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Who Would Mug Screech?

8/8/2006 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dustin DiamondDustin Diamond, aka Screech from the TV show "Saved by the Bell," told a Tampa radio station that a woman tried to mug him in his hotel in Omaha, Neb. on Monday.

Diamond was on the MJ Morning Show on 93.3W FLZ this morning, detailing the incident. According to his account, a woman, armed with mace, busted into his hotel room and apparently was only able get away with some PSP games, which Diamond was able to recover.

He was able, at one point, to pin the woman with the hotel door, prompting her to cry out rape.

Click below to listen to Dustin's account (may take a moment to load).


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This is not the 1st police report that Screech has filed lately. He filed one about kids being too loud. Another about someone yelling "I'm gonna kick your ass" as they drove past. Yet another one about a supposed death threat. He is a media-whore just trying to get back his career. Here's a tip, Screech. Try acting lessons or selling your soul to Satan in exchange for an iota of talent!

2959 days ago


Dont you peeps know ???/ This was a ho who was in his room.... when he didnt pay she got his games made him cry little gay guy cant even make up a good story

2959 days ago


That poor man! Can't he catch a break?! Good thing he's okay and his stuff was recovered.

2959 days ago


Mohamad...your comments about Jews was totally uncalled for and I demand that your post be removed for hate speech. Just because Mel Gibson did it doesn't make it right. JERK!

2959 days ago


He's totally lying . He's so stumbling on his story it's not even funny .Its called desperate.

2959 days ago

Drew In Jax    

In review of the foreclosure, Dustin's issue wasn't one of ability to pay, his problems is the land contract (lease to own) was up, his home shot up in value and the prior owner/note holder saw a home worth more if he took it back than if he reworked the terms and sold it at the original price. Part of his problem in trying to qualify for a conventional loan to buy out the property is generally for a stated income/no doc loan you need 2 years proof of self-employment. He indicated he incorporated himself only in the last 18 months - this could pose a problem in qualifying. I applaud him on his efforts. Go Screech!

2959 days ago


Screech got hotter now that he grew up that bitch just wished he was raping her women are crazy bitches and yea im a woman but fuck sometimes men make us psycHOS

2959 days ago


It's sad to see all the unkind attitudes directed toward a guy who has done absolutely nothing to all of the people in here. I can't understand the dopes in here who say they are tired of reading about celebrities, what the hell are you doing going to I hope this guy is able to turn his life around cause I know he saved me from hours of boredom growig up back when the show was called "Good Morning Ms. Bliss".

2959 days ago


aww how sad hopefully he is ok..

2959 days ago


There are other people in the world that are much worse off than Dustin Diamond. Why should we care about saving his house.
He is an adult, he should go out and get a job. Dustin, enough already, no one cares.

2959 days ago


Dustin aka Screech I'm so sorry to hear about this. I think that this is horrible. I mean first your house and now this. I feel so bad for you. Of course there are other things going on everywhere in the world but when your trying to make ends meet for a home and then this happens. It sometimes makes you ask why me. I love you as an actor and a person and I hope that you have better luck soon.

2959 days ago


First of all how did the girl get in the room in the first place unless you was thinking about doing something to her... You ain't famious any more (you weren't ever any good at acting, now that the IRS took your house and you couldn't sell enough shirts to help you out , why don't you go out and get a job at Mc Donalds or something there always hireing and would probably even hire you ...

2959 days ago



Whats up with your jewish insults? If you want to get dirty about things do you know what your name implies? How about everyone go after you for the fact that your name is mohamed?

2959 days ago


Oh enough with the pity party already.... The guy lost his child. Yes, it's a tragedy. He's not the only one on the planet who has been through rough times. He needs to shut up, suck it up, and get a job. Support himself through working like the rest of us have to. Give me a break. I'm not about to feel sorry for this fool because he's just that; a FOOL.

2959 days ago


Mohamed...what's with the constant "Jew" remarks?? What does that have to do with it? Well, with a name like Mohamed...I guess I understand. Jew or not, give the guy a break...

2959 days ago
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