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Hilton Closes Shop for a Year

8/7/2006 5:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonThe sun will not rise. The Earth will no longer rotate around the sun. Paris Hilton will not have sex for one year.

The hotel heiress tells British GQ she isn't the kind of girl people think she is. "People think I sleep with everyone, but I'm not like that," Hilton told the magazine. "Kissing is all I do."

She goes on to say in the September issue that she is swearing off sex: "I'm not having sex for a year. I've decided ... I'll kiss, but nothing else."

Paris also tells the mag that she has only slept with two men in her life. We've seen video evidence of who one of the guys was -- no word on who bachelor number two is.


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3001 days ago


Yeah Right!!! This is really news.

3001 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I could really care less what goes on in her bedroom. If she gets put down for her frequency of partners it's probably more about using any excuse to put her down rather then actually believing she's slutty. If people don't get on her for sleeping around - something else will just rise up to take it's place. Paris needs to wake up and realize that she over saturated the media and people are getting sick of her face and saying "that's hot". Instead of staying away from sex for a year she should stay out of the media for a year. But I guess she'd rather disprove being a whore then a media whore.

3001 days ago


Good for her if she actually means it. But its probably just a publicity stunt---like the rest of her "life".

3001 days ago


Paris HIlton is a lying slut! Are you f*cking kidding me with this shit??? TMZ WHY do we allow this girl to be famous!!?? I IMPLORE you to stop photographing this stupid twat! My ASS she has only had sex with two people!!!! Let's see there is Jason Shaw, Eddie Furlong, Chad Michael Murray, Paris Latsis, Nick Carter, Matt Leinert, Brian Urlacher, Stavros Niarchos etc. and these are just the ones I can think of. The list goes on and on. She is such a lying whore.

3001 days ago

the wise old owl    

YEAH RIGHT !! She's probably had sex 7 times since she gave that review. She should have kept that information to herself and just done it. Now she's alerted the public and the 1st time she breaks her VOW of celibacy THE PUBLIC WILL BE ALL OVER HER, like white on rice. WHAT A DUMMY !!!

3001 days ago


As Stewie from "Family Guy" would ask, is there any tread left on the tires or is it like throwing a hotdog down a hallway?

3001 days ago


If she really is so concerned about how the media portrays her as a slut, then she should stay away from the media. That stupid comment is only going to feed the paris fire even more. Claiming to have had only 2 sexual partners at her age is ridiculous! The average 20 year old has had five partners! Prancing around like a whore, dressing like a whore, a new boy toy every night just like a does she really expect people to see her as innocent??

This is a joke....Im so tired of Paris. She's a media whore, we all feed into it by reading stupid articles like this too.

What oh what can be done to stop this madness????

3001 days ago


Paris Hilton can still 'give head'?

3001 days ago


Yes, and Mother Theresa, Elvis, Tupac & Biggie are still alive too.

If you believe that.... You too may be a Scientologist!

3001 days ago


Paris Hilton can still give Head?

3001 days ago


No one will be able to get into the Hilton for a year? Usually it's first cum first serve.

3001 days ago


She is so full of shit.........does anyone actually believe this crap?

3001 days ago


Let us not forget her "iconic blonde" comment. What a hag. I wouldn't f@#k her with my dogs dick!!!! Yuk.

3001 days ago
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