Britney's Slim-Down Strategy

9/7/2006 1:50 PM PDT
Britney Spears recently stopped by the Liberace Penthouse Emmy suite in Beverly Hills to pick up some swag, and after being swarmed by paparazzi on her way in, Brit revealed that she's tired of everyone picking on her for being heavy. (Hey -- the woman is carrying a child around, after all.)

For inspiration to help take off that baby weight, the pop tart picked up some Angelfish Designs belly jewelry that attaches to bikini tops, and ordered a few swimsuits from Nicolita to wear when she slims down. Britney said she plans on working really hard to get back into shape after she has her second child, and she's clearly hoping to rock her new belly jewelry on those much-anticipated rock-hard abs that have been MIA for some time.