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Katie to CBS Viewers -- How Do I Say Goodbye?

9/5/2006 8:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We'll have to settle for just one of two big answers tonight: A knee-length black dress topped by a fitted white jacket. As for the other, you may in fact be the one to decide.

Katie Couric made her long-gestating and heavily-hyped debut on "The CBS Evening News," and she began by quickly answering the question about her wardrobe and wrapped up by avoiding the question about what her signature sign-off would be, asking viewers to make suggestions. The opening featured a voiceover by Couric's predecessor, Walter Cronkite.

As for the rest of the broadcast, CBS correspondent Lara Logan and Hulk Hogan both figured prominently, as did Suri Cruise. But producers clearly meant to convey the seriousness of their journalistic intention by delving into a multi-segment story about the Taliban (where Logan went into a Taliban camp) and the War on Terror, which included a sit-down interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. In fact, while CBS' lead story was nearly ten minutes long, ABC's "World News" was cycling through several of the day's top stories, including the Ford Motor Company CEO's resignation and a piece about oil prices.

On the lighter side, Couric Day One also showed us the first photos of Suri Cruise in Vanity Fair magazine and included an op-ed-style commentary by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock which invoked wrestler Hulk Hogan in an orthographically confusing segment titled freeSpeech. (Rush Limbaugh will be the mouthpiece on Thursday.) And Couric deferred her decision on a signature sign-off, putting the ball squarely in her audience's court. For tonight, she went with, "I'm Katie Couric, thank you so much for watching, and I hope to see you tomorrow night."

We'd like you to give you the chance to help Katie decide, so take a stab at our suggestions.


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I've never been a Katie fan, but I have to say, "attagirl, Katie!" I think she pulled this off admirably, with only one minor speech flub, which she recovered from nicely.

As for the wardrobe/makeup, I thought she looked a little severe, along the lines of Maria Shriver {{shudder}}. They may have overstepped trying to make her look serious, but I'm sure adjustments will be made accordingly.

Keep up the good work, Katie. :)

2971 days ago


Need a sign off katie? how about " BLOW ME "!!! That one's never been done....
Just what we need in America, another Bimbo trying to sound intelligent.

2971 days ago

Chris Jacobson    

Katie did an excellent job.

2971 days ago


As hard as I try.............I can't look at Katie w/o thinking "perky".

I don't care what type of makeover she has, or how hard she tries to look like a serious newscaster..................I only see her as a "perky" blonde, who did the morning infotainment show.

2971 days ago

Shawn Renee OBryan    

How About With A Bang??

2971 days ago


Her sign of should be something along the lines of "don't believe the hype" I mean really, how profound does anyone think this crappy show is going to be?

2971 days ago


Perhaps Katie should leave real reporting to real journalists and stick to shoving anal camera probes up her a$$ like she did a few years ago. Now that was inspired reporting... LOL!! How can anyone take her seriously after that attention-whore stunt? I think she's hoiping no one remembers that little gem. But of course, after 20 yrs of lobbying softball questions to every deviant lowlife that crawled out of hollywood and/or interviewing the latest freak-of-the-week she's now ready to be a 'serious' journalist. Some people are such tools for the PR spin machines. ..

2971 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

I've never seen Couric before, but decided to give it a try this evening. I think there's something definitely wrong with a society that can pay a giggling turd like this FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR while children are going to hungry,, homeless people are eating out of dumpsters, and health entitlements are being cut right and left by those CS's in Washington. As for my opinion of Couric as a newscaster? I gave it all of five minutes before I felt this horrible urge to puke, and had to shut her off. She's AWFUL!!! Phooey on capitalism, if THIS is what is thrown at the public.

2971 days ago

coco puff    

It's about time I get to look at nice piece of ass doing the news instead of some old wrinkled up fossil!

2971 days ago


I like Katie, have watched her for years.

I was really shocked and excited to see Suri Cruise too!!! Way to go Katie on that one.

Personally, I don't want my news to be all serious. We need some lightweight stories as well, they provide good balance.

I for one am cheering her on.

2971 days ago


WHO F*CKING CARES.............

2971 days ago


Thanks for confirming that this spoiled diva is being given $15 million a year to fill this seat, and isn't creative enough to think of her own sign-off slogan. It seems that CBS thinks it's clever to ask the public to create the anchor's new slogan, and believes that this lowdown stunt will engage her audience. True
journalists like Murrow, and the Huntley and Brinkley team must be turning over in their graves.

2971 days ago


Katie, Go back to iterviewing and interfacing with people. It may not be were the money is, but it's where you belong. I just can't seem to take you seriously. You have not been in the field and we know your just reading what someone else wrote. Maybe seeing you look stern will grow on me. I just miss seeing that genuine smile and that contagious warmth. Good Luck anyway, I'll continue to watch for afew more days! And if things don't ring true I'm gone.

2971 days ago


She looks more like an Alien in this clip than Suri Cruise does on the cover of 'Vanity Fair.' What a joke!

2971 days ago


Sick of this old bag. How about F**k off bitch stay and don't come back.

2971 days ago
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