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Behar to Gibson -- Get a Public Circumcision

8/2/2006 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NEW YORK (AP) -- Comedian Joy Behar is suggesting a painful way for Mel Gibson to show he's sorry.

Behar said on "The View" that Gibson "needs to be welcomed into the Jewish community by a public circumcision."

Behar also said that Gibson's apology won't change him. She adds, "People like him have it in them to just hate."

Earlier this week, Barbara Walters had said she'd never see another Gibson movie again, and says that his second apology hasn't changed her mind.


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Matthew P. Simon    

Come to think of it, I don't think I will ever watch another Barbara Walters interview ever again....she is so mean, trying to get the person she is interviewing to cry for her pathetic ratings. She asks questions like, "What was it like for you when you watched your loved ones eaten by that grizzly bear?" They should answer back, "Well DUH!! How do you think I felt you ratings-hungry lispy bitch! I appreciate that Hassleback goes against the tide with her sometime conservative viewpoints against the other cackling hens on that show......but you know what Babs, you need that producer dude of yours who sits in the audience to referee some of your discussions.....all you women just don't know when to shut up and speak in you know how freaking annoying it is when you babbling old maids are trying to get your two cents in AT THE SAME TIME!???? It really is hard to watch....I can't believe I'm admitting that I OCCASIONALLY watch...more for the guests than the hosts....although Meredith was a classy them legs. Anyway, Babs....if you were smarter, you would invite Mel to your show to explain his actions (for the ratings) rather than being a mean old lady.

2967 days ago


please leave Mel alone. What is the problem here? you all need a chile pill at the view. who cares about babara walters. I love Mel's movie. leave the man alone. He is not a murderer. We all drink beer and alcohol. Is just that some of us are lucky that the police never caught us. Elizabeth and all of the view, please leave this man alone for christ sake and think about the gossip in the circle. Haters. I wonder how Star Jones was getting along with you guys. "women love to gossip". now cut it off. Tell me who is not drinking alcohol from top to bottom. Drug addicts. leave him alone. all of us have dirty closet. talk about your best.

2967 days ago


If Mel is wrong for saying a word against any race not particularly jews. You are not better then him, but worst as YOU ARE SIMPLY AN AWFUL, DISGUSTING, HATEFUL, FULL OF HATRED AND REVENGEFUL WOMAN. At least when he said what he said he was drunk and he was brave enough to admit his wrongdoing and apologized. WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?

2967 days ago

Christopher Brent    

Barbra is a BLOWHARD, and Joy is a Hypocrite.... IN FACT, BOTH are.... they are FAR to sympathetic to those on the left, simply because they THEMSELVES rest far on the left..... as do I...I, too, am in the art industry.... but, the fact that they're willing to stand SO STRONGLY against Mel Gibson, YET will back Ted and Patrick Kennedy, and ask America for "help" for those like Robert Downey Jr. (though the first two are true, the final cannot be confirmed, yet, it can be logically assumed) A Kennedy killed a woman by driving drunk off a bridge, another lied to poliece about drinking after hitting a barricade....

Where was the press then.... why are they both still serving Congress???? Yet Mel has been incessantly harrassed..

I dare you liberals to try it.

2967 days ago


To Frank Ruffolo and Paul Rodriguez

Well said, all my respect to both of you and to what you have said above. God bless you guys. I will join you Frank and Paul in prayers for Mel and his family.

2967 days ago


Don't these broads have anything better to talk about? He drove drunk and made racist commets. He's getting help for both. Old news.

2967 days ago


I wish someone would give Joy's mouth a Public Circumcision. This women is always seeking attention. Is this a sign of menopause?

2967 days ago



2967 days ago



2967 days ago

Thomas Petito    

barbara walters should retire already, old and stale. and if she dosen't want to see another mel gibson movie again. do you think anybody will realy care.

2967 days ago


On the subject of Barbara Walters not accepting Mel's apologies...who cares what BW thinks she is a arrogant, self loving, condecending individual. Can't stand how she treats the other ladies on the show as if they were children. BW I do not watch the show when you are on.....can't stomach it!!!!!

2967 days ago


I find it so scary how the MG supporters will defend, justify, explain away, simplify and twist the truth. We have a 50 year old famous man that drives drunk, makes racist biggotted remarks as well as an insult to a female officer. Threatens the arresting officer with statements like "i'm going to f-ck you. I own Malibu." I mean come on. Who would defend these actions. Only other racist biggotted people would, that's who....I think you should all throw a party for MG. Only make sure you're all on the road at the same time after the party. Problem solved.

2967 days ago


Well , now we know the definition of white trash-Joy and Barbara of The View. Wonder if we should have a public skin stretch for joy and Barbara. Joy has so many chins, which one is real. All this BS about Mel Gibson, he made a mistake. If he apologizes one more time I think I will scream. I am not a bigot and try really hard not to judge other people but the way the Jewish community is acting, I think I might become one because god forbid if we do not stop this madness everytime you pass a Jewish person on the street, what do we do, not look at them, bow before them, maybe even be put to death by a firing squad because you are not Jewish. Give me a break. I think from this point on I will no longer purchase anything associated with the Jewish community, not only that if I happen to see someone I think might be Jewish I will make sure I move to the other side of the street. I would not want to be stoned to death because I might offend one of them by being in their space.

2967 days ago


Yo 69 Betty. You say you aren't a bigot but then you make bigot racist remarks in your posting. That makes you a bigot, beeeatch! A stupid bigot at that. And yes, please move to the other side of the street if you "think" (i quote this because clearly you do not think) you see someone Jewish. If all the stupid people stay to one side of the street the rest of us caring, respectful making the world a better place no matter what our sex, creed or relgion is people will have more room to walk.

2967 days ago


I dont see the point in that hags circumcision remark, this wasnt a sexual insult, it was a religious one..being jewish is not a race either just a religion.

Personally I find what they did to Star Jones more sneaky underhanded and morally wrong then a drunken outburst by Gibson.

Maybe they just dont like strong black women. I think they are racist.

2967 days ago
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