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Forget the Middle East, What's Up With Mel?

8/2/2006 3:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President George Bush was asked if Mel Gibson "should be forgiven" at a press event at the White House today. The event marked the last press briefing in the West Wing before the press room was to be remodeled.

Bush was asked the question -- by whom, we can't tell -- and got a good laugh out of it. It seems the question may have come from newsman Sam Donaldson, to which Bush replied, "Is that Sam Donaldson? Forget it, you're a has-been. We don't have to answer has-been's questions."

The press corps got quite a kick out of the whole thing.


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Bars and Clubs sell liquor, that's how they make their money, and when they get a major star, and he makes a boo boo. They sell more liquor because they (the star) gave them free adverstisment. Stop sitting in judgement.

3002 days ago


I don't understand you people who say ' He made a mistake, he was drunk, let it go." It doesn't matter how drunk I get, I would never say racial slurs (repeatedly). Are you the same people who think cheating while using alcohol as an excuse is acceptable?

It doesn't matter how drunk, or how 'in the moment' you are, you wouldn't say something without believing it at least a tiny bit.

3002 days ago

teri ercolani    

All this gossip and the media makes me sick. I am sure many of us have uttered undesireable words while under the influence. What gives us the right to put him down and judge him? That only makes us hypocrites . So chill out and let Mr. Gibson make amends so we all can go on with our lives including him!

3000 days ago


Mel actually believes the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world? What the f--k is he talking about? Any one who pays attention to the news (especially of late) would know it ain't the Jews who are causing problems!! Hey Mel, when you recover from your drunken stuper, please get a real life!

2995 days ago

Mavis M. Bagley    

If Mr. Gibson isn't anti-semetic, why did he act so violently towards this particular group - he could have said, the f--- Hesballah, the f---Hamas, terrorists, Hispanics and his obvious hatred of the English (watch his movies, Braveheart and The Patriot in which he bends history to his point of view, much as he did in The Passion of Christ". ) I feel bad for him in a way for he was raised by a father who spewed verbal vitrol against the Jews in his formative years. Remember the song in "South Pacific" - "you've got to be taught to hate" and he certainly was!!!!

3003 days ago

Adrian Sanderson    

Thanks guys! that was really funny;

Have a great day!

3003 days ago

Sam Doe    

Both George and Mel need better PR people to help them out, and they should make the rounds of local talk shows, such as The Windy Moore Show.

3003 days ago

get a life people    

adrian why shouldn't he be forgiven....there are people that murder and rape and they don't get this much attention....he said he was sorry and is getting help......CAN WE MOVE ON NOW!!!!!!

3003 days ago

jesslyn james    

Oh come on for cryin' out loud. The guy was drunk, drove like a maniac, got busted, spewed naughty words. Let "he is without sin cast the first stone". Should he be forgiven? Everyone needs to be forgiven....

I think we should all offer up a prayer of thanks he didn't kill or injure anyone, including himself.

Anti-Semitism.....I used to live in Jerusalem. You want anti-semitism? Go there. Jew against jew....I know. I saw it with my own eyes. They especially hate the "rich Jews of America".

3003 days ago


The President of the United States didn't answer the question because he probably laughed his butt off when he heard what Mel said., ....not because it was ridiculous, but because he agrees and couldn't believe someone finally said it. If Bush felt Gibson's words were off the mark, he'd have said it without hesitation. He would have taken the politically correct route. George W. is a Christian and can not and will not stand behind what Israel and American Jews are doing.
Bye, Bye Israel! comes Syria.
I can't wait for Mel's next movie.

3003 days ago


I was very proud of George Bush not getting involved with the Mel situation. It would of been so easy for him to have said his opinion. I loved how he handle this. It is so easy for someone to say yes or no. Poor Mel made a mistake, as we all have in one time of our lives. He's apolojized again and again. I hope he realizes people that hate him now probably didn't like him to begin with. There is enough love from the rest of us Mel. Good luck to you and I hope you and your family are getting the support you need at a time like this.

3003 days ago


Its over and done with. Mel made a mistake so what move on he said he was sorry. Go Mel I am still a fan!!!!!!

3003 days ago

ricardo hilton    

The only real "mistake" that Mel made last weekend was driving his car drunk. Fortunately he didn't kill anyone while driving inebriated. But in reality, all of those idiotic and hateful things he said against Jewish people weren’t really a "mistake". (I’m sure that Mel thinks it was a mistake). On the contrary, it was simply a TRUE REFLECTION of his character and what he believes. He can apologize "until the cows come home" but it won't change what is now painfully obvious to all: he hates Jews and probably always has. His being drunk is not an excuse. It simply enabled him to say what he really felt.

In all likelihood, his hate is based upon his belief that Jews were responsible for the death of Christ. He certainly did his best to make sure that message was communicated in his film “The Passion of the Christ”. He put as much anti Semitic messaging into that movie as he could legitimately get away with under the guise of “artistic interpretation” while simultaneously claiming that he wasn’t anti Semitic. Yeah, right. If you might recall, Jewish leaders labeled the film as a vehicle that would help stir the pot of anti Semitism worldwide. Well now we all know that he does indeed hate Jews. It's too bad he didn't show his true colors for the world to see prior to the release of "The Passion of the Christ”.

Contrition is great. So is forgiveness. But he is going to need to pay a price to be truly forgiven. Part of that price needs to include a direct repudiation to his holocaust denier father’s beliefs without his resorting to an “I won’t discuss my father” excuse. All bets are off. Mel is an incredibly high profile bigot who has been exposed. Thank God.

3003 days ago

paul kline    

The press should be so thankful to Mel Gibson for giving them something to hide their shame on how they are reporting the war in Lebanon and the grave errors of the Bush presidency
By the way I am jewish and I really don't care he did apologize so end of story

3003 days ago


If you guys were smart you would have realized that that was so unbelievably FAKE!!!!
First of all, why would anyone in the political press core ask such a dumb question to the president of the United States with all that happened this morning with Israel, least of all Sam Donaldson? And second of all, the man in the backround with the glasses... his name is Marlin Fitzwater and he was the press secratary to Bush Sr. and has long been retired from the White House. There would be no reason for him to be at that press conference.
So before you believe what this website tells you (I know it is easy I have been glued to the stories myself) remember that they are just that - STORIES. Some may be true, but check the facts.

3003 days ago
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