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Hasselbeck Gets Hot

And a Hug From Babwa

8/2/2006 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Token "View" conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn't hide her emotions when it comes to the controversy surrounding the morning-after pill.

A heated discussion about the subject erupted on Wednesday's show when Barbara Walters brought up that the controversial morning-after pill was being considered for approval for over-the-counter distribution by the FDA. Hasselbeck became visibly upset while arguing the topic and was scolded by Walters for being overly emotional. The agitated Elisabeth proceeded to tear up her cards as the show went to a commercial break.

When the show returned from the break, Elisabeth was being soothed by a motherly Walters as they sat in each other's laps. Barbara told Elisabeth that she respected her opinions and Elisabeth responded that she respected Barbara' s opinion as well--and that she loved being on the show. They then hugged and kissed.

While the display was slightly disturbing--to say the least--we're just happy this sort of mothering wasn't around when Star was on the show.


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I also saw her tirade and couldn't believe that she was back the next day. Wasn't she paying attention to what happened with Star a couple of week's back? It's going to be interesting to see what happens to E's contract next year now that she's gone up against the almighty Walters!

2946 days ago


Christian Morals?
Please! What a bunch of nutcases!
Your Priests rape kids, you have no tolerance for other views, and if your 14 year old daughter got pregnant, you'd take her to a safe place where she could get a safe, medical abortion. I've seen it happen hundreds if not thousands of times.
Stand behind what you say because most of you don't.
If you don't want abortion..don't get one. (even though you get them for your daughters)
Just let it stay in a safe situation for those that choose to get them.

2946 days ago


Elisabeth ... Elisabeth...just cause you want KIDS, does not mean that the rest of us do. She was an idiot on TV, throwing that stupid tantrum, and I'd love to see her adopt these unwanted kids. GET RID OF HER!!! She adds nothing to the show, and never has. Women deserve these FDA approval's, not this religious rantings from a idiot.

2946 days ago

Dorothy Fickey    

I did not see this particular show. I think Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air and does a great job. She will be a great balance to Rosie.

2946 days ago

Dorothy Fickey    

I did not see this particular show. I think Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air and does a great job. She will be a great balance to Rosie.

2946 days ago

Kristine Hyde    

I missed this episope but I am soooo sick of holier than thou Elizabeth, wish she'd go back on survivor then get voted off the island.....

2946 days ago

Circus Tim    

ELIZABETH IS AN ENDANGERED SPECIES, AN ABC EMPLOYEE WHO IS NOT A LIBERAL. Not quite a conservative, more a moderate. When Rosie comes in their will be no balance , especially in an election year. Elizabeth is a moderate' bring in Ann Coultor for a balance to the leftest wack jobs

2946 days ago


That is what America is all about people!!! Different "Views" from different kinds of people. Like Star, Joy, even Barbara were never emotional in their reporting or on air persona?? NOT!!! We've seen all sides of these ladies. Let them be who they are.....the many voices of all kinds of women. RS

2946 days ago


I predict Elisabeth will be forced to leave the show shortly after Rosie joins. Rosie won't put up with anyone not indoctrinated into the religion of Liberalism. Why can't Elisabeth voice her opinions even if a few people don't agree? Isn't this America? Don't be so intolerant!!! Good for you Elisabeth!!!!!

2946 days ago

Master Evil    

David, I'm with you on this. I can't call her anything because 1) I Don't know her and 2) I couldn't care for her opnion, but people need to learn to respect other peoples beliefs. I swear to God, it's people who go around calling other people stupid for having a different set of opnions that are the main reason Israel and Palistine still can't get along and the rest of the world is fighting.

People, Learn to Respect, We can't go on Continue Fighting....

Especially when we got MothaF***ing Snakes on a Plane!!

j/k But seriously...on with the issue

2946 days ago


Read the statistics. Only 1% of rape victims get pregnant.

2946 days ago


Pllllllleeeeeassse, get that sanctimonious do-gooder, contridictional Republican plant off the air.............Please, Barbara, see the signs and dump her with her bousom friend, Star..........anyone would be better than the screaching, b----h, Elizabeth that I call the "Princess". She thinks every opinion she has is the ONLY position and she thinks everyone should stand up and kiss her behind. She called Star after Star left the show because the only friend she had on the View was Star. Enough is enough..........let her go.

2946 days ago


I say "right on, Elisabeth!" It's about time someone has the courage to speak the truth on television!

2946 days ago


For all these righteous folks: I would like to see how many of them would give birth to a child that was the result of such a violent act of rape. Many of them say they will, but they would be the first to find an abortion clinic and have an abortion. So, don't try and tell someone else to have a rapist's child, unless your crazy ass has had one.

2946 days ago


Why aren't Elizabeth's views tolerated? Where is the fairness in that? Well, that's the liberal media for you.

2946 days ago
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