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Behar to Gibson -- Get a Public Circumcision

8/2/2006 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NEW YORK (AP) -- Comedian Joy Behar is suggesting a painful way for Mel Gibson to show he's sorry.

Behar said on "The View" that Gibson "needs to be welcomed into the Jewish community by a public circumcision."

Behar also said that Gibson's apology won't change him. She adds, "People like him have it in them to just hate."

Earlier this week, Barbara Walters had said she'd never see another Gibson movie again, and says that his second apology hasn't changed her mind.


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What Mel said was bad, but not as bad as almost chopping your wife's head off and getting away with it,or leaving some poor woman to drown while you wait 8 hour's for your daddy to solve the problem, and then running for state senate. Mel used only word's. He was drunk and stupid, He's not the first person to get drunk and stupid, nor will he be the last.....Leave the guy alone. He said he was sorry,,,he was drunk. He know's what he did was wrong....Does OJ ? Does Ted Kennedy? Give the guy a break

3012 days ago


shut up ladies of the view..........did anyone of you every make a mistake....leave mel alone...he was drunk and happens

3012 days ago


Joy only showed that she also has it in her to hate. Why is it OK for her, in a sober (assumingly) state to call for Mel to have a public circumcision, but it's not OK for him to say what he said in a drunken stupor? I think the Jews are still mad over the success of The Passion of the Christ.

3012 days ago

Rochelle Rosen    

Such name calling, and pointing fingers. Joy B. is a very comedian who is on the View to give her opinion. The same goes for Elisabeth H. although I don't agree with her conservative ideas, she is there to say what she thinks. Mel Gibson is a homophobic, anti-semite who should be given no more air time. What was Disney thinking when they were going to have him do a mini series on the Holocaust. The board of directors there need to seriously look at who is making decisions. A drunk driver kills an innocent person every few minutes, and for this he should be punished. Shame on his friends for letting him drive drunk, and shame on him. Hire a driver or take a cab if you are going to drink.

3012 days ago



3012 days ago


After his terrible Jesus movie we already knew he hates what else is new?

3012 days ago


1 Joy is not funny.
2 Mel was drunk and could have said anything. Since when do people listen to drunken ramblings anyway? Alcohol is not necessarily a "truth serum".
3 Didn't Elisabeth just pop out a kid recently? Of course she's going to be "pro motherhood." She's on that hormonal high that every woman should give birth and revel in the glories of their motherhood. Her claim to fame was Survivor, right?
4. The View is not ABC Daytime's answer to 60 minutes. Interviewing soap stars and giving advice on bed linens isn't exactly like interviewing Castro or discussing economic indicators.

3012 days ago

Anita Johnson    

"People like him" is definately a bigoted remark, shame on her and her viewmates who put up with her making that remark.

3012 days ago

Pat Hamill    

Would someone please explain to me WHY Star was fired from The View? If she was doing PERSONAL thing not acceptable by the network, why didn't they talk with Star rather than to fire her? If there was no change, firing would be appropriate. Instead she wasn't given a chance. After eight years of faithful service,Star was simpley let go. Nice way to handle things.

3012 days ago


I for one think the women of the view are too opinionated and suffer from bigotry themselves. Who gives them the right to judge others, in the media no less, is that fair to Mel or others having difficulties. Joyce Behar is herself a very big mouth Italian who finds it very easy to gossip and cast judgements. She herself is no saint, in a relationship without marriage and who knows what else. In her heart of hearts what does she really feel when involved with some arrogent or demanding Jews. Lets not leave Ms. Walters out, she is another bi-facial journalist. who I am sure in her life has made mistakes. What is it with all these Jews in not having a forgiving spirit. Why is it so difficult for them to show humility ? I find the real Jews of Israel to be so different from the arrogant Jews spoiled by lifestyle in this country. They know what true suffering is about, and I'll bet you not a one would want to instill suffering on others.

Maybe Mel spilled over with so much work done dealing with Jewish matters. 1st the Passion, now all the research he has done for the forthcoming Holocaust. I can only imagine the toll it must take on a person deeply involved in all the horror. Maybe he got Jew'd out and through drinking it all spilled out, however wrong the expression. A true Jew, God's chosen, (remember not all are chosen), only those who acknowlege God and follow His laws, would not condemn Mel but have mercy and do what they can to bring peace to the situation. How can a man who has brought so much to light regarding Jews in the person of Jesus Christ be totally anti -semitic. Do you honestkly thing God would allow that and all the success if Mel's heart were not right.

I feel strongly that God had called Mel to do the passion, and I feel God knows his heart and will deal with him accordingly. So for goodness sake world have mercy and pray for the man instead of shoveling dirt on his grave. "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" and to the sinner - "go and sin no more".

Is it not easier to help someone than to kick him when he is down.
Rise up and be counted a humanitarium with humility.

One who recognizes suffering

3012 days ago


I think the last thing we should be listening to is a woman who has nothing funny or intelligent to say yes you Joy. We should be thinking about our men and women fighting for the right's that Mel expressed which may be what so many are thinking but would never say!!

3012 days ago


I think people make mistakes, and Mel Gibson is apoligizing for it. Leave him alone. I think he's a good catholic and is trying his best, like the rest of us. Nobody is perfect.

3012 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

1771 days later and Walters defends Weiner to the death on the View. It's okay because he said he's sorry. Apology accepted... nice one Barb! I don't think Mel has been doing anything appropriate with underage girls, on twitter or elsewhere.

I wonder why Barbara supports the Weiner?

1240 days ago
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