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Hasselbeck Gets Hot

And a Hug From Babwa

8/2/2006 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Token "View" conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn't hide her emotions when it comes to the controversy surrounding the morning-after pill.

A heated discussion about the subject erupted on Wednesday's show when Barbara Walters brought up that the controversial morning-after pill was being considered for approval for over-the-counter distribution by the FDA. Hasselbeck became visibly upset while arguing the topic and was scolded by Walters for being overly emotional. The agitated Elisabeth proceeded to tear up her cards as the show went to a commercial break.

When the show returned from the break, Elisabeth was being soothed by a motherly Walters as they sat in each other's laps. Barbara told Elisabeth that she respected her opinions and Elisabeth responded that she respected Barbara' s opinion as well--and that she loved being on the show. They then hugged and kissed.

While the display was slightly disturbing--to say the least--we're just happy this sort of mothering wasn't around when Star was on the show.


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ABC should do us all a favor and cancel this worthless waste of time.

3001 days ago


Does no one understand that this "morning after pill" is not an abortion pill???? This pill does nothing more than the "birth control pill" does, which I am sure that Elizabeth takes to avoid having a baby every year. This pill simply keeps the egg from being does nothing to a fertilized egg........but, Elizabeth is too wrapped up with the Republican "Right to LIfe" flag that her ears and what ever mind she has .......are closed.

3001 days ago


There are a lot people brought into this world via rape. God bless the moms that have the courage and the selflessness to do that.

3001 days ago


You people kill me. What percentage of women who will take this pill do you think are trying to avoid a "rape" baby? That is such an old an tired argument that rarely if ever happens. It is just used to try and put people in an unwinnable argument. Abortion has always been about convenience, it has never been about rape, or saving the life of the mother, but that sure makes it sound noble.

3001 days ago


adoption for a rape vicitm?????
not only do they get raped, but you expect them to relive it for the next nine months and then give her baby away?? how hard do you think that is for a person. i know a woman this has happened to and she regretted it the whole nine months and to this day wondering about her child. nobody should have to deal with that. and i thought this was about the morning after pill. IT IS NOT ABORTION!! which i believe is still a wowan's own choice, but that's another subject.

3001 days ago

Elisa Clark    

Remember, we are watching "The View". There probably aren't too many people who will agree with all the women on this show pertaining to any subject. Different opinions aren't bad, they are just different. We all have different opinions just like they do. As long as they treat their guests with respect, I'll keep watching. I like the differences between Joy and Elisabeth. I probably tend to agree with Elisabeth more than Joy, but if I had a chance to spend time with one of them, it would be Joy. She's so interesting.

3001 days ago


You need to shut-up Mark, unless you have been there or knows of someone who has. You have no stats of the number of women who are impregnated as the result of rape or incest. SO, BUT OUT!

3001 days ago


I think Elisabeth was much too emotional in her disposition about the issue of the morning after pill. And I am so fed up with this show and its drama. I hate the format and can't stand the Babwa either. The format is just tiring to have to listen too and I frankly did not like what happened to Star either. The format is just not enjoyable and quite frankly difficult to follow- with everyone voicing their own opinion. Its like a spin off of Oprah -- where everyone around the table end up talking about themselves instead of who is being interviewed; and frankly I feel sorry for those being interviewed having to look to the left and now right -- who's going to ask the next rehearsed question; who's going to read from the cue card next. Elisabeth is not grounded nor does she have enough experience on the show - and when Rosie comes on, well - I am never going to watch it then -- talk about morals and values....come on....did they just get her to round out the fact that this show is the joke of the century?

3001 days ago

Saundra Fredericks    

Shame on the ones that are so mean spirirted, Elizabeth has a right to her own view and the best part of the view is that each and every person on there has a view. By the way a christian shows compassion and isn't judgemental. Alot of the people that sent comments sound very jealous of Elizabeth and you will probably get quite a surprise, I heard that Rosie is a kind and fair person, they will do just fine. By the way tequila Addict and Rockstar 2006 , where did you get those stupid names!! Linda your just plain mean

3001 days ago


I applaud Elisabeth for her courage to stand up and speak for the children who can't. For the ignorant person who commented that there was no "gray-area" with Elisabeth --- what is gray about the murder of an innocent. Killing due to rape is not a solution to a terrible violation of a woman either - she dies twice that way. And to compare her to Hitler is beyond irrational - how do you compare someone who defends life with someone with total disregard for a creation of God?

3001 days ago


Elisabeth is a dud. I've never liked her since she got on the show.... they should have never lost the person she replaced (Lucy) as SHE was a valuable and intelligent participant on the view. ...

3001 days ago


I watched the show, and was very put off by her screechy tone to her opinion and the lack of composure. Yes, she has passion, but I was totoally bothered by her tone and her voice grates on me. Her Christian beliefs are fine by me, but I don't tune into the view to hear Elizabeth's rants. How in the hell she's going to be able to sit through the likes of Rosie and her liberal, pro-choice, view points will result in her down-fall, I predict. I can't imagine Elizabeth condones Rosie's sexual orientation. Can you imagine the two of them on the same panel? Rosie will eat her alive and spit her out in for a mid-day snack.

I think her days are numbered...

3001 days ago


I honestly do not believe the "Morning after Pill" was created with the sole purpose to prevent you from getting pregnant if you were raped. That seems to be the most prominent arguement for it being available. There are different alternatives. Today's society is such a 'casual sex' society that this type of thing has sadly been developed. There are people out there who want to have sex and not have a baby. There are women (and girls) who use abortion as a form of birth control. Sadly these things are true. Am I for the 'morning after pill'? NO! I do think that it showed Elizabeth has being strong of mind and heart that she voiced her opinion on the subject. She is the mother of a baby GIRL! She doesn't want her daughter growing up in a world where those kinds of things are sitting next to the darn tampons at the local discount store. I have sons and I don't want that either. And for the record, because I know someone will blast me...I have been a rape victim. I still would have not taken a pill to void my body of a child that the lord gave me. The child did nothing. And no I did not get pregnant as a result of it. May the lord watch over us all.

3001 days ago


Thank you Elisabeth for you heartfelt opinion. I agree with you whole heartedly! Not very often do we get a chance to publicly express how we feel. Thanks for speaking for all of us.


3001 days ago


It It really doesn't matter what happens from "The View". Once Rosie is on the show, it will only be a matter of time before the show gets cancelled.

3001 days ago
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