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Joan Collins -- Oh No You Didn't!

8/28/2006 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joan CollinsBehind the scenes of any awards show is a world of pure insanity. As the stars make their media rounds, they are in constant need of hair and make-up touch- ups. As was the case last night for legendary "Dynasty" actress Joan Collins.

Just as Joan was finishing up an interview, her hair guy swooped in to revitalize her look. There was just one problem; the cameras were still rolling. Needless to say, madame was none too happy that she was being coiffed for all the world to see. Her expression quickly jumped from a gleamingly pleasant smile to pissed-off diva scowl in just a matter of seconds. She then demanded that the touch-up team take her in front of a mirror immediately, if they wanted to continue their work.

When she was finally escorted to the mirror, as requested, she met up with a very sympathetic Megan Mullally. The Emmy winner then admitted to Collins that she too is constantly bombarded by the hair and make up people, but unlike her new backstage buddy, never has the guts to actually say something about it. Basically Megan was giving her props.

She's Joan Collins for crying out loud! You better do it her way.




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a has been hag if ever i saw one-joan your star has faded, just like Nora Desmond......go crawl under a over the hill BITCH

2979 days ago


I think the term is coiffed, not quaffed.

2979 days ago


She definately needs an EGO check...Joan, I think you time is up, peaches. No one gives a sh*t.

2979 days ago


Joan needs to get a reality check and see that she is way too serious about herself and her looks. ps joan? your an old handbag, time to lighten up and stay on the shelf.
when was the last acting gig?


2979 days ago

C. Baptiste-Williams    

you are crazy... she will always be a diva. I loved seeing her on stage last night... brought back all the memories of Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan...

2979 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

All the make-up geniuses in the world could not hide the truth about Collins--that she is a hag of the first magnitude. I thought she was already dead. She sure looked like a well-upholstered corpse on the Emmy show last night. And that other horror Farrah Faucet looked like she was zonked out on some bootleg coke. Where do they dig up these bodies? Forest Lawn?

2979 days ago

James in Milwaukee    

We all need some drama now and then, we still love you Joan! Show them what being a diva really means!

2979 days ago


I would take ten Joan Collins and any diva behavior she cares to dish out over one self-indulgent ,deluded idiot like Paris Hilton (TMZ Darling) any day!

2979 days ago


Those makeup people should be fired. If Megan Mullally was also pissed at the way they behaved then I don't think this has one thing to do with the Diva factor.

2979 days ago


what's the big deal joan? it's a friggin wig anyway. just rip it off and throw it at the hair stylists. now that would make for some diva behavior!

2979 days ago


Hey, idiots...when you're talking about hair, it's "coiffed," not "quaffed."

"Quaffed" means that you drank unless you're suggesting that somebody was drinking Joan, you chose the wrong word...

Sheesh....if you're going to try to use big words, use the right ones, or you just come off looking like fools.

2979 days ago


I agree with you, Wanda (#8). Note to Alyn Brodsky (#5) -- didn't your momma ever tell you that if you don't have anything nice to say.................???? I've noticed your name several times, and all you have are mean-spirited, negative comments.

2979 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Sorry, I love Joan Collins. She is 100 times the woman of these bitches they throw in our faces these days. Brittney and Lindsey and Paris aren't good enough lick Joan's Pradas!

2979 days ago


Who are you people to be so cruel , you say - she is old, I thought she was dead, she is done, she should crowl under the rock?.. What the f-k is wrong with you? We all age and we all will hit her age and then get older and older. So what's wrong with you? What is she supposed to do - wear no make up some really ugly clothes and hang around with her hair grey and undyed?
I mean you say - Paris die, Kevin, die and so on. How can you wish death to someone who's done no harm to you?
You all really need some medical help. Or you are just so unsatisfied with your life that you get it at other people...

2979 days ago


Seriously, if you were Joan Collins would you want to have your cosmetic touching up be filmed for all of America to see? I think not.

She's a diva, no doubt about it, but she admits to it freely and that's what I've always liked about Joan Collins: she's a got a 'take it or leave it' attitude which is free of BS.

All the negativity about this glamorous icon is ridiculous, she's 73 years old and looks pretty damn good...when we're all 73 let's compare ourselves to Joan Collins, we'll all be in tears!

2978 days ago
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