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Clooney Rides the (Green) Lightning

8/17/2006 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney certainly puts his money where his mouth is, especially when it comes to cars.
George Clooney
The acclaimed actor, director and activist has purchased not just one, but two electric vehicles. However, these vehicles aren't the stereotypical electric cars with wimpy power and body stylings better suited for a George Foreman grill. These are high performance rides.

The first vehicle in Clooney's stable is the Tango, which looks more like a filing cabinet than a legal street machine. In fact, the car is five inches narrower than the Honda Goldwing motorcycle. But size doesn't seem to matter when it zooms from 0-60 mph in four seconds. To put that kind of blazing speed into perspective, the new Corvette Z06 does 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The two-seat vehicle can also lane-split per California law. Maybe the ability to weave in and out of LA traffic will keep the star from being late to movie shoots.
Tesla Raodster
Now, if Clooney would rather blaze the streets in an environmentally safe ride that looks more like a Lotus or Porsche, well, he has that covered as well with the electric-powered Tesla Roadster. The hot convertible is the brainchild of Tesla Motors, based in Northern California. (The company has no discernible connection to the Sacramento-based hard rock legends.) Even though the $100,000 cars won't be available until mid-2007, the inaugural 100 vehicles have already sold out. Just like the Tango, the Tesla Roadster goes from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds.

Even though Clooney isn't the only "green" actor out there -- Leonardo DiCaprio famously drives a Prius -- he's certainly the fastest.

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Alex Rogers    

I drive a truck

2957 days ago


Clooney is getting old.

2957 days ago


This guy is the direct result of his parents taking too many hits of acid in the 60s. Just another 60s love child born to Hollywood waste.

2957 days ago


Too bad he flies in private jets that burn more fuel and produce more greenhouse gases than driving hundreds of gas or deisel vehicle at one time. I guess you got to make up for it somewhere or at least seem too. I wonder if those cars were given to him.

2957 days ago


This is why the world is going to hell in a handbasket. When someone does actually act in a way to reduce dependence on foreign oil or make their tiny little impact on global warming, the mongers of fear and hatred criticize them for doing it. I hope you all drown when the ice caps melt.

2957 days ago


Jealous much!!! If you people would put even 1% of your crappy attitudes toward something worthwhile then this world would be forever changed for the better. Get a grip!

2956 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Allans post is funny. He's so pro environment that he hopes we die if we dont agree with him. Sweet! Freedom of speech, just agree with me.

Me thinks that the reason we are going to hell in a basket is more complicated than pointing fingers at people on a celebrity gossip forum. But taking your anger out on strangers is fun. I do it all the time too.

2956 days ago


Good for George... that Tesla is sweet. I drive a more affordable Prius... It averages 50 mpg in city traffic, can go as fast as necessary with plenty of acceleration on the highway, is a comfortable 5 passenger mid-size, emits extremely low Co2 and I swear I can hear it snear at Hummers.

2956 days ago

coco puff    

I don't know about performance, what do you do, raise a sail? I bet it doesn't handle to good either, looks like good wind would take it out. Where does he drive it besides the golf course?

2956 days ago


Only one serious problem.
His ego won't fit in that cute little thing!

2956 days ago


To each his own.

2956 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Wait while I smell my fart. Ahhh thats nice. I'm just doing my part - Super !

2956 days ago


#7 and #14 made me laught! LOL!

2956 days ago

coco puff    

That's an electric car. How could that be, there's no room for the batteries. What does it come with, a 10 mile extension cord? At least you can wash it with a Dixie cup of water!!!

2956 days ago


as its parked next to his limo and hummer

2956 days ago
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