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Hasselbeck Gets Hot

And a Hug From Babwa

8/2/2006 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Token "View" conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn't hide her emotions when it comes to the controversy surrounding the morning-after pill.

A heated discussion about the subject erupted on Wednesday's show when Barbara Walters brought up that the controversial morning-after pill was being considered for approval for over-the-counter distribution by the FDA. Hasselbeck became visibly upset while arguing the topic and was scolded by Walters for being overly emotional. The agitated Elisabeth proceeded to tear up her cards as the show went to a commercial break.

When the show returned from the break, Elisabeth was being soothed by a motherly Walters as they sat in each other's laps. Barbara told Elisabeth that she respected her opinions and Elisabeth responded that she respected Barbara' s opinion as well--and that she loved being on the show. They then hugged and kissed.

While the display was slightly disturbing--to say the least--we're just happy this sort of mothering wasn't around when Star was on the show.


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Can someone please cancel this show, already? This show was so awkward and weird to watch. It needs to be renamed the" Liberal PMS View". Let's all take the pill and see what happens, since all rapes are incestuous in nature and end in pregnancy.

2980 days ago


Keep it up Elisabeth!! You are the only one left on the show that has any sort of VALUES!!! Everyone else is allowed their freak-outs and Elisabeth can hardly get a word in with all of their liberal views. Elisabeth, you are better than this show, get out soon.

2980 days ago

barbara sifontes    

PLEASE do us a favor and fire Elisabeth as soon as possible. She is so very inappropriate...and attempted to take on Barbara for her right wing beliefs. I know that there is alot of turmoil at the present but quite honestly I would rather see the show consist of various temp hosts than this ridiculous uneducated rhetoric. Thanks. B

2980 days ago

Betty White    

Elizabeth 's addition to the Vew lost me as a viewer. She is far more impressed with herself than I could ever be with her. I enjoy many of the guests that are on the show but can't tolerate her mindless whinning.

2980 days ago


Why is it: JOY can BLAB her BIG FAT ,OPINIONATED MOUTH, Babs can blab hers, but when ELISABETH opens her mouth.... she is told she is overreacting and needs consoled??? I dont think so. JOY is such a rude gal. ELISABETH shouldnt put up with their treating her like an airhead.... I hope the show goes off the air. After what they did to STAR, who wants to be "seen" in their company? not I. AND i never was an ELISABETH fan, but the facts are the facts. period.

2980 days ago

shirley abbe    

While the show can be enjoyable -- Elizabeth irks me with her narrow views. First of all, she should be so grateful that an average looking person, with no talent 'chops' was selected to be on a national tv show -- she really doesn't have the qualifications, and then to think that we want to hear what she has to say about various topics. When would I want to listen to her? And I always notice how the guests sort of pass her by, and make a b-line to Joy and Barbara.
I do think Barbara made two mistakes -- she got rid of one, now if she just has the gumption to get rid of this one ... and make a better selection. Rosy will be great on the show.

2980 days ago


#15 I am so sick of all the right wing wack jobs claiming Christianity as their own. This is so typical. Tell me why you think no one else on the show is a Christian? I do not agree with Elisabeth at all, however, I am a Christian. I just think she is on the wrong show. She belongs on Fox News. She would be right at home. No tolerance for any other opinions on that network. But then again, who would she interrupt and yell at? I would have liked to have heard more from Lisa Loeb, too bad. Why can't she(Elisabeth) communicate her opinions in a professional manner?

2980 days ago


I appreciate Elisabeth's view. No one ever seems to get upset when the other cohosts strongly argue their opinions. Why is it that media attention is only given when it has to do with Christian morals and beliefs? Unfortunately people cannot be trusted with this drug. It would end up getting abused or not taken the "day-after" and would end up causing disaster to the mother and unborn child. That's reality.

2980 days ago


To Firefli (#3): you are talking about maybe making "exceptions" in case of raping. But the present debate about the "Plan B" or "morning after" pill is about selling it over the counter to everybody, even minors, no questions asked. The inevitable result of that would be to remove whatever little restraining is left about having recreational" sex, no matter the consequences. And to Pieta (# 10), sorry, but I think you are misinformed, that pill IS an ABORTION pill. If it were not, there wouldn't be any debate at all about its use.

2980 days ago


Oh I get it! When the perky little "conservative" actually speaks her mind it's considered "explosive" and the spin doctors label her as "agitated" and "emotional". Talk about a bunch of sexist crap! And this all coming from an open-minded point of "view"!

2980 days ago


By reprimanding Elisabeth, Barbara attempted to allow all views to be heard and is just preparing Elisabeth for what promises to be her "Rosie" future. Elizabeth has no consideration, tolerance or courtesy in hearing other peoples opinions once she starts going off on one of her sermons. The program is, afterall, the VIEW.... not Elisabeth's Homily. We are interested in her opinion, but it is just that, her opinion, not our life lesson.

It is important that all views are heard, and likewise essential that Elisabeth develop some level of forbearance and compassion without denigrating the character of those viewers who may be dealing with those real life challenges and/or decisions. Last week during another outburst regarding Christie Brinkleys husband and his escapades, she said her husband would be dead if he cheated on her.....yet on several previous occasions she has made light of going into the bathroom to "brush her teeth" for an hour until he fell asleep when she knew he was interested in having sex.... And so the games begin.... If I were her husband, I would be pretty upset that she had so little respect for me and our passive aggressive...why not just say, "I'm so tired tonight, honey, how about in the morning" ..... keep it up, he might even find someone who doesn't take so long to brush her teeth.

Although Star was booted for whatever the reasons, she was ALWAYS the one host who knew how to shift gears from her personal opinion or BS on controversial issues and provide an intelligent, educated, factual exchange without damning people to fire and brimstone. Love Joy, when things get too heated, she just makes jokes.....Good for her, laughter is the best medicine...

2980 days ago


Even though I don't agree with Elisabeths opinion I don't think the issue was her opinion....I think it was her reaction. Lisa, Joy and Barbara were all passionate about their arguments but handled them in a respected passionate view...Elisabeth is always mean spirited about her views and flys off the handle. I thought Lisa did a very good job on the show and was very classy. She would be a real asset to the show and would be a nice addition along with Rosie....What Barbara was trying to say is that it is OK to beg to differ just do it with grace and dignity...Barbara needs to lead by example which she does most of the time...

2980 days ago


Elizabeth is annoying! I can't stand listening to her whiningabout things! The View needs a strong woman like Lisa Ling back on the show!

2980 days ago


I see no problem with the morning after pill. There's no guarantee that you're even ovulating at that present time so the pill may very well be useless. That's not to say for you to go around popping these pills just because ya boy didn't want to use protection. You can always say no or stop and go buy some freakin condoms. I do feel that they should always be available to rape victims, no matter what the pharmacist's personal feelings. Just my opinion. (Yeah I kinda went off on a tangent, but............ whatever..........)

2980 days ago


I have had enough of Elisabeth. She is never part of a conversation, she takes it over. I am tired of her ranting, raving, and making everyone have to hear only her opinion. Personally, I like the multidimensional aspect to the show, but she is just going way, way too far as of late. In the previous posts it has been said that she never has any info to back up her rants/raves...that is 100% true! She just blabs and blabs and blabs and carries on..........I've had enough of her 'Right Wing or No way' attitude. I turned the TV off the other day after that tirade of hers.

2980 days ago
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