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Brad Pitt's Birth Control Problem

8/25/2006 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine for a moment Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone kicking another high profile A-list male movie star to the Melrose Ave. curb and venting to the Wall Street Journal that there is no place on the Paramount lot for a production company that failed to lock down its name.
Composite of Plan B ad and Brad Pitt
Plan B, Hollywood (the production shingle partnering Brad Pitt, Paramount Pictures chief Brad Grey and, formerly, Jennifer Aniston), meet Plan B, New Jersey (a morning-after pill concocted by Barr Pharmaceuticals subsidiary Duramed). And only the latter, approved this week by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an over-the-counter, 72-hour post-coital solution, seems to be punch lined with an ®, the ominous symbol for registered trademarks.

Given the long trajectory of medical research and development, you can bet Barr Pharmaceuticals got to the trademark table long before Brad, Jen and Brad's brainstorm. And although deep-pocketed firms like Barr can sometimes choose to sue over the trickier-to-prove adjacent use of a registered term, chances are they might just settle for a Brangelina TV commercial endorsement.
Almost makes you wonder if pal George Clooney disbanded his production partnership with Steven Soderbergh because he got wind of a new OBGYN method called C-Section Eight.


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i agree with #15, i don't think brad is a lap dog. i think he is aspiring to be a better person, doing more for the underpriveledged, not just being all about hollywood. he appears to be happy now.

2917 days ago


Rose, very well put.

AMD...... mabey they feel they do not have time to care for a special needs child with the busy lives they lead . Trying to raise a child with out handicaps is hard enough. A child with handicaps is im sure several times harder. I applaude anyone who can care for a handicaped/special needs child.
Mabey thats why they donate so generously to charities instead. I dont know this was just my thought.

2917 days ago


I would really like to know why on earth several people have tried to compare Angelina Jolie to mother teresea? Stars have two personas: one personal and one public. Angelina Jolie does seem to be a very caring person and is trying to do her part to help disadvantaged people. On the other hand, from what I have read of mother teresea, she was definitely not the saint people keep trying to make her. Unless you would join her religion she would not help you. I am sure she was hard working but my question is at what? Yes it was very admirable to help people that needed it but I would think that should have been its own reward. Trying to force someone who is starving to change religions so they can eat does NOT sound charitable to me.

2917 days ago


Jordan...Who appointed Sumner Redstone the watchdog over celebrities? And what exactly did Tom Cruise do to get him self "fired"? Was he the one with the open BOTTLE of tequila driving around MELibu? Oh, that's right...He wasn't. Was he the one caught feeling up a little boy on his ranch? Oh, that's right...He wasn't...

So, Tom Cruise is a bit eccentric...aren't they all?!? He's isn't hurting anyone and I don't see any chains on Katie Holms...

2917 days ago


It's wonderful to know that a child has a better opportunity at life once adopted. No matter who has adopted them as long as they are in a loving and safe environment. However, how can so many people look up to somebody who conceived a child with somebody while still married to another. Of course we don't know all the details but the facts are clear in the proof that their baby was conceived before a divorce. Unless it was premature. Which it wasn't. Not too many people seem to consider this and instead are star struck by beauty. This is a strange hook-up as are all of her hook-ups. And I am sure that if this had happened to somebody close to you, you would be outraged and offended. Instead, since this is celebrity, all morality goes out the window and the publicity should show more outrage. What is happening to the core of our moral values. People get hurt from adultery. Even celebrities. :(

2917 days ago


so all this was just to say that Brad Pitt's company and a birth control pill have the same name? wow

2917 days ago


Jordan, I would agree with your comments if Jon voight had been a real father in anything but provided a bit of DNA. However, when he left his daughter when she was just an infant and dropped in erratically and infrequently for a paternal visit, he stopped having any rights to expect being treated as a fathers.

Fathers, like mothers need to be physically around to take care of their children. It is a medically documented fact that infants need to be held physically in order to thrive. Giving infant food and changing their diapers is actually not sufficient. Where was Jon Voight to give 7 month old Angelina the cuddles she really needed when she was a baby? For that matter, where was JV when 12 month old Angelina first started picking up stuff and stick it in her mouth, to make sure she didn't choke on small objects? Where was JV when 13 month old Angelina started walking and climbing to make sure she didn't fall off the high chair and hurt herself? Where was JV when 3 year old Angelina was old enough to open bottles of shampoo or bleach and drink them? Where was JV when 5 year old Angelina wanted to cross the road each day to make sure she checked for traffic and didn't just run across the road? Where was JV to do the thousand and one things that fathers who love their children do to take care and raise their children? quite simply, JV was anywhere but THERE.

Many husbands LEAVE THEIR WIVES, but fathers are around with regular contact with their children, even when they no longer love the mothers of their children. They see their children every few days splitting the care taking duties with the mother, even if they can't stand their children's mother. They take their children to the park or the zoo and hold their hand so that they won't run across the road. They call out warnings and say "Not too high", to make sure the children don't hurt themselves by falling etc. Where was JV in the role of the father?

When JV left Angelina - (as he himself has admitted) and showed up as an erratic and infrequent presence in her life, he abrogated his RIGHT to be a father - because when you ABANDON your child, you are essentially saying to your child, I DON'T CARE WHETHER YOU LIVE OR DIE. I don't care whether you get killed when you cross the road, or drink bleach by accident or choke to death or fall off the swing. If he hasn't fulfilled the most basic requirements of fatherhood, why should he now expect to be seen as Angelina's father. He isn't except for the bit of DNA and he has been acknowledge as such - for that DNA.

Mrs Summer Redstone, 43 years old, who is an EX-teacher and has probably met plenty of kids who have major dysfunctions because their fathers had ABANDONED them, would know exactly what Angelina had to live through. And my guess is, she would respect how Angelina has grown up, stop trying to please a MAN just because he gave her a bit of DNA and built a life for herself.

2917 days ago


If anyone can care for a disabled child financially it would be somebody who makes millions per movie deal. Most of their children are raised with the help of nannies anyway. I don't see why a celebrity couldn't or wouldn't raise a special needs child. I agree that it doesn't seem to fit into the 'perfect family' picture. It is much harder for a person/family making $50,000. a year to raise a child with such needs yet they are doing it everyday. Because they want to. If a celebrity wanted to, they would. The proof is there in the statistics. Celebrities want a perfect family as most do, but they can afford one, and throw the money to people who cannot.

2917 days ago


It is obvious that Brad Pitt has finally found
his equal in Angelina Jolie. They share the same
interests in life (Having and adopting children, being
doting parents, and always putting family first), and in
work (they are both very respected actors and philanthropists
-Angelina Jolie for over five years).

Since you mentioned it in such a mean-spirited manner,
I could not resist but tell you that your accusations are
unjust. J. Aniston said on Oprah (can be easily proven!)
that her marriage wasn't what it looked like (I hope you
understand that), and that no one cheated.She later
started with her manipulations of the media, as we all
know, and caused all this insanity.I won't even comment
on that one.
As for adopting children, WHY don't you tell J. Aniston
to do something GOOD with her money and time.

2917 days ago


This is for #18-pf-

Sumner Redstone is head of Viacom, which owns Paramount Studios. Mr Redstone realized that Tom Cruise's pay, which included all a percentage cut his film's gross profits, and DVD sales, etc, was taking a huge chunk of $$$ from Paramount. In other words, say u pay $8.00 for a Tom Cruise movie, $1.89 9(give or take) goes into Tom's bank account.
Viacom's stock was also dropping. We all know that Tom Cruise went on a verbal attack over Brooke Sheld's baby blues, n we also know that Tom C is not a qualified DR either, we also know Tom's passion over Scientology.
When an estimated $150 million was not expected to come in for MI3, we might all think that is 'chicken feed'?, Mr Redstone finally realized that paying such a huge amount of money to Tom C was not justified.
When Redstone ended the relationship with Tom Cruise, Viacom shares went up.
The bottom line is a message to all actors, that the studio bosses will no longer pay such outrageous amounts of money to their actors.
A $20 million paycheck for George Clooney may still work, but with the slowing down of profit sales at the box office, studios can no longer afford such high salaries.
The question is 'How much money does a top actor really worth?'
Certainly not $100 million like Tom Cruise.

2917 days ago



7. I'm sorry, I know this has nothing to do with the subject of the article, but I am having such a hard time picturing Angelina as some Mother Teresa type woman. I can't erase the images of her kissing her brother on the lips, her being all over Billy Bob in front of the cameras as he's talking about how they f****d in the limo on the way over to an awards show (MTV maybe???), her talking about how she has multiple lovers at one time, and her treating her own father like dirt when she essentially has done the same thing, by hooking up with a married man, that she so condemns Jon Voight for. I don't believe that her and Brad Pitt didn't sleep together until Brad Pitt was divorced. For a woman as sexual as she herself admits she is, I find that part hard to believe. While I respect the fact that she has adopted children, I also feel that there are other children in our own country that need to be adopted. How come there are never any stars that adopt any special needs kids? They need just as much love and attention as a child from a foreign country. I am the parent of a blind kindergartener, and I wish I had the financial resources to adopt other children just like her, or with other disabilities. I just feel that if you have the millions of $$ that these celebrities have, they would want to help children with disabilities. I guess that would spoil their vision of "perfect family life". If there is such a thing in Hollywood. And one more thing, has anyone else out there noticed that almost every pic of these 2 together, Brad barely smiles anymore. But yet pics of him on the set of Oceans 13 show him smiling nonstop. I guess he doesn't like being led around like a little lap dog. Sorry for the long rant, that really had nothing to do with the article, just had to get it out.

Posted at 3:30PM on Aug 27th 2006 by AMD

2917 days ago


For those of you who argue that Brad and Angelina should be adopting a special needs child, here are some unpleasant facts. The following is an abstract of a paper written about elective termination and the diagnosis of Downs Syndrome in Hawaii:

Prenatal diagnosis and elective termination of Down syndrome in a racially mixed population in Hawaii, 1987-1996
Mathias B. Forrester, Ruth D. Merz *

The impact of demographic factors on the prenatal diagnosis and elective termination of Down syndrome in Hawaii between 1987 and 1996 were examined. Data were obtained from a population-based birth defects registry and included 306 Down syndrome cases. 131 (43 per cent) of the cases were prenatally diagnosed. Of the prenatally diagnosed cases, 110 (84 per cent) were electively terminated. Advanced maternal age or having a maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein screen performed increased the probability of having an affected pregnancy prenatally diagnosed and electively terminated.

This means that a vast majority of parents who received the diagnosis that their child had DS ELECTED TO terminate their pregnancy. If a mother can't/won't keep her own flesh a blood, why would expect anyone to adopt a special needs child?

Don't get me wrong. I think people who DO adopt special needs children and absolutely extra special.

But as the statistics shows, 84% of those who found out that their foetus had DS didn't even choose to keep their own special needs baby but elected to abort. And I WONT criticise people who make the choice to abort their own baby if diagnosed as having DS or some other handicap requiring very special care. I won't because in the same position, I'm not sure what I would do. So I won't judge those who don't.

Who are you to criticise Brad and Angelina for not adopting a special needs baby? Would you adopt one? Had it been your baby who had been diagnosed with DS or some other serious congenital handicap, would you have kept elected to terminate your pregnancy or ask you wife to terminate her pregnancy? Some of you may indeed have elected to have the child. But I'm sure many of you would not have done so - as the statistics show, 84% of those who were diagnosed as having a DS foetus, chosed to terminate the pregnancy. Are they bad people? NO. it is a tough decision.

I have a friend who has an autistic child who loves him to bits. But she tells me quite honestly that had she had a choice, she would not have had him. Is she a bad person or a bad mother. NO she is a fantastic mother to her autistic son. But, as she puts it to me - she just wouldn't choose it for him or for herself and she certainly won't judge anyone who chooses NOT to have a special needs child.

Geri, On the matter of adopting a child from the US. Please check your facts. Children under 2 years of age - there is a waiting list of 2 years or more to adopt a caucasian. Meanwhile, thousands of babies born in third world countried would DIE of disease or neglect unless someone comes in to adopt them. Its not reverse bigotry - you are just a plain bigot.

2917 days ago


hello--------he's just an actor. he's a person, people are not perfect. people take advantage of any story with his name on it to discuss such the off the wall subjects. leave angelina out of it, leave tom cruise out of it, leave mother teresa out of it, an for the love of god, leave aborting special needs children out of it!!!!!!

2916 days ago


A lawsuit would be a win for each company in the publicity department.

2916 days ago


To Geri
ONce again, WHY don't you ask ANISTON
to do anything (ANYTHING!) GOOD w/ her
money (truly ridiculously "earned"), and her
TIME. Instead of MANIPULATING gullible people
with her constant toxic remarks about her
divorce almost two years ago.
By now, also based on Aniston's statement on
Oprah, everyone knows that her marriage was
OVER before he even met Angelina Jolie.
WHAT part of it you STILL don't get?!


2916 days ago
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