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Juliette Lewis Jams With Grohl

9/6/2006 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Juliette LewisJuliette Lewis isn't just an actress. Like many folks in her profession, her talents reach beyond the silver screen. The star of such classics as "Cape Fear" and "Natural Born Killers" has been moonlighting with her band "Juliette and the Licks."

Unlike some celebs whose street cred stops with their publicist, Juliette has the backing of one of the world's biggest musical artists. Former drummer of the Nirvana and current frontman for Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl has joined the band as the session drummer for the recording of their second album "Four on the Floor."

Grohl had originally only planned to play on a few demos for the band, yet he was enjoying himself so much he stayed on for the entire album.

The album hits the street October 2nd in Europe.


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Juliette Lewis doesnt get the proper credits that she deserves. It doesnt surprise me that she would be successful at singing too. Shes a wonderful actress very versatile and talented. Shes is the most real actress out there today not like that other entertainers out there they are all shallow media whores. She has an original style and look about her shes beautiful no matter what people say. You go girl the hell with everyone else!

2784 days ago


I couldn't be less interested in Juliette Lewis or her band. Maybe if she showered...

2866 days ago


juliette lewis sexual habits click on my name to find out.

2866 days ago

New One    

Where the hell is everyone at?
I have been only gone for a few days, has this site already dried up like a grannies nannie?

2866 days ago


I think she should stick to acting. She's a phenomanal actress and would make a lot more money if she would drop this gig already.

2866 days ago


I thought she was dead? Go figure.

2866 days ago


Ms Lewis looks like a typical Scrag you'd see in ANY Garage Band across the country. You know the type... she is passed around from band member to band member?? Ah! High School! She certainly cannot ACT, so I'd imagine she also cannot SING. Hope she's at least good in the sack. But then again... perhaps a shower first is in order.

2866 days ago


i lost all love for juliette lewis when i found out she was a dedicated scientologist. i wrote her band thru myspace asking for confirmation & linking them to an ebook detailing l.r.hubbard's life & creation of his joke cult.
google 'the bare faced messiah" if you are interested in reading it yourself.
anyways, they wrote me back stating that it was black propaganda. *rolls eyes*
i suppose ignorance is bliss.
i hope grohl ditches this outfit soon.

2866 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Good GOD, take a shower...

2866 days ago

Tim Hunt    

the song 'hardly wait' by her from the strange days is pretty hot...
she's not a great rocker, but she must have something, at least sometimes

2866 days ago


Juliette Lewis is a greatly unappreciated actress. She is the female RIchard Burton of today. Super-talented from start to finish.

2866 days ago


It is such a shame to 'trash talk' people that you don't know and have never met. I dare say that none of the people here that have made less than complementary comments have ever even seen the band. Juliette and the Licks are all SUPER people. They treat each other and their fans with the utmost respect. I'm sick to death of the 'shower' comments that have been taken SO out of context. GROW UP!!!!! If you don't like their music then I'm sorry for you. You should go see them live. As good as their recorded music is, they are AMAZING live, and their new songs are fantastic. Don't knock what you don't know. Long live 'Juliette and the Licks'.

2843 days ago

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