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Britney Like You've Never Seen Her

8/5/2006 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out this clip from YouTube -- It's Britney like you've never seen her! And yes -- that's Kevin playing cameraman.

Britney Spears stoned

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No Avatar


what is she? stoned? ugh

2965 days ago


I am AMAZED out how so many idiots are posting.

I mean come on if she was drunk then yes people do act like that if they are drunk and did anyone even bother to think maybe she was just acting and being stupid for fun?

Missy your a f*cking moron. Britney was not pregnant when that was taped you dumb f*ck.

Just leave the poor gal alone. It is not a crime to act stupid or get drunk and I am sure every last one of you idiots have acted dumb several times.

2965 days ago

Joe Briggs    

C'mon folks, clearly these 2 are just goofing off....& I like it. I wish me & my wife would do this more often myself. Live a little.

2965 days ago


this is obviously an old recording. looks like she is stoned on something but its not my business or yours!
we need to leave her alone

2965 days ago


No kidding leeann - Kevin actually comes off as the smarter of the 2 - I actually feel sorry for *him* now! DAMN YOU BRITNEY - you made me feel sorry for Kevin!!!

2965 days ago


Hey hillbilly.....Jethro and Ellie May are calling you!!

2965 days ago


I don't think she sounds dumb in this i just think she is probably drunk or something but i do think it is funny how you guys act like this never and never will happen to you and try to make all yourselves look perfect

does that mean i'm dumb for thinking that shes not dumb i don't know but i do know y'all always try to be mean to her whenever you get the chance.....oh well y'all just retarted.

2965 days ago


this is old, in her skinny days. She's a silly sad little girl and she said it she feels like she missed out and I believe her

2965 days ago


K-fed is using her to make himself look better.What kind of hubby would allow that to be viewed by the public.I doubt that she was ever like this when she was with J.Timb.

2965 days ago


This is scary. Is it for real? I can't believe she would act like this with a camera on her. I hope it's not real, but if it is, I do think we have the second Whitney in the making. She doesn't even see it coming.

2965 days ago


Ok here's the many of you have been drunk (which she probably was) and said some things that were beyond moronic? Yes, I believe she is a bit trashy, but to say that she has an IQ of a rock and that it's ridiculous that they are parents is just too much. I am not a huge fan of hers, but give her a break.........this was before they were parents and they were obviously just goofing around. This was very entertaining, though. I had to watch it a couple times to appreciate it all.

2965 days ago


Britney's soul is reaching out to her... People with that kind of influence can use it to heal our world... Hopefully, she'll heal herself, and then inpact our world... Best of luck in your awakening B!

2965 days ago


OK, I'm NOT a Britney fan, but give the poor girl a break. This is OBVIOUSLY an old video; she's not pregnant here. And, she's obviously smoked a doobie or two. How the heck did this video get out, anyway? I think her skank hubby, Kev, did the deed. What an a-hole he is. Such a bottom-feeder. I'm sure he "leaked" it to the press. MOFO. Lose him, Britney!

2965 days ago


whats so wrong with how shes acting? ...i think she is jus on some silly shit purposefully....she leads a busy life and is just in buggout mode chillaxin at home...all u haters jus chill...i aint even a fan but shit...yall be on peoples sac.

2965 days ago


Bet ya 10 bux she is high as a pretty little kite!!!

2965 days ago
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