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BULLETIN: Smith's Son Died of Unnatural Causes

9/12/2006 5:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The coroner investigating the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son Daniel on Sunday tells TMZ that Daniel died of unnatural causes. "We do know the cause of death," says Her Majesty's Coroner, Linda T. Virgill. "But we wish to reserve publishing the cause of death pending the toxicologist's report." Virgill adds that her office will be releasing the results of the report and cause of death Thursday.


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Wow -too bad ....

2961 days ago


Poor kid- if mama was bangin a 90 year old geezer to get the geezer's money, and acting like a total idiot ho on national TV, who can blame the guy if he was drugged up 24/7?

"The truth hurts, but LIVEWIRE is a man of truth and peace"- Livewire, before the United Nations, 2005

2961 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

As much as I don't like Anna Nicole Smith, the death of a child is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Dumb ass coroner doesn't want to say what the cause of death was yet; however, I think mentioning the word "toxicologist" sort of lets the cat out of the bag, dontcha think?

2961 days ago

My two cents    


Burn in hell...........

2961 days ago


How sad. No one deserves to die no matter who their mom/dad is. I just wish that Anna was sober enough to see that her son was going down a path that he should have avoided.


2961 days ago


Warm thoughts and prayers go out to Anna Nicole.

2961 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Harry Sez: "Its sad when they die so young, whatever the cause."

2961 days ago

Bo nnie    

It's a tragedy. Everyone should withhold the nasty comments and pray for the poor guy and his loved ones.

2961 days ago


Even though I've never thought much of Anna Nicole Smith as a person, it was very obvious that she loved and adored her son. I can't even begin to understand how she must be feeling. Torn between the joy of giving birth to your second child and losing your first born. It's unimaginably horrible and I hope she's able to deal with the situation in such a way so as not to harm herself or her new baby.

2961 days ago


How bitter sweet and ironic, to give birth to one and lose another. Being pregnant I am sure she was sober. As parents we raise our children the best we can, instill morals in them and teach them to respect others. When they become adults we have to cut the strings and pray for the best. It isn't always the parents faults and you youngings who write stupid stuff will find out one day and you better hope you are a good example for your children.

2961 days ago


"Unnatural Causes" and "toxicologist's report." OK most of us can put 2 and 2 together. Unfortunate, but not surprising that it's drugs that ended up killing him. Poor kid, with her as a mother he never had a chance. Sorry Daniel, the world let you down.

2961 days ago

Bill Donohue    

I was deeply saddened upon hearing of Daniel's death. My prayers go out to Anna Nicole Smith and her family. May God watch over them during this very difficult time.

2961 days ago


To ManBearPig Hunter: Hey idiot, if you knew anything about autopies, its routine for a mediacal examiner to run a toxicology test if the cause of death is not known. And it doesnt necessarily mean its drugs. Maybe you might want to educate yourself on a topic before you open your big mouth.

2961 days ago


I personally cant stand Anna Nicole Smith, but no one wishes for the death of anyone, I really feel bad for her because this must be really hard, even if she wasnt the greatest mother.

In this world your kids are the most important thins in life, and Im sincerely sorry for this.

2961 days ago


I think it is unfair to blame Anna Nicole for her son's death. After all, he was 20 years old. Once they are past 18, it's really hard to try and tell them what to do. Although, I'm sure she wasn't the best role model. My heart goes out to her and her family!!!!! God rest Daniel's young soul!!!!

2961 days ago
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