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Clooney Rides the (Green) Lightning

8/17/2006 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney certainly puts his money where his mouth is, especially when it comes to cars.
George Clooney
The acclaimed actor, director and activist has purchased not just one, but two electric vehicles. However, these vehicles aren't the stereotypical electric cars with wimpy power and body stylings better suited for a George Foreman grill. These are high performance rides.

The first vehicle in Clooney's stable is the Tango, which looks more like a filing cabinet than a legal street machine. In fact, the car is five inches narrower than the Honda Goldwing motorcycle. But size doesn't seem to matter when it zooms from 0-60 mph in four seconds. To put that kind of blazing speed into perspective, the new Corvette Z06 does 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The two-seat vehicle can also lane-split per California law. Maybe the ability to weave in and out of LA traffic will keep the star from being late to movie shoots.
Tesla Raodster
Now, if Clooney would rather blaze the streets in an environmentally safe ride that looks more like a Lotus or Porsche, well, he has that covered as well with the electric-powered Tesla Roadster. The hot convertible is the brainchild of Tesla Motors, based in Northern California. (The company has no discernible connection to the Sacramento-based hard rock legends.) Even though the $100,000 cars won't be available until mid-2007, the inaugural 100 vehicles have already sold out. Just like the Tango, the Tesla Roadster goes from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds.

Even though Clooney isn't the only "green" actor out there -- Leonardo DiCaprio famously drives a Prius -- he's certainly the fastest.

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Alex Rogers    

Im so cool and forward thinking. I cant believe I french kissed Al Gore last night.

2998 days ago

coco puff    

So, that's what they did with old phone booths!!!

2998 days ago


If Clooney is really concerned about saving energy, what about all the homes he owns, including the multi-roomed palace in Lake Como? Don't tell me he isn't running all those homes on one lightbulb and a few little fans!

2998 days ago

Alex Rogers    

Someday we will all drive tangos.

2998 days ago

U Know Who    

George Clooney AKA - Hamster Meat , cause that is what he will look like after his first wreck into an Excursion/Hummer/Suburban. Sheet even Haley Joes Saturn would smash that lil thing.

Safety much? Screw the humans save the plants and animals? Get a clue Liberalism is a mental disorder.

We have warmed the planet a total of ONE DEGREE! O'dear were all gonna die!

Umpteen million years ago when the ICE AGE that killed the Dino's thawed...was that our fault also? By Al Gore's and Clooneys math the earth should ALL still be covered in ice, since nothing else can cause it to melt except a man, to be exact a white Christian male had to have been.

Sheesh Al Gores science or LACK THEREOF is so fundamentally flawed the man should be publicly tarred and feathered.

U Know Who

2997 days ago

Alex Rogers    

We need to stop ManBearPig. I'm cereal here people, coem on.

2997 days ago


i would be more impressed with his energy savings if he hung his clothes up to dry and got rid of a few houses. Home and business heating account for of greenhouse gasses while automobiles are 20%.

So not impressed with the stars and their little hybrids.

2997 days ago


Why doesn't someone also ask this old fart why all of his sewage from his villa in Italy pours directly into Lake Como? Why he and his obnoxious friends buzz at all hours with their nasty noise polluting jetskis...

Until I see them walking, taking the bus, flying around in a commercial plane and living in a house that burns as much electricity as a small city they should shut their big fat pieholes.

2997 days ago

U Know Who    

Man Made "Greenhouse Gases" account for only ONE PERCENT of the gases in our atmosphere.

A single eruption the size of the Mt. St. Helens eruption released more of these gases, dust and ash into the atmosphere than all such emissions by human activity since the beginning of recorded human history. And there are numerous volcanic eruptions yearly.

Oceans are also a major source of greenhouse gases, as are trees. Trees and other vegetation take in carbon dioxide and give off other gases such as methane, a major greenhouse gas, and a host of other compounds, many of which are also greenhouse gases. Decaying vegetation also gives off methane gas.

In conclusion

The total elimination of human generated greenhouse gases would have a negligible effect on Earth’s global mean atmospheric temperatures. The elimination of all U.S. gasoline powered vehicles would reduce worldwide “greenhouse” emissions by less than 0.2%.” What would be the effect on global mean temperatures?


Damned Scare Mongers - The Gore people are globalists they just want to scare the bajeeezus out of everyone. To eventually justify their "Global Agenda".

U Know Who

2997 days ago


this car is nothing new its been over in europe since 1996, and its great for places like'll never fly in the states, it constantly has to monitored for its
electrical charge...people here won't put up with that....and the thing just doesn't cut it when it comes to driving it on the hwy over here, there yes its a great there are far too many open spaces and far too many V8's and 18-wheelers, it would kill you instantly if it even got dinged.......

2997 days ago

brain in a blonde    

U know who is AWESOME!! Come on already, did anyone look at the specs on the little tango? it has a motor the size of a push mower in the 18,000 model. How sexy is it to flaunt you're "GREEN" with 2 $100K+ golf carts. Stay out of the news dude. You give hot celebs a bad name.

2997 days ago

Johnny B    

Tooo many of you already had my thoughts exactly... #8!! Who the fuck does this guy think he's kidding??? His mansion on Lake Como... private jetting all over the world.... GIVE ME A BREAK!! This guy wants us to live in a shack and drive a Yaris while he's enjoying burning the oil drum at both ends. What a piece of shit!

2997 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

LMAO #13!!! Yep, if he had kids, I bet they'd drop acid. Does he run around with his thumb pointed up saying "thaaaannnkkkkksssss" to everyone who tells him how "super" it is that he's driving an "environmentally friendly" car?

No, really, I'm cereal? I'm REALLY cereal!!!

2997 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

You might "poo poo" my Toyota 4-Runner, but at least I know my family and I can't be crushed by a kid on a skateboard while riding in it!

Besides, it's great for hauling mint sauce...which goes GREAT with spotted owl! MUUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

2997 days ago


I wouldn't care if,,, George was driving a car, a bus, flying a plane, or pulling his lil' red
wagon ! Baby, you could drive me anywhere ... Roslyn

2997 days ago
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