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Suri Cruise

Asian Baby?

9/6/2006 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

suri_cruise_2The first pictures of Suri appeared in Vanity Fair magazine today, and on the CBS Evening News last night, and our initial analysis of the long-awaited pictures has led us, and more than a few casual and professional observers, to the same conclusion -- that somewhere in the gene pool of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, some Asian influence has crept in. (As Jossip cheekily posits, "In six years, Vanity Fair will have the story about why Suri has Lucy Liu's eyes." And Gawker posted an Asiatic-looking parody shot of the baby that subsequently spread around the Internet and prompted a disclaimer.)

The delicate, almond-shaped eyes, the milky, pale-ish skin tone, the striking mane of dark, dark hair -- these are the characteristics that have pointed us down this line of inquiry. (It should be noted that, yes, babies tend to look fairly like one another at this early stage, but still.) As far as we can determine, there isn't any Asian blood in either Tom or Katie's family, but that doesn't mean some Far Eastern seed hasn't seeped in somewhere along the way.

Of course, if her parents were really Asian at all, they'd probably have taken into consideration that Suri means "pickpocket" in Japanese and something very close to "renovation" in Korean. That wouldn't be such an auspicious beginning.


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tom is NOT the father

2912 days ago


she's beautiful.....

2912 days ago


Suri is simply THE proof that we all were waiting for. At last right here she is before our very eyes. Suri is defo the proof that Tom's can't father a child and that he had to resort to either adoption or IVF. I rest my case.

2912 days ago


..IVF using the sperm of another man of course, probably half asian or something.

2912 days ago


Suri is a beautiful baby!! She by no means looks asian. She looks like a true combination of Katie and Tom. Then you wonder why celebrities choose to hide there children from the media, because of garbage like this!!

2911 days ago


Final poll results are that 62 % of posters here think suri IS Asian! That's your answer right there.

2910 days ago


Not Asian but Eurasian!

2909 days ago


I still think she's a cute baby.
So what if she may not be biologically Tom's baby. Its obvious he loves his adopted kids with Nicole. There is also nothing wrong if either Kateie or Tom may have some Asian genes from the distant past.
Oh, alot of the folks who've posted here I doubt have ever seen Eurasian kids-some look more Asian, some look in-between, some more Euro and some are rather ambiguous.
Here are a few names I'm sure you've heard of t he Van Halen brothers of the famous rock group are Indonesian (mom) and Dutch dad, KIrk Hammett lead guitarist of Metallica 1/2 Filipino and 1/2 Irish, Michelle Branch also Indonesian and Dutch, Douglas Robb lead singer of Hoobastank is Japanese and Scottish. I could go on.

2906 days ago


Tom Cruise is a gay man and I am looking forward to Paul Baressi's book.

Nothing wrong with being gay. My older brother's gay and loving every moment. Tom, no one, not even my own GAY brother believes you fathered that child. Come out of the closet for goodness sake.

2905 days ago


Just because a baby has alot of hair does not mean they are not caucasian. I had blonde babies with alot of hair. I also had some dark haired babies. I am caucasian and have not delivered a bald baby yet. My last one has the most hair of all. He is white and gorgeous like Suri. His dad has viking dna. I think I do also. He is very strong. When he is not mad he is a very white color and then when he gets mad then he gets a beet red color all over his body. He even has some hair on his back. Black men or asian men don't have much body hair. Have you ever seen the tribal people of Africa on television? They are naturally hair free for the most part. Asians are also. i am not hairy but that is because I am a White men can get hairy and this distinguishes them from other races in some cases.

2901 days ago
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