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While Madonna's Away, the Kids Will Play

8/31/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comWhile Madonna is busy stirring up controversy (not to mention going out in public in her bathrobe) on her European tour, her kids are taking in the tres, tres belles sights of Paris with their nanny and bodyguard.

Rocco and Lourdes were spotted by photogs playing at the Eiffel Tower recently. The kids, especially Rocco, seemed very close to their caretaker and protector and were having a grand ol' time while the folks are out bringing home the bacon. Rocco even got into a friendly jacket fight with the bodyguard while Lourdes took in the enormity of the tower.

All in all, it seemed like a lovely day for the young ones.


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I'm sure they are happy to be away from Madge...I heard she's a super strict mom. Kind of ironic.

2975 days ago


See that's what I was saying before. Madonna, it's time for you to stop that supid dancing and singing you do and raise your children. See how your little bad as son is acting. He would rather be with his Mom then a bodyguard and nannies. You are finished girlfriends!!

2975 days ago


As #1 has stated she's really strict with her kids. I read an article (Vanity Fair??) and I thought how funny, but she probably making up for the fact that she lost her mom when she was young so she “over-moms” if I can make up a word here.

2975 days ago


kids are so much fun for celebrities while they are young (under 13) and can be presented to the public like sweet little "pets" but once they have an opinion of their own and start to behave like little adults and require some serious parenting....thats when the celebs are usually tired of them and ignore them and they get all ,messed up usually on drugs, as long as they stay young and cute and make the celebrity parent look good and perfom the same function as a new outfit or cuddley pet, kids are fine.....

2975 days ago


what is more disgusting than you filming these poor f'ing kids
leave them alone
they are not their whore

2975 days ago


Those kids are adorable, especially Rocco. Thank goodness they didn't take after Madonna in the looks department. Except, Lourdes DOES have the space between her front teeth, just like momma.

2975 days ago


Lourdes looks just like her mother and I didn't see the kids doing anyrhing bad! They were just normal kids on vacation. Most of you are such haters!!!! Did TMZ come and film you or your kids while you bashed Madonna's kids?? NO, because you suck!

2975 days ago


Shirley get your eyes fixed. Lourdes is the spitting image (skin color and all) of her daddy.

2975 days ago


Why is it ok to film children and put them on the internet? Surely the children deserve some privacy. They have not chosen a celebrity life.

2975 days ago


Madonna is a SLUT, PERIOD.

End of subject.

2975 days ago


Madonna is a creep. She doesn't even look like a real person anymore! She needs to let herself age. The more she tries to stay young-looking, the more strange she looks! What is wrong with looking like a real person?

2975 days ago


Wow, so Madonna is a strict Mom; so am I and if most of you dislike her so much? Why is her concert raking in millions? I think she's great and all of you are just jealous, with to much time on your hands. Have a great day!!!

2974 days ago


I realize that kids with celebrity parents are going to be photographed every now and then-- WHEN THEY ARE OUT WITH THEIR PARENTS. It bothers me that these kids are being followed by photogs, even though neither of their parents are with them. These kids aren't celebrities themselves, and they have no control over their parents chosen profession. So basically strange people they don't know are following them around, calling out their names to get them to look at the camera. That's just wrong (and probably kinda scary).

2974 days ago


Opinions and a**holes........everybody's got one. We've heard from your big one, Tammy, now YOU go have a nice day! LOL

2974 days ago


I've sen her with her kids and they all looked perfectly happy and she was not that strict--get over yourselves; you'd think you all had perfect children or never sent them out with someone else.

2974 days ago
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