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Hasselbeck Gets Hot

And a Hug From Babwa

8/2/2006 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Token "View" conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn't hide her emotions when it comes to the controversy surrounding the morning-after pill.

A heated discussion about the subject erupted on Wednesday's show when Barbara Walters brought up that the controversial morning-after pill was being considered for approval for over-the-counter distribution by the FDA. Hasselbeck became visibly upset while arguing the topic and was scolded by Walters for being overly emotional. The agitated Elisabeth proceeded to tear up her cards as the show went to a commercial break.

When the show returned from the break, Elisabeth was being soothed by a motherly Walters as they sat in each other's laps. Barbara told Elisabeth that she respected her opinions and Elisabeth responded that she respected Barbara' s opinion as well--and that she loved being on the show. They then hugged and kissed.

While the display was slightly disturbing--to say the least--we're just happy this sort of mothering wasn't around when Star was on the show.


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Karen Heather    


too bad Elisabeth's mother didnt have the morning after pill

2951 days ago


I love The View. I do think Elizabeth was out of control. If she leaves the show, or is fired, (her comment, that she loves being on the show is very telling of the slippery slope she is on) I hope it's after Rosie comes because I want to see those two in action!

2951 days ago


What is truly scary is the perpetuation and obstinate belief in wrong information despite the truth. The morning after pill prevents conception. That's it. It's not murder. Life never existed at that point. I am horrified Ms. Hasselbeck equates the prevention of conception (I take it she thinks conception is a spontaneous event) with leaving a child on the street. If she wasn't so earnest, it would be laughable. Lord, please save us from montrously stupid, vehement people, with no clue, and no desire to get one.

2951 days ago


Everyone has a right to their views, but you can't step on others toes with lead boots....tone it down. Say what you have to say then move on and remember to listen to others opinions. They way she came across was too "crazy woman with pms" and it makes it hard to listen to her view when you're plugging your ears. If she wants to be heard she needs to work on her delivery.

2951 days ago


#10, Pieta

She is the most correct of all the comments. Everybody needs to educate themselves and stop being so ignorant. The "morning after pill" is not like "giving birth to a baby and leaving it on the street side", as Elisabeth so eloquently puts it. NOT!

Why don't we worry about wars going on and innocent people being killed instead of whether a women, whom just had sex, decides to take a pill so her egg will not be fertalized! Give me a break! And, for God's sake, get educated before you open up one's mouth and make a complete ass out of yourself!

2951 days ago


I can't believe there are this many people who take the time to form an opinion on anything that happens on the View! What a bunch of Losers! I feel like a loser just writing this!

2951 days ago


Okay - so it's called THE VIEW!! Just like Walters said yesterday. I find it interesting that no one on this opinion poll discussed that Joy blast her views and personally attacks the character of those who disagree with her, not just their opinion. Too bad those who diss Elizabeth obviously were not raised with moral integrity. Oh yeah, #10, the morning after pill is very much an abortifacient if the egg has been fertilized. NOTHING prevents an egg from traveling down the tube!!! What does the pill do, stand there with a stop sign? Please. Yes, it can prevent conception - the beginning of life - if taken within 24 hours. After that time an abortion may be taking place. Rape victims do not require this. At the hospital they receive an inj. that starts their menstruation wacking out cycle making conception impossible. If someone can't get to the hospital within 48 hrs of being raped then how can they get to drug store. Money you ask? Indigent care at hospital for rape victims is MUCH cheaper than buying something over the counter where medicaid won't touch it.

2951 days ago


Elisabeth is a big baby herself. I'm with Lisa...Elisabeth's views are sooo extreme. Not everyone can be married to a pro-athlete. The morning-after pill is a safe alternative for some women who cannot raise a child for whatever reason.

2951 days ago


God Bless Elizabeth. It's good to see someone stand up for what's right! It's not the babies fault.

2951 days ago


People, people, people.
Give me a freaking break!
Elizabeth is the only sane host on the show.
Joy is the most annoying,smart assed, left wing nut liberal who
is obnoxious and full of crap.
Barbara Wa-Wa is getting to be a senile, frustrated old bag who
has too big an ego.
Elizabeth, you go girl!!!

2951 days ago


I saw the segment. All I have to say is that she had her opinion and stated it. I didn't even see where it was out of hand. For all of you who seem to think she was outrageous, you need to get out of your trailer parks, stop watching so much TV and get a life.

Thank You

2951 days ago


i have been emailing barbara on a regular basis about terminating this girl.
i dislike her so much, it hurts to listen when she speaks. i lower the volume until she is done talking. if they think she represents her peers, they are nuts.

2951 days ago
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