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Top Stories for 08/13/06

8/13/2006 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Suri's been spotted again-this time by an actual civilian! The heretofore mysterious daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes put in an appearance at a recent birthday party at a Los Angeles roller-skating rink for Jaden Smith, the son of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, according to a report this morning.

The anonymous source says that Suri "is a beautiful baby. She had no deformities that I could see! She has a gorgeous head full of dark, curly hair, and she resembles both parents, though she looks slightly more like Tom."

Of course, this sighting, reported by Ben Widdicombe in his Gatecrasher column, raises more questions than it answers. For one, where are the photographs? Every kid's birthday party has a cameraman (or several), and it seems odd that absolutely no photos have surfaced from the party. Second, why is there only one source that claims to have seen Suri? Presumably there were more people at the party. In any case, the public's curiosity about the baby shows no sign of being satisfied. Perhaps the rumored sale of Suri's baby photos to Vanity Fair will quell all the rumors once and for all.

Another Shoe Drops For Star Jones

Star Jones didn't just ruffle feathers at "The View"-the folks at Payless shoes apparently aren't too thrilled with her either. Payless, which had hired Star as a spokesperson for their low-priced shoes, has ended its relationship with the erstwhile daytime diva. To add insult to injury, Page Six reports that Star wasn't even invited to a big party the company is holding next week. Furthermore, Payless has decided to stop using spokespeople at all. Star hasn't gotten a job since leaving The View, and one burning question is just where the former lawyer and prosecutor will manage to work next. Not at a Payless, most likely.

Dr. Phil's Son Weds Playboy Model

Dr. Phil's son Jay McGraw married his girlfriend, former Playboy model Erica Dahm, in a Beverly Hills ceremony on Saturday, according to McGraw, 26, met Dahm, 28, on the set of the reality TV show "Renovate My Family," which McGraw hosted and which featured Dahm and her two sisters (the three are triplets) as construction experts. While Dr. Phil may be the better-known self-help guru in the family, his son is quietly inching in on his dad's terrain with self-help books for teenagers like "Daily Life Strategies for Teens" and "The Ultimate Weight-Loss Solution for Teens."

Kevin Costner Returns to the Field of Dreams

Kevin Costner mingled with 5,000 fans at a screening of his 1989 movie "Field of Dreams," which was shown in the Iowa cornfield where the movie was shot, as part of a 10-city tour sponsored by Netflix of movie screenings in the locations where they were filmed. "Field of Dreams" tells the story of a man who hears a voice telling him to build a baseball diamond in his cornfield, and each year thousands of fans of the movie make pilgrimages to the farm where the movie was filmed. This time around, fans were also treated to a 75-minute set by Costner and his band before the movie started.

Unabomber's Possessions to be Auctioned

It ain't Paris Hilton's stuff, but it'll attract plenty of interest no doubt. Ted Kaczynski, the reclusive Montana man who made headlines as the feared Unabomber, must sell his remaining possessions at auction to help pay a $15 million in restitution to his victims, a judge has ruled. Those possessions include some 22,000 pages of rantings, hand tools, knives, bows and arrows, clothing, typewriters, his degrees from the University of Michigan, and around 200 books-including "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" and "Axiomatization of the Theory of Relativity." We're sure those will be hot commodities.

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No Avatar

The Jerz    

Tom's intense scientology beliefs have recently done little to help his career. He was once the hot guy from Tom Gun and now everyone thinks just thinks he's sterile and totally crazy.

2972 days ago

The Jerz    

Tom Cruise's intense scientology beleifs have done little help his career recently. He used to be the hot guy from Top Gun. Now everyone thinks he's sterile and completely crazy.

2972 days ago


Why don't they just hold a press conference or something and let the world see the baby? Keeping Suri in hiding is only drawing more attention to her.

2972 days ago


I can't think of anybody who really gives a diddley crap what the kid looks like. The best thing to do is not even buy the magazine that has her picture in it. Besides, everybody knows that if your'e really interested in seeing her picture, all you have to do is click on TMZ and you'll get it for free.

2972 days ago


wow did you guys see the picture of Suri on X17online?!? She lives!!!

2972 days ago


how much did this "civilian" get paid

2972 days ago

Stacey in CT    

This is what Tom wants.... he wants attention, no one cares about him anymore! He's become too weird, there's something wrong with that guy.... I feel bad for Suri having to have to grow up in that environment.

2972 days ago


Not a fan of Tom Cruise but always a fan of privacy. To hint that the child may have deformaties or is an "alien" is hurtful and ridiculous. My guess is that they'd like to keep her "under wraps" because she is just an infant who did not ask to be famous or photographed wildly by nosey paps and "nothing-else-to-bitch-about-bloggers". Would you want your newborn to deal with all of this hoopla?

2971 days ago


Poor Star, nobody seems to want her anymore. Is she really that bad?

2971 days ago


Is the person who saw Suri one of the folks speaking for Isaac Hayes? Was this a quiet kid's birthday party at a roller rink?

2971 days ago


Remember when M. Jackson was on top of his game, everyone loved him, had the number one album and then went freaking crazy, self-imploded and got all weird?! Ditto for Tom. He's desperate and the more he reaches, the crazier he gets. No doubt he's using both Katie AND Suri as the pawns in his futile attempts to once again grasp the respect and admiration that have now escaped him. He's going to experience the "Ben Affleck/J Lo Backlash". Overexposer = Please Just Go The Hell Away!!!!

2971 days ago

DustinDiamond does the DirtySanchez    

Besides it being an "unnamed source" (*rolls eyes*), when they finally DO make this baby public, they world will just think the mutated baby Katie gave birth to using Tom's fucked-up sperm died and they held a private funeral and adopted a "perfect" (by Tom's standards) to take REAL baby Suri's (Baby Suri 1?) place. Either that or the cleft pallet was repaired using surgery and successfully healed. Either that or the HUGE strawberry-coloured birthmark all over her face. I'm still thinking she has Down Syndrome or something. Knowing Tom's ASSHOLE ego, that would be a reeeeeeeeeeeeal killer to him.

2971 days ago

Chris X    

Hurray for whoever said don't buy the magazine with Sorri's picture in it. If they are interested in her privacy, then that will be respecting it. And if it for for Crazy Cruise to get attention, well that will send a pretty good message too. You know, if he had just shown the normal pictures like all parents do - that is all the star parents, this would all be over and he would have to be looking for some new way to get attention. Eveyone is still interested in Brad and Angelina Gwen Stephanie, Ben and Jen, even god forbid Brit and the K-Mess. So just showing the baby means nothing - he just wants the attention.

2971 days ago


Why should they hold a press conf. That is a stupid comment.

They are allowed their privacy.

2971 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

The "littleMonster" behaved amasinly well. At one point the use of a leash was nessarry for the protection of the other party goers.

Suri'Scientolo'genus preformed an escape act, and vanished into the rafters. Only to be coaxed down by the promise of bird eggs. Apparently her favorite Food.

Are the Smith's Scientologist?? Whats the Diff?

2971 days ago
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