron Howard and Tom Hanks. Who before took part in a movie to hurt the Christians. They made the movie to make money. No true Christian would be a part of defaming Jesus' name and his Father.
MEL GIBSON IS BUT A MAN, only a man, no more, no less. He made mistake. Haven't you ever said things you didn't mean, either in the heat of a argument or in a drunken state and regretted it afterwards. He admitted his crime. At least he didn't run from it. God Bless You and I hope that you once again gain control of the health.

3003 days ago

Nancy Haber    

Mel Gibson has shown himself to be a disgusting and disgraceful human being. I am glad that he has publicly humiliated himself. Just because he is rich and powerful should not mean that he is above the law.

3003 days ago


Comment # 45, R. Crook you make me laugh!!!! There is no way you are a true or practicing Roman Catholic with your language and your utter lack of compassion for a fellow Catholic. Wow, you embarass me more then Mel did.

3003 days ago

T. Martin    

Who is naive enough to take seriously any comments, good or bad, of someone under the influence? I've seen enough drunks to know that anything is possible, especially under the stressful condition of an arrest. Seems like Mel lost control to the point where he should feel ashamed for his actions, and should attempt to make amends, and he is doing just that. Show the man some respect for his sober apologies!

3003 days ago


ok what is the big fuckin deal. seriously people, he was drunk, said some bad things. shit its really none of our damn business. so leave the man alone

3003 days ago

Truth Seeker    

Looks like the jews did start all our wars. Here's a WWII example.

3003 days ago


P. Moore

The amazing thing about America is that it is a free country and if you don't agree with it there are many available boarders for you to cross to GET OUT! No one is stopping you... step over

3003 days ago
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