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Top Stories for 08/01/06

8/1/2006 9:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has gotten back together with Stavros Niarchos. For now. While they're in St. Tropez.

The lodging heiress -- linked to various squires, including football stud Matt Leinart, this summer -- proclaimed her (sort of) undying love for the Greek shipping heir while she partied the night away yesterday aboard a yacht on the Riviera.

At P. Diddy's Unforgivable 50 party on Monday night in St. Tropez, Paris told People magazine that her man of the moment is Niarchos, whom she broke up with in May after seven months, though she seemed to put some qualification on her declaration of love. "We're together now here," said Hilton. "We love each other."

In fact, says People, Paris got a call from the man himself just as she and a reporter were talking. "Stav, where are you, baby," cooed Paris. "Come on over. I love you." Saturday night, Paris gave Niarchos a pole dance at the VIP Room nightclub and the pair were seen smooching at another St. Tropez hotspot, Les Caves du Roy.

Of course, not all has been kisses and pole-dances for the pair: on our first day online, TMZ caught Stavros crashing Paris' Bentley with the heiress inside, then watched as the pair fled the scene, eventually running into the Los Angeles Police Department, who let them both go without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Lindsay's New Guy a Good Influence?

Lindsay Lohan's pals say that her latest suitor Harry Morton is in fact having a positive influence on her – and that there's a tragic reason for his desire to see Lindsay tone down her hard-charging nightcrawling, according to Rush & Molloy.

Last year, Morton, the heir to the Hard Rock fortune, lost his half-sister, the English-prep-school-girl-turned-bounty-hunter Domino Harvey, when she was found dead in her bathtub at age 35. (Harvey had reportedly battled drug addiction for many years.) And as a result, according to friends, Morton has convinced Lohan to chill, and Lohan has vowed that she's going to eschew drinking altogether. "I've never seen her so happy and healthy," says a pal.

Of course, Lohan and Morton aren't exactly staying away from temples of temptation and debauchery, as they were spotted all of last weekend at nightclubs in Las Vegas and Hollywood.

Cher Auctions Off Her Stuff

If you ever wanted to sleep in Cher's bed, now you can – without her, of course. The superdiva has decided to clean house and redecorate, and you could be the beneficiary – Cher is auctioning off 700 items from her home starting Oct. 3.

The auction, which will be administered by Sotheby's and Julien's Auctions, will include furniture, artwork, jewelry, a 2003 H2 Hummer, and original costumes by Cher's beloved designer Bob Mackie, including one that she wore to the Oscars. While the sale is expected to bring in more than $1 million, a "nice percentage" of the proceeds will benefit the Cher Charitable Foundation, according to the 60-year-old actress-singer.

"When I got off the road, something happened and I said, 'You know, I think it's time to do something different," she says. "But my house is so full that there's no way to do something different unless I totally change it." The auction will travel to London, Chicago, and New York, and the full exhibition will then open at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a slightly less garish wardrobe, you may want to check out Tori Spelling's old rags, which are being auctioned off on eBay.

Heath Ledger To Play Joker In Next Batman

The second installment in the latest Batman franchise -- "The Dark Knight" – will begin production next year, Warner Bros. announced yesterday, and Oscar nominee Heath Ledger has been signed to play Batman's nemesis The Joker, following in the purple footsteps of Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero.

Christian Bale is back as the Caped Crusader and Christopher Nolan will once again direct from a script written by his brother Jonah. The production will start early in 2007, with a projected release date in summer 2008. "Batman Begins" made $205 million in the US and $166 million overseas.

Goodie Bag: K-Fed's Mom Parties With Ron Jeremy While Star Escapes Again and Whoopi Makes Nice On The Radio

Just try and get this disturbing image out of your head: Page Six says that Kevin Federline's mother (Britney's mom-in-law) was spotted partying in a VIP sky box at Tao Las Vegas with porn heavyweight Ron Jeremy after K-Fed and wife Brit dined downstairs. No word on how the two know each other, where they met, why they were hanging out, or what transpired during their interaction – but does it really matter?. . . Star Jones was supposed to hang out at the VH1 Save the Music benefit on Friday night in New York, but she bailed, and speculation in Page Six says that she didn't want to bump into B. Smith or Gayle King, both considered contenders for her old job on "The View". . . Whoopi Goldberg didn't shock or titillate on her first day as host of her new radio show on WKTU in New York, says the New York Daily News. She'll be rolling out nationwide in a couple weeks.

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No Avatar


It seems that fame, celebrity, insane amounts of money, narcissism breed an insurmountable quantity of stupidity. Why would one want to voluntarily do so many ridiculously immature, impulsive, insensitive, discompassionate acts for the very reason: "because I can" ????? How many of these famous people ("stars"; politicians, millionaires, billionaires, etc.) actually do some kind & generous act out of the genuine goodness of their hearts--and that means without publicizing it. There is such a thing as making an anonymous donation or giving an anonymous gift. All seem to crave & seek the attention. So, that being the case-- these "celebrated" individuals really need to stop whining about their privacy being invaded. They thrive on the attention of others and derive much of their fortunes from the public interest. I say, everyone, just CEASE giving these people the attention they seek & they will all go away. Make your own fortunes & resist putting more money in their pockets--save for your rainy day, not theirs. Basic psychology in its raw form. A little extinction just may work so that we can immerse ourselves in topics that possess a significantly greater amount of substance.

2964 days ago

Pussy Cat    

I've heard you speak Paris and you're an Idiot. You talk about how hurtful the comments about you are and then we see you laughing your ugly little *ss off when this Idiot Brandon was making crude comments about Lindsay Lohan.

Point is that Lindsay has talent and a career. What do you have? Daddy's money? What have you ever done except spread your legs? You have no class. You have given the Hilton name a black eye. You've made Hilton Hotels a laughing stock.

You are phony! You are like a bad smell that won't go away. And by the are really ugly. You family has failed in raising you.

2963 days ago


Maybe K. Fed's mom wants in on the "action". Or maybe she just wants some attention, but she would be viewed just like K. Fed is...Dirty and lowdown... Don't get me wrong I like Britney but I think that just being in the vicinity of K. Fed brings her down to his level. RUN BRITNEY RUN!

2968 days ago


Paris darling, you never disappoint us with your tactless behavior and over the top remarks. You are such an easy target, and I do mean easy!!! LOL Every time you step out you wear a big red target on your ass. One minute you are crying because people are so mean and don't know the real you and the next minute you are dry humping some bozo for the cameras. Girl grow up. You made the comment not so long ago that "you don't see any other heiresses doing what you do", well that might be because their families' have a bit more class and would not tolerate that kind of attention seeking behavior from their children. You are a testament to the fact that money does not buy class or sophistication!!! Rock on bitch!!!!

2968 days ago


Yet again...Paris just being Paris...classless, classless, classless. You are a poor excuse for a woman. You give women a bad name. You constantly make a fool of yourself by prancing around being much more promiscuous than any other woman in the Hollywood spotlight yet you crave privacy and understanding from those idiots that call themselves your fans.

Your family should be ashamed for letting you tarnish their name as you do everyday of your life. Your sex tape did not hurt you or your career so it's a shame that you would blame an old boyfriend for your actions. You damage yourself every time you step out and open your mouth. You are a disgusting, over promiscuous STD shack who will soon end up overdosed or suicidal on a sidewalk somewhere.

You're nothing but pure white trash!

2968 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Stavros is back for another round of STDs.

2968 days ago

Diana Baker    

I agree with all that has been said. It is a shame that with all her money she does not see that there is good to be done in the world. Not just finding the next party. If she were my daughter I would dis-own her, the embarrasment would be too great.

2968 days ago


I dont believe Paris Hilton should b idolized in any way. I think she is a hella bad role model for young people like myself but I'm so sick of everyone trashing Paris Hilton.You say that she does all this shit for media attention by acknowlegding it shes getting more attention. I feel sorry for her because she gets judged for doing things that normal kid do all the time. So she made bad porn... and yes i mean BAD porn, and shes not very bright. We still shouldn't harass her
Most of you people shold grow up and get lives. Your acting like a bunch of jealous teenagers.

2968 days ago


To qoute Stewie Griffin:" Is there some tread left on the tires or is it pretty much like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?" Whore.

2968 days ago


Sooooooooooo, Stavros had all his shots updated and is ready for Round 2 (or 3 or 4). Wrap it up and good luck!

Lindsay is a coke whore, she needs rehab, not a "positive influence". I bet she's happy Mel went nuts this weekend; puts "letter-gate" on the back burner.

2968 days ago

blah blah blah    

My thoughts exactly!!


2968 days ago


Why are we still reading about the train wreck that is Paris Hilton? Can't we move on to some more deserving topics? Like...ME!
Go do some volunteer work, Paris, you could use the positive PR.

Gay Guy

2968 days ago


who cares???!!!????!!!

2968 days ago

Ms Kris    

Here we go again........................

LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!!!!!!!!!

Hey Paris, or excuse me, dumb slut.

Did you not recently say you enjoyed being single?

LIAR, LIAR!!!!!!!!!!

2968 days ago

Jen Danswer    

K....Everyone think Paris is the party girl but the truth is that no one so far has complained about her work ethic. I mean the girl knows how to have a balance. Lindsay Lohan, on the other hand, can't really say the same. I used to think Lindsay Lohan would prove to be better than Paris because of her talent. But, instead, Lindsay keeps trying to prove she's the better party girl, not the more talented one. When will she realize that she can NEVER beat Paris as the #1 party girl. Paris is way more rich and even has her own CLUBS. AND BILLIONAIRE BOYFRIENDS. Give it up Lindsay - try to beat Paris as an ACTRESS. STICK TO YOUR STRENGTHS. THE ONLY REASON THAT YOU CAN PARTY IT UP IS BECAUSE YOU MADE GOOD MOVIES. SHEESH.

2968 days ago
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