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Croc Hunter Gets No Tears From PETA

9/11/2006 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Irwin mugs for the cameras.Fans the world over have been mourning the tragic death of Steve Irwin, but not, evidently, the animal lovers at PETA.

This morning, the animal lovers group's Dan Mathews says that it's "no shock at all" that Irwin died the way he did, and he's also branded Irwin a "cheap reality TV star."

Irwin died last week after being impaled by a stingray while filming a TV documentary, and was buried Saturday in a private ceremony on Saturday at the Australia Zoo, the animal park where he and his family tended lovingly to hundreds of creatures. But despite his reputation as a naturalist and conservationist, the Crocodile Hunter's on-screen antics clearly irked the animal lovers at PETA, according to MSNBC's Jeannette Walls.

"He made a career out of antagonizing frightened wild animals," says PETA's Mathews, "which is a very dangerous message to send to kids." And Mathews sniffs that Irwin's career wasn't particularly impressive – at least not to him: "If you compare him with a responsible conservationist like Jacques Cousteau, he looks like a cheap reality TV star."

Paris Pulls a Lohan on "Bottoms"

The Hollywood nightlife continues to take its toll on starlets and their punctuality. Simona Fusco, one of the co-star's of Paris Hilton's latest film, the straight-to-DVD "Bottoms Up," which arrives tomorrow, tells Page Six that Paris was "always late on the set... By the time Paris finally showed up, she was usually coming from a party ... Not only does she show up late, but on top of it she didn't have her lines ready to go." But what of Paris' actual acting chops, Simona? "I don't think there's any talent there."

"Apprentice" Sideshow: George Slams Carolyn

George Ross, the man who sits to the right in the boardroom on "The Apprentice," has no sympathy for Carolyn Kepcher, who used to be on Trump's left, and who recently got the axe from Trump himself. "Do I think her becoming a major national star went to her head? Was she affected by it? Yes," said Ross recently on "Good Morning America."

Meanwhile, as Lloyd Grove points out this morning, the 78-year-old Ross has been out hyping his own book called "Trump-Style Negotiation," and has been leaving the office to do paid speaking engagements. But a Ross assistant insists that George has his eye on the Trump-serving ball, and that he's "an ace at what he does."

Kepcher, for her part, reacted to Ross' comments this way on MSBNC: "I'm shocked. I find it very ironic, to say the least. But again, good for George."

Fergie's Battle With Meth

Calling crystal meth "the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with," the Black Eyed Peas' female singer Fergie (real name Stacey Ferguson) details her drug struggles in an interview with Time. "It's the drug that's addicting. But it's why you start doing it in the first place that's interesting," says Fergie, who's recent solo efforts have climbed up the charts. "A lot of it was being a child actor: I learned to suppress feelings." Fergie adds that she has talked to the other famous Fergie – the Duchess of York – about doing "some charity work together."

Party Favors: Kristin Cavallari Sips Fem-Bot Fatale! ... Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes Spotted Canoodling! ... "The Covenant" Wins Tepid Weekend B.O.

Kristin Cavallari, who's been quite happily photographed at just about every Fashion Week event she can scamper into, shrieked when a lensman caught her downing something called a "Svedka Fem-Bot Fatale" at an after-party. "You can't take a picture of me drinking!" protested the 19-year-old Kristin, according to Rush & Molloy. Of course, it didn't stop her from indulging ... Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes were at it furiously at a Wyclef Jean party in New York Thursday night. Though reps have denied the pair are an item, an R&M spy saw the couple "holding hands under the table and kissing all night long." ... Renny Harlin's supernatural thriller "The Covenant" took the top spot at the weekend box office with a relatively light $9 million take, with the Ben Affleck noir "Hollywoodland" coming in second, with $6 million.

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No Avatar


Is anyone shocked? really
PETA has a good premise but usually overstep their boundaries

2934 days ago


What a shame to disrespect such a great guy. PETA has really shown their true side!

2934 days ago


very sad that PETA decided to 'dis' steve irwin like that.

no didnt hear about anna nicole's baby, sounds like a rumor to me. i didnt think she was due for a while yet


2934 days ago


Wow PETA really loves animals (freakin bastards)

2934 days ago


it was not her baby that died it was her ADULT SON who died. in the bahamas .
its on under entertainment news


2934 days ago


PETA~ You continually strive to keep people from supporting your cause. It seems strange to me that protecting animas, bugs and chickens are your main focus but you have no passion for a human. Strange people, you will NEVER receive support or a dime out of me.

2934 days ago


PETA is full of CRAP!! Is it funny how they put animal lives before human's !?!? I love animals I have 12 pets myself but I must say that their life is not worth that of a human. That CRAZY. RIP Steve.... DOWN WITH PETA I WILL EAT MORE MEAT NOW JUST TO PISS YOU PEOPLE OFF !!!!!

2934 days ago


PETA - Do you have any idea what this guy did for animals??!?!?! Steve Irwin not only made people conscious and responsive towards various animal issues, but he also dedicated his time, effort and passion to preserving and raising awareness of environmental threats! I think PETA is a bunch of idiots who don't know what else to do but stir up controversy without cause and research. Shame on you.

2934 days ago


What a bunch of A-Holes PETA really is. They need to focus on the real issues at hand, not a guy that wanted to show his love for animals.

2934 days ago


I will never give PETA a dime of mine again.
Steve was a great enthusiastic and lover of animals, he used this skill to engage children into the show. I don't see PETA making any kind of shows....LOSERS

2934 days ago


PETA is an ecoterrorist organization. Anyone who financially supports them should be put on the terrorist watchlist. They fund the destruction of animal testing labs. This time they have gone too far. Why did these tree huggers wait until after the man died to attack his character. Shame on you PETA. I am an animal lover and I do not support animal testing but I also do not support these lunatics or their tactics. This artical makes me want to eat a steak wearing a fur coat.

2934 days ago


Dan Matthews,
It will be "no shock at all" when PETA goes down the tubes as being a front for money grubbers like you. How much do you earn to make inflammatory, ignorant and incorrect statements like the one above? What little credibility you had just went up in smoke with that stupid and insensitive remark. Steve Irwin brought so many issues regarding animal rights to the forefront. All your group ever manages to get heard for is making stupid remarks. PETA needs help with PR already and you just made a bad situation for your group worse.

2934 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

How tacky of PETA to insult somebody who died in a tragic accident. For a group that is supposed to be benevolent to animals - I guess that doesn't include humans. PETA gives being animal friendly a bad name.

2934 days ago


Leave it to Peta. How very sad that you feel the need to put down someone like Steve Irwin. Pathetic!

2934 days ago


I went and emailed PETA this morning. I let them know what i thought of them putting down STeve Irwin but yet they have Pam Anderson as some "revered' person, some saint.


2934 days ago
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