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Matt Lauer's Pricey Pecs

8/23/2006 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The shirtless bod of Matt Lauer fetches more money than Matthew McConaughey's rippling chest -- or so the bidding on a recent photo of the "Today" show host proves.

The paparazzi pic of a well-sculpted Lauer frolicking in the surf with daughter Romy in Southampton, NY last Thursday triggered a bidding war. A day later, the first day the snap hit the market, the price was $5,000.

TMZ is also told that several tabloids that will hit stands Thursday scooped up the picture for a princely sum -- so you'll be able to see Lauer in all his glory at the supermarket checkout line tomorrow. By contrast, that other Matt -- McConaughey -- is legendary for his Adonis-like physique, but his shirtless pics typically fetch between $250-$1000 apiece.

Call it a lesson in scarcity value: It's not that the 36-year-old McConaughey is any less of a physical specimen, but when was the last time you saw a picture of Matt M. with his shirt actually on?

Man Takes Star House Tour and Sees Suri Cruise

TMZ has spoken to a man who got a lot more than he bargained for when he passed Tom Cruise's home on a Hollywood star tour.

The story was first told Tuesday on the popular "Kevin & Bean Show" on KROQ radio in Los Angeles. The man, who asked to be identified only as "Frank," and his girlfriend were visiting the girlfriend's brother and sister-in-law, who live two blocks from Cruise's Beverly Hills home, and went on a tour of some local stars' homes.

When they arrived at Cruise's house, one of them hit the buzzer on the security gate, and -- much to their surprise -- it opened. They started driving up the driveway and the first security guard waved them on. They couldn't turn around because the driveway was narrow, so they drove to the top.

When they arrived at the top, they saw Katie Holmes holding -- you guessed it -- the ever-elusive Suri in her arms. Frank says he and his companions were no more than five feet from the baby, and he tells TMZ that Suri looked "cute" and "perfectly normal." Tom, meanwhile, was playing with two older children (presumably Isabella, 13, and Conor, 11) on the lawn. Cruise may have a little more time on his hands to frolic in the grass with his kids, now that he no longer works for Paramount Pictures.

At that point, security descended on the stunned quartet in the car. The guards demanded to see copies of their driver's licenses, but Frank's sister-in-law refused to show identification and demanded the right to leave. Frank says that security held them for about half an hour, and then ordered them to leave the compound.

Beyoncé's $3 Million Wedding Blow-Out

As befits a true superdiva, Beyoncé Knowles is sparing no expense when it comes to her late November wedding to rap mogul Jay-Z.

According to a report in this week's Star (via MSNBC), Beyoncé will be shelling out $3 million for the bash on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, a tenth of which -- $300,000 – will be allotted for the Beluga caviar alone. Other culinary delights wil include lobster and Italian truffles, and Dom Perignon – not, of course, Cristal, which her fiancé has boycotted.

The Star also reports that Beyoncé's famously micromanaging father Matthew initially was skeptical about the nuptials, but has now given the union his blessing. What's more, Oprah and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan will be among the guests.

Superman Not Gay, But En-gay-ged

Brandon Routh – the latest actor to don Superman's cape and tights – has gotten engaged to his girlfriend, actress Courtney Ford, according to People. The couple have been dating for three years, and will be co-starring in an upcoming short film called "Denial." The wedding will be sometime next fall. Routh proposed to Ford earlier this month with a ring from L.A. jeweler Neil Lane.

Routh and Ford met well before Brandon was a big movie star – in fact, he was tending bar at the rehearsal dinner for Courtney's brother's wedding when they were first introduced. Routh has referred to Ford as his personal kryptonite. "She brings me to my knees," he has said.

Goodie Bag: Gisele is Loaded, Lance & Reichen Don't Like Their Digs, Beck Gets Fans to Design Album Cover, and Willie Nelson Stumps for Wild Horses

Gisele Bundchen, supermodel and ex-squeeze of Leonardo DiCaprio, is filthy rich in addition to being remarkably beautiful. According to Forbes, she made $30 million last year, making her the highest-paid walking mannequin in the business. And she's already signed three more big deals with international clients ... It was good enough for Scarlett Johansson and Lydia Hearst, but Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl didn't like their lodgings at the trendy Stereo House in the Hamptons last weekend before their polo-match-hosting gig, so they ditched and went to a local meteorologist's house instead, says Page Six ... Beck is enlisting his fans' help in designing the artwork for his latest album cover. "The Information," out October 3, will come with a blank cover and stickers that fans can apply; a contest judged by Beck himself will help decide the final cover ... Willie Nelson is protesting the slaughter of wild horses in the US for consumption of their meat abroad. He says he has owned several wild horses, and is supporting a rally in Washington, D.C., for a bill scheduled for a vote on Sept. 7 that would end such slaughter.

No Avatar

Delight Coburn    

Mathew M is stud material and pleasing to look at.
Matt L is more mature and also lovely to look at.
As for personalities...I do not dine with these people, so I cannot comment.
But I do like to look at both.
As for Suri...come is not her fault she has weird parents!!!!!!!!!!

2983 days ago

William E Schatz    

Just sick and tired of hearing about Tom Cruise and Katebomb who cares already.

2983 days ago


I see normal everyday guys like construction workers who look better than Matt -- and for FREE! What's the big deal? I like the guy but can't see what all the fuss is about. Besides, I think he looked much better before he started cutting his hair so darn short!

2983 days ago


I think that Matt Lauer is a "well shaped man". He does take pride with himself to look good all around. I enjoy him on the Today Show and always will no matter what other people think. I bet it is hard to have people watching your every move, and knowing that, he might just want to be like normal people and enjoy the time with his family without the

2983 days ago

j ray    

the fuss with the new baby cruise is ridiculous. they jus found a way to keep paparazzi away from her. Did any one ever see what jack nicholson said to photographers when they tried to take pics of his kids. you dont mess with jack.

who the hell is matt luarer or wat ever

2983 days ago

al johnson    

Where in the world is Matt's shirt?

2983 days ago


karen is right. tom let the press take pictures if they want. it doesn,t matter anymore. if you don't try to stay away from them (press) they will get bored and leave you alone. about paramount...... don't sweat it . you have all the money you need. why should you care if you work for them or not . first of all you don't need them. you know what you are doing . stand on your own two feet . good luck good bless you and your family jn in new york

2983 days ago


If someone truly saw Baby Suri, wouldn't they want the whole world to know that you actually have done something that few others have done? Wow, you saw the elusive baby Suri and you want to be known as Frank? I do not believe this anonymous story and I hope noone else does. Besides, this whole drama about the baby siting is ridiculous and so are those who perpetuate it!

2983 days ago



2983 days ago


i agree with karen. the baby pictures are getting old. look what happened with britney.. old news . need i say more

2983 days ago


Thank you Willie Nelson for caring about America's horses! There are three horse slaughter facilities in the United States. They buy up horses around the U.S. from auctions and send them to slaughter, where they are butchered and the meat is sent to Europe. Yes, they eat horses in France, Belguim and several other countries as a delicacy! Horses are companion animals in the United States, just like dogs and cats....NOT FOOD!! For more information on the hus-hush slaughter industry, please visit To stop horse slaughter, contact your Congressman TODAY to support H.R.503, The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act! Just Say WHOA to Horse Slaughter!

2983 days ago

Jane'a Mayfield    

Ok Matthew McConaughey is so very sexy. Being from East Texas my self I am used to the drawl we have, But as far as Matthew's he is way better at it and a lot sexier.
Now I think Matt L. is also very sexy. But he just can't hold a candle to Matt M.

2983 days ago


Who cares about Suri anyhow? If they do not want her in the spotlight is thier choice. But I think this is an attempt to have themselves in the spot light a little more. She is the child of famous people so what. If she were one of our's child no one would give a crap. So get over it over.

2983 days ago

Kim Sosna    

Matthew McConaughey is one hot man but he is just eye candy. Matt Lauer is a REAL man. Hair and all, show us more real men and less of the same old same old we see all the time. Real men rock! Would love to see more of the Bushes Baked Bean guy!

2983 days ago


leave tom & katie & suri alone! can any new parent out there honestly say that they would be happy or content or even gracious to millions of people they don't even know scramblong around desperately trying to snap a photo of your ver precious newborn?..........come on now...........the happy parents will show off their bab girl when they damn well get ready!

2983 days ago
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