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Katie to CBS Viewers -- How Do I Say Goodbye?

9/5/2006 8:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We'll have to settle for just one of two big answers tonight: A knee-length black dress topped by a fitted white jacket. As for the other, you may in fact be the one to decide.

Katie Couric made her long-gestating and heavily-hyped debut on "The CBS Evening News," and she began by quickly answering the question about her wardrobe and wrapped up by avoiding the question about what her signature sign-off would be, asking viewers to make suggestions. The opening featured a voiceover by Couric's predecessor, Walter Cronkite.

As for the rest of the broadcast, CBS correspondent Lara Logan and Hulk Hogan both figured prominently, as did Suri Cruise. But producers clearly meant to convey the seriousness of their journalistic intention by delving into a multi-segment story about the Taliban (where Logan went into a Taliban camp) and the War on Terror, which included a sit-down interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. In fact, while CBS' lead story was nearly ten minutes long, ABC's "World News" was cycling through several of the day's top stories, including the Ford Motor Company CEO's resignation and a piece about oil prices.

On the lighter side, Couric Day One also showed us the first photos of Suri Cruise in Vanity Fair magazine and included an op-ed-style commentary by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock which invoked wrestler Hulk Hogan in an orthographically confusing segment titled freeSpeech. (Rush Limbaugh will be the mouthpiece on Thursday.) And Couric deferred her decision on a signature sign-off, putting the ball squarely in her audience's court. For tonight, she went with, "I'm Katie Couric, thank you so much for watching, and I hope to see you tomorrow night."

We'd like you to give you the chance to help Katie decide, so take a stab at our suggestions.


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"Good night America" should be her closing.

2933 days ago


Who is she trying to blow in this picture? This woman is all hot air and no substance.

2933 days ago


#2 L.M..A.O

2933 days ago

rosemary vullo    

Great new format for evening news. Katie makes all the bad news a little easier to take every nite. The people who feel they need the dirty words to comment are just STUPID idiots. Katie's husband died of colon cancer. The rectal test was no stunt.

2933 days ago


Katie Did Great,and as far as poster #12,The Men over the years never read off of what someone else wrote for them.....

2933 days ago


The people that can't comment intelligibly aren't the ones typically turning into the evening news. Trust me, Katie will do just fine.

2933 days ago

Jim Radcliffe    

Couric only had to contain her extreme left, Bush-hating opinions for the first 7 minutes last night. We were wondering how she would use her new position to show her disrespect for the government and the President. By interviewing an obvious Bush-hating liberal and asking leading questions, instead of trashing the President CBS and Couric have decided to do it by proxy through interviews. I don't agree with much of what the President is doing these days, but I certainly don't want or need a news organization to be so blatantly biased with a liberal slant. NBC is guilty here too, both being close to CNN. For now, Charlie Gibson is the closest thing to the neutral reporter of the news, not some bimbo trying to make it. I miss Bob Schieffer. I'll never understand why CBS slighted us all by not giving him the permanent seat. He was the most trusted person I've seen deliver the news since we sat on the floor and watched Walter Cronkite every night.

2933 days ago


Get off the air . Say goodbye !!!!!!!

2933 days ago


Katie is a pro. She looked very professional, lovely & feminine. She will do great at CBS...Glad she went without any neck would havebeen too much. I love the new CBS format with the lighter pieces and the interactive portions as well. CBS should not overdue the light pieces since the audience does want news when they tune into a news show.

Sign off should be simple and professional like "I'm Katie Couric.....Good Night."

2933 days ago


Did anyone notice that the Today shows ratings went UP after Katie left? Katie is highly over paid and not as great as the media would have you to believe. I never cared for her bias lib opinions to begin with, so I will not watch her now. And now that Today has Viera I probably will not watch anything but my local news. They should have given someone like Campbell Brown or others already there Katies job. Hey Katie took a risk in her life for change and it was scary. If I had all her millions I don't think I would be too scared of a job change.

2933 days ago


She sucks, CBS News sucks and her sign off should be "We suck".

Peace out

2933 days ago

Lori Moon    

Katie's sign off:
From all of us at CBS,
I'm Katie Couric...and you're not.

2933 days ago

us rao    

I am afraid CBS will fire Katie.

2933 days ago


WOW! Stories about Suri Cruise (anyone else laughing about her being Tom Cruise's "daughter?"), Hulk Hogan, and then, in a few days, Rush the Junkie Limbaugh.

Slow down, Katie. You're a real "journalist" for sure.

Proves, yet again, that the American media is a complete joke and totally worthless.

2933 days ago

Mike Matthews    

you should say, "So today's news shapes tomorrow", thanks Mike

2933 days ago
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